17 Textured Tile Home Designs Worthy of 2024

When you’re out there picking tiles, you might find yourself getting lost in all the cool colors and killer patterns. But let’s put the spotlight on something that doesn’t get enough hype: texture! Seriously, textured tile can literally turn a flat, lifeless space into an engaging, tactile experience. Texture isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also a master of illusion. With the right kind of textured tile, you can make compact rooms feel grand or give spacious areas a snug ambiance. This subtle perception play can totally transform how you experience the room without moving a single piece of furniture.

But let’s dig into the practical perks. Textured tiles are basically a top choice in places that love to get wet, giving you that extra bit of grip to prevent slips, keeping everyone safe and sound. Also, if cleaning isn’t exactly your hobby, you’ll love how those textured surfaces help hide the everyday scuffs and bits of dirt. When you choose textured tiles, you also reduce the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

So, when you’re on the hunt for the perfect tile, don’t forget texture. It’s a simple addition that can make spaces look stylish, keep everyone upright, and dial down on the cleaning. It’s a win-win, right? 

Now that’s covered, let’s get inspired, shall we?

1. The Textured Tile Option for Beige Lovers

Transform your space with just one choice: Alcazar Arena tiles. With an 18×18 inch just-right size, these porcelain pieces can pop in any corner, floor or wall, in your favorite shade of flexible beige. 

Enjoy the perfect balance of texture – enough for good grip, subtle for quick clean-up. Plus, it boasts a truly unique artisan feel, a rare find nowadays. 

2. Rock the Green Vibe

Bring life to any minimalist space with our Aquaterra Green Hex Tile. Made with a mix of terrazzo and shells, this eye-catching hexagon tile combines durability with visual appeal. 

Ideal for floors, walls, or accenting specific areas, it introduces a vibrant green and intriguing texture. It’s the perfect way to inject color and personality into a sleek, neutral palette room, like the all-white bathroom above. 

3. Reminisce in Style

Shaped like a brick, the Aquaterra White Brick Tile throws a fun, vintage vibe onto any backsplash (or any space, really), transporting you straight back to the good ‘ol days. Style it in your wet bar and watch it add layers of character and a dash of depth, all while keeping things stylishly cool. Think of it as ‘retro made modern’ – classic style with a contemporary wink. 

4. Rustic and Made With Love

If the thought of embossed handcrafted tiles sends your heart into a happy dance, prepare to twirl in joy with the Alcazar Aqua Tile

Picture the lavish and creative tiles from Alcazar Seville, but with a more laid-back color palette. Yet, they’re still showing off all of that gorgeous texture and design that makes Alcazar Seville tiles a sight to behold. That’s Alcazar Aqua Tile for you – here to steal your design-loving heart, no grand gestures needed, just pure, unpretentious old-world charm. 

5. Curate Simply Hex-quisite Spaces

Hexa Esmeralda Tile is where subtle meets serious strength. This tile brings its A-game to floors everywhere, handling high foot traffic with panache and resilience. 

It’s not just about the easy-on-the-eyes green shade; the real deal is the cleverly crafted texture designed to mask the daily wear and tear of your bustling home. It’s also a perfect match with wood finishes, offering a look that’s both beautifully understated and impressively durable. Get the best of both worlds – subtle sophistication and built-to-last – with Hexa Esmeralda. 

6. Denim-Dipped Transformation

Basic pool tiles got you feeling blue? Hexa Borneo Azul to the rescue! 

This tile brings the wow factor with a deep navy blue hue that looks like your fave denim in tile form. Not only does it rock a denim disguise, but it also grips like your trusty old sneakers. With this tile, you can kiss those poolside slip-ups goodbye. 

7. Raw Industrial Punch

Looking for a simple, classic tile? You can’t go wrong with Hexa Terrazzo Grey. This timeless hex tile in gray shade brings a sleek, industrial look to any room. It’s a favorite pick for small spaces, adding a burst of pizzazz without overwhelming and eating up precious room. And if you’re new to terrazzo, it’s a safe choice that works with just about anything. 

8. The Chic and Luxe Choice

2024 is indeed the year terrazzo makes a big comeback, and we’ve got another terrazzo-textured tile to prove it. 

