Best of 2022 Customer Spaces Featuring MIR Tiles

We’re taking time to look back on some of the best 2022’s customer spaces today! From gleaming modern bathrooms fit for a spa, to traditional powder rooms with unique details, this selection of social media submissions is nothing short of stunning and certainly gives us major interior goals. 

Whatever your preferred style may be, you’ll find something that’s sure to delight in this gallery! One thing is certain – these designers  managed to use their creativity to come up with an inspiring array of design ideas that are sure to be coveted in the coming year.

Photographer: @julialynnphotography​​​​​​​​ Stylist: @katemalpeli​​​​​​​​ Architect: @rushdixonarchitects ​​​​​​​​

The white and wood palette is nothing new, but the way Allison Elebash Interiors used it in this bathroom vanity is so remarkable that we can’t help but give it a nod. The use of the White Sunburst tile as a backsplash is particularly noteworthy. Overall, you won’t see any bright colors or elaborate patterns. Taking its design cues from nature, this customer space bathroom exudes a calm and fresh retreat with its earthy tones and organic shapes.

Designed by Ideal Tile and Kitchen (by way of @idealtileimporting) to be unobtrusive and unassuming, this kitchen sink is subtle and understated but nothing short of a work of art. The entire design has a cohesive look: simple and muted, with no unnecessary lines of embellishments. Amazingly, the use of mosaic tiles as backsplash doesn’t take away the simplicity of this kitchen sink despite its patterned look.

Photographer: @agnieszka.jakubowicz

Neutral colors are the name of the game when it comes to interior design this year, and we think they’re here to stay! We’re not talking about just any old neutral, either—we’re talking about neutral with a twist. And KBG Design’s powder room design is definitely a statement-making space that uses our Aura White tile as its focal point. This room might lack space, but it definitely doesn’t lack style.

This kitchen design by ESG Gallery absolutely deserves a spot on our list of customer spaces that stand out. It’s not just that the marble countertops are a perfect complement to our Ritz Gold backsplash tile –which by the way, is the perfect tile to create an opulent feel and golden glow that’s sure to impress — it’s the flow of the space itself. We love the way the light bounces off the floor and draws your eye upward. Plus, the fact that this kitchen is an example of what happens when everything is done right in a design; when the right materials are sourced and put together with care and precision. When you take your time and make sure every detail is perfect, and when you don’t cut corners or compromise on quality. And it shows in every inch of this beautiful space: from the clean lines of the counters to the soft warmth of wooden cabinetry – every inch is stunning!


When you’re staying in the Presidential Suite at the Equestrian Hotel, you deserve a bathroom that is not only luxurious but pretty darn relaxing. This work by Roberts Design Group certainly fits the bill. The muted gray palette makes it look cool and calm—but the ornate Pietra Floreale marble tile on the floor along with the vintage clawfoot tub give it an unmistakable sense of grandeur.

What do you get when you combine a to-be-remodeled kitchen and an interior designer? You get a truly fabulous kitchen with flair! That’s what happened here, with Jennifer Janeway Designs doing a brilliant job of transforming a once dingy and outdated kitchen with some help from Best Tile. Adding visual interest to the design and giving it some needed pizzazz is our Siwa tile on the backsplash. Further detail work like swapping the countertops and cabinets for something white and classy really helped put everything together. We love seeing how customer spaces can be filled with such creativity! 

Photographer: @denovodesignsllc

We’ve seen some truly stunning backsplashes over the years, but this one really blows all the others out of the water. Our White Nouveau Tile is our absolute favorite for its timeless white and gold combination that looks classic yet eye-catching. It is particularly striking in our own showroom, with a full-wall backsplash that shows off its breathtaking mosaic tile design. We’re convinced that this look will never go out of style.

Photograph Credit: @bullnosetilesj and Keller Williams Palo Alto

The kitchen design in this house in Palo Alto is timelessly beautiful and captivating, so it’s no wonder why we keep coming back to it. Every single detail is well thought out and adds extra sophistication to the space. Just one look at the image above, and you can take in the gorgeous island with ample room for food prep, as well as spotless cabinetry that offers plenty of storage space throughout. The long counter surfaces provide a seamless workstation with lots of breathing room while cooking or baking. But perhaps our favorite element of the kitchen is the Arta Tile backsplash, which radiates unique charm that complements the entire design brilliantly.

If you’re looking to add a bit of flair to your shower, take some design cues from this Pearl Island mosaic tile zig-zag pattern featured in Schoener Bellevue Interior Design space (by help of Ramcon Flooring). It proves that modern doesn’t mean boring. Even with clean lines and a minimalistic feel throughout the room, this one bold accent wall draws attention and should be an absolute no-brainer for anyone looking for something different. Showers don’t need to be sterile—they can be inviting and pretty too!

Another kitchen transformation to tickle the fancy of any design enthusiast, courtesy of @kerry.palmdesign. This kitchen transformation is like a breath of fresh air. From a cramped, run-down kitchen, Kerry was able to flip this kitchen into a charming space with deep blue cabinetry, white tiles bursting with texture, and floating shelves that give it an extra boost. The overall transformation is indeed a masterpiece, showcasing Kerry Palm Design’s expertise in flipping a space from dated to modern with minimal effort- but maximum effect!

With the bathroom design by Davidson Company, we see how the beauty of minimalism can truly shine. You don’t need to have a lot of things competing for your attention in a space; sometimes, it’s just about bringing together the right details and creating something truly special. In this bathroom design, that’s exactly what they’ve done. The little touches, such as using Cordoba Pearl and Alma Glamour tiles, add warmth and coziness even without many resources to work with. It’s a testament to the power of deliberate minimalist design; this bathroom proves less can be more!

Walking into this beautiful bathroom, it’s easy to see why it’s a showstopper and on our list of top UGC in 2022. The emboldened, Chelsea Black feature tiles surrounded by the walls in a moody grey marble to make an impressive statement, while its sleek brass hardware adds an air of sophistication. The gorgeous scope of design in this room, with its charming crown moulding, and inviting skylight, make it a relaxing retreat perfect for those who want to enjoy life’s small luxuries as they soak in the long, luxurious shower time of their dreams. It’s easy to get lost in hours of sensory delight when you begin your journey in this show stopping shower room from WG Interiors!

The backsplash is a kitchen design element that can make or break a space. Take this ESG Gallery creation, for example. It’s another one of their creations that’s made to amaze, and it does so with its lavish yet minimalist design that uses different shades of grey and white to create an elegant atmosphere. But what really leaves us in awe is the backsplash—the way it creates a 3D illusion of scales on the wall is nothing short of enchanting!

Photographer: @jessiepreza

Simple, clean aesthetic with calming shades of gray, and the perfect amount of pattern – it’s like Fox Signature Homes (by way of Tile Market of San Marco) have taken all of our favorite things in life and put them all together into one gorgeous spa bathroom.We especially love how the space makes use of our Houlakia tile as an accent piece, perfectly showcasing how our tile can give a space some extra flair and lots of movement without being too stuffy or too formal – just enough to add some drama without being overwhelming. 

MIR has seen many inspiring designs from our clients on social media this past year. From modern to abstract, the interior designs varied in colors and patterns, but each one was uniquely beautiful! We hope the top 2022 top designs from the community gives you a mosaic of potential ideas to go by (literally), and motivates you to let your creative juices flow and create something extraordinary with the selection of tiles we have here at MIR.  

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