Meet The Allure Collection: 3D Tiles That Demand Attention

Step into a world where power, mystery, and fascination blend seamlessly. The Allure Tile Collection is here to awaken your senses and transport you to a realm of mesmerizing beauty.Prepare to be enchanted by the intricate design and dimensional body of this collection. Each piece boasts a stunning depth that creates a truly captivating visual experience. Behold the allure of stained glass tile appearance that adorns these magnificent creations. Taking inspiration from the alluring jewel tones of a precious jewelry box with colors reminiscent of emeralds, sapphires, and pearls, every tile is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

But this collection is more than just the pizzaz. When you choose Allure, you’re not just choosing a tile – you’re choosing a commitment to quality and durability. Crafted with the finest glass materials, this collection is built to last. It can handle the wear and tear of everyday life, whether it’s in a busy kitchen, a bustling hallway, or a tranquil bathroom. It’s resistant to fading, ensuring that its timeless beauty remains intact.

The Allure collection will surely leave you spellbound with its fascinating textures, mysterious aura, and captivating hues. Don’t just take out word for it, experience it yourself! But before we hop into the details with some inspiring installations of this collection, here is an overview:

  • The tile collection is made up of dimensional glass mosaics.
  • There are 3 formats: subway, hexagon, and diamond glass tiles
  • The collection is comprised of 3 colors in captivating jewel tones: white, grey, and green. 

Allure White

Imagine a luminous pearlescent white backdrop, exuding an air of elegance and purity;  that’s what Allure White is all about. These white glass tiles can transform any space into an ethereal sanctuary, where serenity and grandeur coexist.

But the allure – pun intended– of these tiles doesn’t stop there. The subway tile variant holds the power of elevating the perception of any space, giving it a more grand and expansive atmosphere. Used in a residential bathroom, Allure White Rectangular creates a stellar wall design that feels invitingly spacious. A beautiful twist on the traditional white subway tile for walls.

The hexagon-shaped tiles, on the other hand, are like tiny honeycombs creating a playful pattern that adds depth and character to your walls or floors. Case-in-point is the fireplace in the photo above. Adorned with pearly white hexagon tiles, the effect is nothing short of enchanting. The honeycomb pattern creates a visually stunning effect, capturing the imagination and adding a touch of personality to your space. The pearly white hue accentuates the warm glow of the fire, creating a blissful harmony that invites you to snuggle up and unwind. It’s like a cozy haven that draws you in like a moth to a flame.

An epitome of sophistication and opulence, the Allure White in diamond shape is like a prism, refracting light and casting a shimmering glow that dances across the room. Each tile becomes a sparkling jewel, turning any space into a dazzling showcase. The Allure White tiles are indeed a gateway to a realm where enigmatic allure and endless fascination collide, leaving anyone awestruck. Just look at how they work as shower tiles in this bathroom. A testament to their shimmering, eye-catching beauty.

Allure Grey

For a sleek and modern aesthetic, consider the Allure Grey tiles. The 3D tile style creates an irresistible tactile experience, while the grey color creates natural mysticism and drama.

Talking about drama, the perfectly proportioned dimension of White Grey Rectangular creates a symphony of visual harmony, aligning effortlessly to form a captivating tapestry of style. Its elongated form brings a sense of balance and proportion to your space. Whether these gray subway tiles are laid horizontally or vertically, they will create a charismatic effect that draws the eye and guides it along a path of modernity. You can use them for a commercial restaurant wall tile option that will surely create a great first impression. Or, use these as a hotel suite’s guest bathroom backsplash tile design. The positive reviews will roll in.

If you’re looking for a fireplace tile design that steals the show, the Allure Grey Hexagon is the way to go! The hexagon shape itself demands attention, enthralling the eye with its sharp lines and unique configuration. Allure Grey Hexagon is a statement –  a bold proclamation that your space is a work of art, a reflection of your creativity and style. Turn up the heat in the most stylish way in any living room this fall or winter.


Greeting you at every turn with a lavishness that speaks to your impeccable taste is the Allure Grey Diamond mosaic, featured as a powder room wall tile above. Inspired by the grandeur of diamonds and precious gemstones that glimmer in rich gray gusts, these 3D tiles bring forth a sense of prestige and refinement, turning any space into a breathtaking showcase of style and panache.

Allure Green

Usher in a wave of vibrant energy with the lush embrace of emerald green, a hue that breathes life into every nook and cranny. With the Allure Green tiles, your room will ooze with a fresh and invigorating ambiance that takes your design to new heights of enchantment. Whether you choose the classic elegance of subway tiles, the playful geometry of hexagon mosaic  tiles, or the intricate charm of diamond tiles, each shape brings its own twist to the dance of colors and textures. 

Use the traditional subway tile shape to add a sense of structure and sophistication to your next project’s bathroom as a shower tile accent wall design. Allow the hexagon tiles to weave a visual tapestry that sparks curiosity; let the diamond tiles bring an air of whimsy and timeless beauty to your floors. These tiles are not just a mere accent; they are a quirky yet elegant statement of taste and character. 

The color symbiosis of the wet bar tile with wood and gold accents is sheer magic, creating a seamless blend of natural warmth and plush radiance that elevates your space to a world of unbridled brilliance. Soak in the dazzle of an at home bar tile design decorated with the Allure Green Rectangular tiles, where the vivacity of green inspires culinary artistry, transforming each meal into a delightful masterpiece. 

Unleash your inner artist by playing with the shapes and patterns the Allure Green 3D tiles offer. Mix and match them to create captivating combinations that reflect your unique vision. Let your imagination run wild and watch as your space evolves into a work of art that lures in the eyes and hearts of all who enter.

Explore the Allure Collection Today!

Whether you’re just starting to tile your client’s home or you want to refresh a commercial space, the Allure glass tile collection is the ideal choice. This grouping blends seamlessly with any decor, while effortlessly commanding the attention of passersby. With its endless possibilities and appeal, this collection is sure to appease even the most discerning eye. When paired with some modern flair, you’ll find this collection is a treasure trove of possibilities that can be used in any space.

But this collection is more than the sum of its parts. When you choose Allure, you’re not just choosing a tile – you’re choosing a commitment to quality and durability. These tiles are meant to last, so leave them in place for the long haul. They’ll give you countless hours of aesthetic pleasure while also extending their longevity.

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