If chic and luxe is your thing, you’ll fall head over heels with our Terra Pepper Speckled Tile. This tile captures the clean, sophisticated “clean girl” aesthetic so well, making it ideal for creating that boutique feel right in your home. So, if you’re aiming for a space that feels both polished and inviting, this tile is a must-have. 

9. Bold as a Boulder

Nail the natural rock look with our Athabasca Rock porcelain tile this 2024. It’s so close to real stone that you’ll have to look twice! 

Ready to dial up the drama? This tile sure adds instant impact. Go for grout in a matching shade to lock in that seamless, large-scale look. This pro tip will blend lines and amplify your space with a bold, textured, yet cohesive feel. 

10. Dark Decadence

Crave a touch of geometric grandeur in your home design? The Encadro Grafito tile might fit the bill. 

Just take a moment to appreciate how it elevates the living room space above. Offering a harmonious blend of texture, dark tone, and highlights of light wood accents, it makes for a decadent flooring option. What’s more, it’s a great choice for adding a pop of dark lavishness to Scandi interiors and other neutral-palette interiors. 

11. A Breath of Fresh Air

In the midst of daily chaos, your home should be a sanctuary. Our Encadra Haya Gris tile helps create just that. 

Light in look, they offer a fresh, airy touch that makes rooms feel more open. A top pick for city living, these tiles add a slice of nature to your space, inviting in peace and tranquility. Create your own calm corner in the urban jungle with the simple, serene beauty of Encadra Haya Gris

12. Always Stay in Vogue 

Stay ahead of the curve and go for Cosmopolitan Borghini Concept tiles for a textured look that’s both trendy and timeless. These ceramic tiles boast an elegant design with sleek ridges and edges, delivering the upscale look of marble without the cost. 

Take a moment to look at the bathroom above to see this marble-like tile in action. Cosmopolitan Borghini Concept on the shower walls delivers a plush, high-end feel, turning an ordinary bathroom into a lavish spa-like retreat. 

13. Embrace Timeworn Beauty 

It’s 2024 already, but we couldn’t get over the nostalgic feel that anything timeworn and vintage brings, like what the Cosmopolitan Melody Decor porcelain tile exudes. This tile features a gently faded metallic accent and a bit of texture, hitting two top tile trends at once. 

It’s awesome for anyone who likes a touch of the past but wants something current, too. Great for making statement walls or backsplashes that really stand out, this tile adds special character to your home design. 

14. Bring in the Jungle With This Textured Tile

Bring the jungle vibes inside without going green with our Cosmopolitan Leaves Deco tile. Its leafy design gets you close to nature, and the texture? It’s a neat touch-and-look combo you’ll love. The perfect way to use this tile is to spice up fireplace surrounds. 

Tip: It looks awesome as a feature on your wall rather than covering every inch. Textured and busy-patterned tiles work best as accents – too much can make your space feel tight. 

15. Impress Everyone with Impressions Art Blanco

Introduce a fresh dimension in your spaces with our Impressions Art Blanco Tile. Sporting a distinct, elaborate geometric carving, this white tile plays with light, casting shadows that add oomph to your walls. Bringing a touch of Roman style into the modern era, it’s all about depth, character, and uncomplicated elegance. A simple swap, a massive impact!

16. Zen Out Your Space 

Upgrade your space to peaceful perfection with our Zen Concept Tile. It’s the perfect match for your bathroom sanctuary or any spot that needs a touch of calm. 

With its sought-after wooden design and rich, wood grain texture, it sets the stage for a range of styles, from the pared-down elegance of Japandi to sleek minimalism or bold modern looks. Install it and instantly make any room quietly bold and effortlessly stylish. 

17. Depth and Drama in Every Groove 

Check out our Impressions Fluted Nero ceramic tile if you’re looking to add some drama and depth to your home. This tile isn’t just black; its fluted design adds a cool texture that really catches the eye. 

Imagine it as the backdrop to your fireplace, making those cozy nights even cozier, or as a kitchen backsplash that turns cooking into a stylish affair. It’s also perfect for an accent wall that pops or even as an unconventional yet striking headboard in your bedroom. 

Wherever you use it, this textured tile packs dramatic flair in every groove that’s sure to impress. Simple, bold, and versatile – that’s how we do drama.

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