Room Makeover Inspiration With Luxury Tiles for the Holiday Season

gorgeous bathroom with gold penny round tiles feature wall

Silver and gold season is here! For some room makeover inspiration worthy of the holidays, we have you covered.

Ah, the holiday season. It’s the time of year when you see family, eat all your favorite food, and get together with friends to exchange gifts. But mostly, it’s about decorations. The lights! The wreaths! The trees! The stockings! The ornaments! And, of course, the tile room makeover designs that will bring the spirit of Christmas into your home. So instead of 12 gifts (which sounds super fun and festive, but also like a lot of work), we’re giving you 12 luxury tile designs that will make your holiday decorations merrier than ever this year. So grab some hot cocoa and get ready to discover what’s in our stocking this year—it’s going to be a wonderful holiday!

Claus-Approved Catherine Tile

Santa is coming down the chimney so you better not forget to glam up your fireplace! Make your cosy fire in the heart of winter look even better with our Catherine tile  — the winter lovechild of marble and dolomite. This cold-weather beauty is durable and can stand up to any amount of heat you throw at it, making it perfect for your hearth. Saint Nick himself will also be so impressed by your fireplace that he’ll leave you an extra present under the Christmas tree!

Winter Time Tomyris Tile

You don’t need to venture into the cold, snowy wilderness just to get your fix of wintery wonder. All you need is ethereal holiday decor, and a tile to match! The Tomyris fireplace tile fits the bill perfectly. From the chiseled beauty of its intricate design to the rich sheen of its brass finish, you’ll fall in love with Tomyris right away. Get ready to be blown away by how much this waterjet mosaic tile evokes images of feathery snowflakes frolicking in the cold breeze. Don’t forget to add this to your holiday room makeover inspiration list!

Christmas Tree-Approved Imperial Onyx Green Tile

If you wish you could travel somewhere exotic but also a little chilly this holiday season,  we’ve got the perfect tile for you. With its mesmerizing white and gold veining plus icy blue-green shade, the Imperial Onyx Green porcelain tile in 24×48 size is sure to transport you to an igloo in the South Pole by just walking on it! That’s right, no frostbite either. There’s no denying that this luxury marble look tile will make you feel like you’re walking on glacial ice. But unlike appearances, when the temperature drops, you’ll be toasty warm indoors!

Winter Escape Carnaby White Tile 

When you’re getting ready to deck the halls, don’t forget to decorate your floors. Crafted from Calacatta Gold and dolomite, the Carnaby White tile is a lighthearted alternative to the traditional Christmas colors. The center of the tile also features marble tile chips that look like a mosaic of broken ice sheets, adding even more merriment to this already gorgeous design.

Fa-La-La Fiore 11 Tile

It’s a white Christmas, and we don’t mean the snow hopefully falling outside, we mean with our Fiore 11 marble floor tileThis sweet tile is a brilliant way to bring the magic of snow into any space—and it looks especially stunning on this living area floor. Its glossy finish reflects light, making the room feel more open and inviting, which is especially important for smaller spaces like this living area.

And this isn’t just good for holiday decorating—it’s a great choice year-round. This tile will help brighten up any space and give it a feeling of airiness, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways alike.

Wonderland’s White Crown Tile

Christmas is all about the colors red and green—or is it?

When you’re looking to spice up your Christmas decor, why not take a turn from the usual red and green and go with white and gold? We know what you’re thinking- white and gold might seem a little lackluster in comparison, but just wait until you see this luxurious Rockefeller White Crown tile in action!

The golden, geo-chic lines on this tile are bursting with lux vibes, thanks to its rich white background and sparkling appearance that’s sure to make your holiday shine. As soon as you lay eyes on this beauty, you’ll know exactly why we think it will be the star of your holiday decorating game this year.

Snow Time Storm White Tile

You have your guests, you have your at-home bar, and now all you need is the fabulous backsplash tile to show them off in all their glory! That’s where snowstorm-approved Storm White tile comes in! Made from a blend of Thassos, Paper White, Calcatta Gold, and shell, Storm White Tile is a unique mix that will add some serious character to your wet bar. With its dazzling silvery sheets and shape that very much look like snowflakes, this marble tile is a sure hit in creating a charming yet classy yuletide ambiance. Talk about an ode to winter room makeover inspiration!

Enigmatic Eleanor Tile

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to transform your kitchen into a Christmas tree. Bring an over-the-top holiday cheer to the kitchen with this beautiful Eleanor tile design reminiscent of the said holiday decorating staple. So if you’re looking for a way to make your home release an explosion of Christmas festivity, then you’ve found the right tile design.

Festive Fokos Tile

For maximum holiday spirit, we’re now introducing you to a tile design that’s so subtle and stylish you will love the ability to customize its surroundings. Our Fokos thassos and Celeste blue tile is made to provide an understated pop while also serving as an overall crisp white backsplash that seamlessly blends in with the rest of the kitchen’s seasonal decor without taking away from it. It’s the ultimate in understated elegance. And while it might not be the most eye-catching on its own, it still is a winter-worthy tile design that adds a bit of depth and dimension to any space.

Ski-Friendly Storm Blue Tile  

Need a little something to spice up the wet bar this festive season? We’ve got you covered. Our Storm Blue backsplash tile is just what you need to create a statement in your wet bar without taking away from the simplicity of the rest of the design. The harmonious blend of powdery blue and icy white hues creates a flowing pattern that looks like it could be a miniature ski town—or at least a miniature ski resort. Whatever you want to call it, this backsplash tile will definitely be an eye-catcher that’s sure to impress guests.

Wreath-Worthy Patina Green Deco Tile

Adorned with a bounty of gold and green hues, this Patina Green Deco tile sets the stage for a holiday season to remember. With its beautiful green patina, this tile brings drama and intrigue to any room you choose to grace with its presence, just like how it does to the bathroom showcased above. This decorative luxury tile creates a magical seasonal ambiance in the said bathroom space, thanks to its shimmering gold veinings and deep tones that evoke images of misty forests. 

Seasonal Staple, Snowflake Tile

As we wrap up our list of Christmas tile designs, we’re going to leave you with our favorite: the Snowflake tileThe detail and intricacy that goes into making this tile is truly stunning. It’s a true masterpiece—it looks like it was created by angels!

Our Snowflake tile is also the definitive way to make an impact with your seasonal decorating. It’s bold and unique so it stands out against all of those traditional holiday colors. It further adds texture and dimension to a space, making it feel more interesting and alive. 

Final Thoughts on Room Makeover Inspiration For Holidays

There are a lot of Christmas tiles out there, but if you want a unique look that’s sure to put some pep in your step as the days grow colder and colder, you can’t go wrong with any of the ones on this list. Want to see more inspiration? Take a look at our online gallery.

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