How To Use Entryway Tiles In Commercial & Hospitality Design

Gorgeous black and white basketweave entryway tiles (Malaga Negro Tile) and geometric wall tile (Raya) in this upscale hotel lobby complemented by minimal lighting and natural plant life.

If there’s one thing that will always remain true in the interior design world it’s that first impressions count. This is especially the case when it comes to commercial spaces, like hotels, offices or apartment complexes. People take notice of how a space makes them feel. That’s why, when it comes to designing entryways, the entryway tile that you use does matter. To help inspire your next design project, and show you a few how-tos when it comes to entryway design, we’ve gathered several entryway tile ideas from feature wall tile designs to floor tile designs. Ready to make a mark on your client’s guests? Scroll on, and stay inspired.

Entryway Tile Idea 1: Mosaic Murals 

Gorgeous, custom mural wall art adorns an upscale hotel lobby with glass mosaic tiles.

One way to make sure guests eyes are instantly dazzled is with a custom mural wall art (Made with our Alma Collection)  like the one that adorns this high-end hotel lobby. Bringing the bold beauty of a peacock front-and-center, this mosaic tile art is sure to impress all who trek the commercial entryway. The best part about using mural wall art is that you can tell a story about a space that lasts forever and creates a unique touch that will leave an imprint on anyone who sees it!

Glamorous, feminine floral montage of mosaic tiles adorn a restaurant entryway at a tropical resort.

Thought mosaic mural art was impressive on the walls as entryway tiles? Take this gorgeous floor tile installation featuring floral mosaic mural art. Every step, guests get to feel their experience blooming with excitement and beauty! The perfect use of a mural floor design for this upscale restaurant located inside a tropical resort destination. Sunshine, forever blooms, and delicious food is the way to go.

Entryway Tile Idea 2: Terrazzo Look Flooring

Trendy terrazzo tile flooring makes an impact on this shared common space.

Terrazzo floor tiles (Terra Multicolor Speckled) create a unique entryway in this shared workspace! Fusing together the speckled body of terrazzo inspired tiles with a hexagon tile format, the result is an ever-pleasing, contemporary design pop that works wonderfully with the communal table (background) and pink chairs. What’s more terrazzo tiles are majorly on trend this year, making it to the list of top tile trends that everyone needs to know in commercial design! There’s little wonder why, they not only add personality to a design but give it a dose of timeless fun!

Entryway Tile Idea 3: Brass Inlay Wall Tiles

Gold and white tiled interiors like this make for a class-act that is classically sound and sophisticatedly cool.

Oozing with opulence and glamour, this fabulous hotel lobby entryway tile stuns. It’s solidified proof that commercial entryways can be appealing and practical, it uses brass accents to complement the sturdy, marble and brass inlay wall tile (Angolo 3) around the reception area. Imagine how guests feel walking through the main doors to be greeted with lux golden adornments, fabulous feature wall tiles, and elegant marble flooring? We’re going to guess like true stars! 

Thassos white marble tile with brass inlay creates a geometric tile surround on this reception desk in a tile showroom.

Goodbye, boring reception areas! Hello, stunning, bursting with brass beauties! Using a Thassos white and brass tile (White Sunburst), Creative Surfaces showroom styled their reception desk with a hint of Art Deco flair and endless glam. We absolutely love the modern twist on a classic style in this space. Plus, how beautiful is the chandelier overhead? They’ve really taken the entryway to their tile showroom to the next level thanks to a precise attention to detail.

Entryway Tile Idea 4: Woven Marble Tile Walls & Floors

Woven floor and wall tiles create a stunning entryway that is immediately gorgeous.

Woven entryway tiles for the win! Sheer class meets a classic combination in this black and white entryway made with basketweave marble floor tile (Plaza Nero) and matching woven wall tiles to create a chic, divinely sophisticated style for guests. The entryway console table and armchairs make it easy for guests to kick back and relax as they await their check-in, check-out or need to answer an email quickly.

Entryway Tile Idea 6: Wood Look Floor Tiles

Hexagon wood floor tiles made with white wood look and medium wood look designs.

Farmhouse chic can make an incredible warming, earthy atmosphere made for a bed-and-breakfast or country cottage stay! These wood look hex floor tiles (Royal Wood) create a modern twist that still works well for any modern farmhouse inspired space. Dimension, sustainability and durability come together to create a gorgeous neutral decor element. Porcelain tiles that look like wood are rising in the interior design world thanks to their ability to replicate the look and feel of the real thing without the same level of maintenance. Goodbye, rot. Hello, inspirational design!

Neutral, wood look floor tiles in a charming Georgian airbnb rental that exudes farmhouse chic appeal.

This space has southern charm in spades thanks to the beautiful wooden gray marble floor tiles (Savannah Victory Square) adorning this commercial guesthouse’s entryway. The square tile creates an uplifting, multi tonal design in the space that gives way to a modern twist on a classic wood floor option. Pairing the floor tile with other neutral elements, this Georgia-based short term commercial rental entryway tile can be enjoyed alongside a nice, iced sweet tea!

Wood look chevron floor tiles craft a truly unique, and detailed touch to this apartment complex in the heart of a metropolitan city.

Urban living, discovered in this gorgeous NYC apartment dwelling. Using a chevron wood look floor tile (Acadia Spiga Gris) in the entryway, guests and homeowners alike are welcomed by a refined, industrial chic design that wows. There’s natural ombre in the wood look tile that creates depth, and brings in a more dimensional appearance to the flooring. It’s the perfect cool off-set to the overall cold, cool aesthetic that is prominent in the space itself.

