MIR Inspiration

2021 Hospitality & Commercial Interior Design Trends

Terrazzo look porcelain hex tiles on floors and walls in modern restaurant embracing 2021 commercial interior design trends (Terra Grey…

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How To Choose The Right Tile For Clients

Choosing the right tiles in a design project can make or break the overall aesthetic. Yet, with so many options…

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Must-See Outdoor Tiles In Backyard Designs

A classy combination of black and white outdoor tiles stylize a residential patio bar. Summer is here and that means…

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Ways To Use Colorful Tiles In Your Client Project

 Shown Above: Color Palette Cobalt Blue herringbone mosaic accent wall colorful tiles   By now, we’re sure you’re not stranger…

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Kitchen Backsplash Tile Designs That Are Envy Instilling

Shown Above: Trellis 8 marble kitchen backsplash tile    With all the time spent in the kitchen, it’s no wonder…

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Thinking of Using Hexagon Tiles? Start Here.

Shown Above: Cordoba Emerald hexagon tiles in shower   So you want to use hexagon tiles in your next design project,…

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12 Gorgeous Designs Using Subway Tiles For Inspiration

Shown Above: Color Palette subway tiles on kitchen backsplash   Oh, subway tiles. These beauties have been captivating designs for over…

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15 Ways To Use Classic Penny Round Tiles In Your Next Design

Shown Above: Color Palette penny tiles in a contemporary bathroom design   In case you haven’t noticed in recent years, penny…

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Spotlight on Large Format Tiles: Styles, Benefits and Uses

The world of tile is ever-expanding and such holds true for covetable large format tiles. Once used solely in commercial…

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modern farmhouse decor tiles

10 Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Designs That Are Must-Sees

Modern farmhouse interiors. If there’s a design that continues to trend year after year, it’s this one. While it may…

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Want to Design With Glass Tiles? Read This For Inspiration

What can make any gorgeous design even better? A pop of color with glass tiles! These natural beauties come in…

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How To Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles In A Kitchen Project

  Do you have an upcoming kitchen renovation project? Need a little inspiration around kitchen floor tiles to use for…

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White Marble Tiles: Effortless Style For Your Next Design Project

There’s something so classically chic about white marble tiles in a commercial or residential design project. It’s with little wonder…

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6 Core Interior Design Styles and MIR Tiles To Achieve Them With

Seeking out a beautiful design but not sure what style to go with? Maybe you like neutrals or maybe you…

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statement tiles

How To Use Statement Tiles In A Design Blog Post

Statement tiles. These gorgeous, conversation-starting tiles are the ultimate in creating a design that allows a space to speak for…

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Our 5 Favorite Tiles for Your Next Remodeling Project

If there’s one thing that tiles have going for themselves it is their endless creativity. With so many styles, finishes,…

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Everything You Need To Know About Mosaic Tiles

In the world of tile, if there’s one style that has stood the test of time (literally), it’s mosaic tiles….

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Porcelain Tiles and Ceramic Tiles: What’s The Difference?

By now, we’re sure that you know in the world of tile there are many different styles that exist. However,…

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Geometric blue wood look porcelain tile in shower walll

8 Bathroom Tile Trends For 2021 To Swoon Over Today

Looking for some inspiration for your bathroom this year? Wondering what bathroom tile trends are hot? Look no further. Today…

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Alma Mosaic Tiles In Kitchen Backsplash Green Style

Splash Into Spring With All New Alma Mosaic Tiles

At long last, Spring is finally here. The sun is dancing in the sky a little longer, the birds are…

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Blue Tile New Collections Spring 2021

Design In Full Bloom: 3 Breath-Taking Tile Collections For Spring

As we end the second month of 2021, we look forward to the new beginnings that early spring will bring….

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From Murals to Pools – Alma Collection is A World of Design Possibilities

Alma Collection: Inspiring Glass Mosaics  Have you ever wondered what makes glass tile so versatile? Glass mosaic tiles have always…

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A Soft Touch Brought with the Silk Collection

Silk, the queen of textiles… Silk has always been the choice for royalty and luxury since the moment Chinese Empress…

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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tile

Nowadays, we all know that the kitchen is the heart of a home.  Although kitchens were once made for only…

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What’s Trending in 2020?

Each new year means a chance to refresh and create exciting products for our customers. Whether it is for a…

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Bring the Clouds to Earth with our Cloud 9 Collection

When it comes to romantic rooms in your home, sure the bedroom and master bathroom probably are the first areas…

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Monaco Collection: Timeless Look with a Modern Twist

Inspired by the glamour and opulence of famous Monaco, Mir Mosaic introduces the latest glass mosaic collection of the year…

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