Splash Into Spring With All New Alma Mosaic Tiles

At long last, Spring is finally here. The sun is dancing in the sky a little longer, the birds are chirping, and the snow, from just a few weeks prior, is melting. So what better a way to celebrate the onset of brighter days ahead than with good news…times two. Our Alma Mosaic Tiles Collection is now in stock and ready to ship…No more waiting! That’s not all, we also added a larger 2×2” format in pool colors. With seasonal renovations in full swing, you can get as creative as you want in any residential or commercial design with Alma mosaic tiles starting today.

Read on below and get a taste of the fresh looks the Alma Collection can provide.


Cool Off With Colorful Scenery


Upgrade your next pool project with custom mosaic art. For too long, mosaic tiles have been kept to the confines of pool and jacuzzi water lines. This year, let’s have a change of pace and go far into the reaches of imagination to create captivating designs. Guests and homeowners alike will love the ability to gaze into a glistening pool mural, tempting them to jump in and cool off all season long. 

Mosaic mural art in pool

Beautiful blue and green mosaic tiles from Alma Collection used to create a stunning mosaic art mural in pool

Jacuzzi with beautiful blue mosaic tile

Mixed mosaic tiles decorate an outdoor jacuzzi

Alternatively, you can create an eye-catching design around the facade of a jacuzzi. This, in turn, will create a tropical retreat in any backyard or commercial space instantly. With Caribbean blue mosaic tiles or margarita green mosaic tiles, there’s an expanse of hues to play around with in design. 


Mosaic Tiles, Best Served Cold 


Modern tropical outdoor bar

Shimmering, blue glass mosaic tile adorn a tropical bar

Let’s not stop at just pools though. The Alma Collection glass mosaic tiles can be used in restaurants and outdoor bars just as seamlessly. Thanks to their glass bodies and high shine, they can add to any design storyline and make a happy impact. Plus, the durability allows mosaic tiles to brave the elements, which means that your exterior designs can stand the test of time. 


Alma Collection: Mosaic Tiles, Unlimited 

Now that you have a little teaser around what you can do to create with the Alma Collection, let’s go through the different mosaic tile styles we offer and their use for your designs. 


Alma Mosaic Tile Solids:


Beautiful Green Mosaic Tile Backsplash in kitchen

Gorgeous green glass mosaic tile used on a kitchen backsplash

The Alma Collection’s solid hues offer a spectrum of color, and an endless form of creative expression. These beautiful glass mosaic tiles can effortlessly transform any commercial or residential kitchen design into a standout piece that’s bound to impress with its rich hues. From earthy green mosaic tiles to flirty pink mosaic tiles, there’s no color left out for you to create with. 

We also use only the most quality materials, which means you’ll find some metal mosaic tiles, too. They’re made with real gold leaf or silver leaf to give a coveted shine and shimmer. 

With smooth and textured finishes, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire, creating depth and movement on walls, floors, pools and so much more. Just think of the beauty glass mosaic tiles on backsplashes will have! 


Alma Mosaic Tile Mixes:


Beautiful blue mosaic tiles in steam room

Dark blue mosaic tile on the walls of steam room

The Alma Collection’s mixed hues are the perfect way to create a dazzling design without having to decide which color tones work together. We did the heavy lifting for you. On each sheet, you’ll find a variety of captivating colors; from ocean blue flirting alongside sea green on one to summer peach dancing with playful pink on another.  You can use mosaic tiles in steam rooms, pool patios, and outdoor decks for a covetable look.

Modern seafood restaurant with blue mosaic tile under table

Blue mosaic tile in a seafood restaurant

Not only are the colors far-ranging, so are the finishes. Each mosaic sheet has its own unique story. There’s smooth and textured surfaces, so you can create as much depth and movement on restaurant accent walls, residential backsplashes, or anywhere else you’d like.

The only limit is your imagination and we know that’s not the case.


Alma Mosaic Tile Gradients:


Warm mosaic tiles gradient in living room

Alma Collection gradient tiles on accent wall in living room

The Alma Collection’s gradient option is a versatile and chic way to bring a burst of color into any space with minimal legwork. Each of the Alma gradients come with mix mosaic sheets that when placed accordingly create a stunning ombre effect. The only thing you have to do is pick from the number of color combinations and decide where you want to place it in your next project! 

From warm and cozy palettes to luxe and golden ones, these mosaic tiles give any accent wall, backsplash, shower or pool an instant upgrade.  


Alma Mosaic Tile Murals:


Beautiful jungle print mosaic art mural
















Take your imagination to new heights with Alma Collection murals. You just have to dream it and we can create it. It’s that simple.

The Alma murals are proof that tile is as versatile as design materials come and showcase the uncapped potential for any project. Whether you want to recreate a memorable scene from a photo, replicate your favorite work of art or design a whimsical landscape blooming with flowers… Forget about easy-to-be-ripped wall-paper or mass-production art from Ikea – wow your guests with exclusive wall-art made of durable mosaic tiles. You can do it all with Alma. 

Mosaic art black and white with woman in red dress smiling

Fabulous city mosaic tile mural decorates the floor of commercial space

These pieces of art won’t fade and will last a lifetime. The finest in mosaic art and the true splendor of tile can be captured for decades to come. 

The goal is to provide the metaphoric paint for your easel. Go on, and get artsy. We’re positive your work with Alma Mosaic tiles will be exquisite.


 Shop the Alma Collection mosaic tiles here. 




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