Entryway Tile Idea 7: Pattern Marble Floors 

An elegant entryway tile made from pattern marble excites guests and wedding party alike in this wedding venue.

An entryway fit for a Queen! (Or, let’s be real, a gorgeous bride!) This wedding reception staircase leads out to a gorgeous marble pattern entryway tile (Majesty Victoria) that captivates. When it comes to crafting a commercial space that will be used for such a large milestone in life, it’s key to pay attention to the flow of the space; right down to the floor tile that lays underfoot. With lux, glam and elegance fusing together, this entryway has all the markings of a commercial design ready for a lifetime-approved photo. 

There’s an infinite amount of reasons to love this commercial entryway tile floor (pun intended) but the main one? The gorgeous first impressions hat it leaves for guests!

Have guests walk their way into infinite style with this white and silver floor tile (Alcamo.) A gorgeous entryway tile option for transitional interiors that want a statement tile that’s not too loud. The dimension of the repeating pattern tile gives floors an undeniable visual interest that helps guide guests to the reception area of this hotel.

Gorgeous use of a calacatta bluette floor tile on the floor of this quaint B&B. The swirling pattern keeps the eyes busy and excitement levels high.

Swirling with a calacatta bluette and Thassos marble floor tile (Fiore 15), this bed-and-breakfast’s entryway is the perfect balance of neutrals. With an elegant, transitional interior, guests can await their host in the main area on a leather entryway bench and stare at the mesmerizing pattern marble floor tile below their feet. Plus, a statement marble floor tile in the entryway gives the ability to add a more traditional touch to walls; like using a white subway wall tile or a neutral mosaic glass tile to tone things down and create a bigger splash.

Creatively installed Carrara gold tiles (4×12 Calacatta gold; 4×12 Thassos) in tile showroom.

Thought standard marble floor tiling was dull? Think again! This beautiful showroom proves the beauty of entryway tiles with its unique twist on our classic Field Tile collection. Using 4×12 calacatta gold and Thassos marble tiles the team crafted a tile rug floor that adds a touch of warmth to the space with a contemporary twist. The tile floor inset on traditional wood flooring creates a fusion of materials that leaves the space memorable and on trend.

Entryway Tile Idea 8: Star and Cross Tile Floors 

Beautiful star and cross stone tiles in an upscale apartment complex in Chicago.

Star and cross floor tiles (Pantheon) adorn this Chicago apartment building with ever-lasting metropolitan flair. The covetable marble floor tiles made from natural stone strike a balance with the wood and fabric armchair that makes the perfect respite for a quick phone call.

Guest taking a #feetfie in the entryway of this Moroccan-inspired hotel with black and white floor tiles.

Bold statements are easily found with an ever-exciting stone pattern tile. Geometric shape tiles bring a whole new layer of thrill to a space, and trust us, if the above is any reflection of this, guests love the whole #ihavethisthingwithtiles concept. This Morrocan inspired hotel used a black and white stone floor tile (Pantheon Black-White Mix). With a star and cross pattern, this floor tile makes for a great first impression that’ ll last (and roll in those likes on the ‘gram!)

Beautiful blue and white mosaic tiles adorn the floor of an entryway in a hair salon.

Not one for neutrals? Crave more of a decidedly colorful touch? That’s perfectly suitable for your commercial entryway, too! Luckily these gorgeous star and cross pattern floor tiles range in colors; from white tile to bold blue tile. Such is the case in the farmhouse-meets-coastal style in this quaint country hair salon. Featuring a blue and white stone floor entryway tile that’s superbly statement-making (Pantheon Blue-White) we’re positive that your client’s guests will walk out with more than just a memorable hair style that wows!

Entryway Tile Idea 9: Bold Feature Walls 

This feature wall tile backdrop is the ideal example of entryway tile that creates a defining space for guests with its shimmering, midcentury fan shape pattern. 

In case you missed it, bold tile is huge this year. In fact, like terrazzo tiles, this style of tile made the list for commercial interior trends, too! People want more excitement in their surroundings, and this extends to their vacations. Now more than ever, they are seeking out memorable, and exciting moments. So, how does this play into your commercial design project? Give a bold appearance with entryway tiles! This beautiful, blue fan mosaic tile showcases how easily achievable that is on the lobby wall (Saint Tropez Cadet) With a fan shape tile, the space is heightened with dimension and it perfectly fits this Carribean resort’s light, bright and upscale ambiance. 

A Floridian hotel delivers a jungalow interior with a bold, rainforest inspired porcelain wall tile in its lobby. 

Another perk of using bold tiles in your commercial design? Versatility and the element of surprise. Thanks to the advancements in tile printing, there’s no limit on the interior design styles you can achieve and wow guests. While one may think at first glance this hotel tile is located in the middle of an Amazonian rainforest, such is not the case. The gorgeous floral pattern porcelain tile (Jumanji Black Tropic Deco) is used in the entryway of a beach hotel! Thus proving the element of surprise and versatility firsthand. 

Now that you’ve breezed through the list of entryway tiles to use in your next design, we bet you feel inspired, don’t you? That’s our hope, at least! If you want even more options, be sure to check out our on-site commercial tile gallery to continue your hunt. If you see something you love, be sure to email: info(at)mir-mosaic(dot)com for more information on purchasing!

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