Marvelous marble tile bathrooms to inspire you

Darling, dazzling marble tile in this bathroom epitomizes the view of these materials being forever luxurious.

If Marilyn Monroe called diamonds a girl’s best friend, then we’d like to introduce you to a designer’s best friend: marble tiles. These luxurious stone tiles have been used for centuries and are met with a timelessly chic style that can never go unnoticed, much like diamonds. While these gorgeous tile styles can find a remarkable home in nearly any space, there’s one area that befits them: bathrooms. There’s something so profound about marble floor tiles or backsplash tiles in a bathroom that creates an essence of royalty. It’s for this reason alone we’ve welcomed an expanded selection of marvelous marble tiles into the MIR Collections 2022 offering. They make quite the impression and are ready for your next bathroom remodel or design project. Curious? Scroll on and see for yourself.

Something new, something blue

Dashing as can be this floral marble floor tile (Merletto Azul tile) is proof of the elegance and class marble tiles can provide a bathroom. With deep navy and cerulean blue hues, the marble petal tile chips pop against the grays and whites giving off a playful yet wholly sensational design storyline.

Something old, something new, something blue. A saying tied to, well, tying the knot, but also applicable to marble tiles in bathroom remodels. Such is the case in this ever-elegant marble bathroom above. Using a floral pattern tile to craft an exquisite flooring mainstay, there’s a mix of elements that makes the marriage of this design so everlasting. You have the floral patterns made from finely crafted Azul Macaubas, Blue Celeste, and the time-tested beauty of Thassos as well as Carrara marbles; our new tile itself, Merletto Azul, and lastly, the chic modernized fixtures of a soaking tub and side table. Truthfully, if this doesn’t show the ever-growing beauty of marble tiles in design, we aren’t quite sure what will!

Metropolitan lux meets marble tile

Using a bold, black marble statement tile (Mariana Tile) on the wall in this bathroom, the result is a deep, decadent, and decidedly dapper design.

…On second thought, this bold, entrancing marble tile bathroom does put up an argument on just why that above statement may not hold for long. It’s pure radiance! With a metropolitan chic ambiance dazzling the walls and brass accents dripping like fine jewelry around the design, it’s hard to look away. Much less hold up a fight that marble tile bathrooms aren’t inherently royal. The Nero Marquina marble embedded with detailed Calacatta Gold marble provides an ideal contrast while the black and brass tub contribute to the royalist, upscale theme that radiates throughout the room.

Mesmerizing midday soaks 

A beautiful statement floor tile (Chelsea Gray Tile) in this bathroom showcases how marble tile is both timeless and versatile. 

Perhaps moving the bold design moment to underfoot is more your style? This is easily achieved with marble tiles in the bathroom. In this stunning Japandi inspired bathroom remodel, the proof in the versatility and longevity of marble tile is palpable. After all, the room is taking a contemporary tile and interior design trend, and making an impact with a centuries-old material. For us, that is definitely enough to create a mesmerizing moment for guests and show off the true nature of the everlasting marble tile.

The proof is in the diamonds

A testament to our decision that marble tiles are the diamonds of design is this amazing diamond pattern flooring (Chuuk Tile) made from none other than marble itself.

Yes, what you see here are actual diamond marble tiles. So, in a way this is a full circle moment for proof that the luxurious material is in fact the ‘diamond’ among designers. Look at the sheer beauty and statement these marble tiles make in the space! Crafted from gorgeous marble materials–Thassos, Athens gray, and wooden gray–the diamond pattern takes full form and flirts along the boundaries of wood-look appeal which is perfect for a modern farmhouse design

Midcentury marble tile marvels

A midcentury modern bathroom gets an elevated geo-chic feature wall tile design (Siwa Tile) that makes for a rather appealing statement!

With the ability to be both dramatic and serene, there’s little wonder why we feel so strongly about marble tiles. These inherently beautiful materials have the ability to create a soothing atmosphere and blend well in a myriad of design styles; from modern farmhouse to coastal chic. The result? Adding a cherry on top of nearly any design. Or, shall we say, a diamond? Not to mention, when used residential bathrooms, marble tiles are able to enhance the space, making even the smallest rooms seem luxurious. That alone is a major feat.

Golden hour? More like golden marble tile!

Calacatta gold marble tiles (Pienza Tile) in the shape of diamonds create a dashing design in this bathroom’s shower. Paired with brass accents, it’s like a well-accessorized outfit coming together. Design credit: Emily Palm Tile

When it comes to delighting the eyes, marble tiles don’t hold back. It’s easy to design a bathroom shower wall that is bold and eye-catching when using the material. That’s exactly what this bathroom conveys with its chic, cleverly curated shower tile design. While the statement Calacatta Gold and Thassos marble wall tile creates an instant “wow” factor, guests will love the perfectly paired stylish marble tile underfoot. This shower tile situation complements the statement marble tile walls and floors seamlessly, and makes a cohesive, transitional design that will last for years to come.

Blooming with endless beauty

A delicate bloom of marble tiles (Magnolia Tile) adds a classy touch to this bathroom making for a feminine appeal that doesn’t go unnoticed.

If there ever was an interior design material that is meant to be played up with patterns, textures and dimensions, it’s marble. Unlike bright, bold looks, marble tiles get away with beautiful patterns, textures and designs yet still manage to retain their elegance (much like diamond jewelry!) The reason is simple: The natural variations of marble play off one another divinely. Such is the case with this beautiful, feminine floral marble tile backsplash. This bathroom uses the floral marble tile and gives the overall interior design visual interest and a glorious touch. 

A marble take on ‘the blues’

This bathroom backsplash tile (Ammos Tile) is worthy of the blues with its timeless use of marble tiles that make it so gorgeous!

There’s only one form of blues we’ll tolerate: the marble blues. They are dynamic, bold, and awe-worthy. The fact the coloring is all natural is what makes them so downright admirable. As seen in this compact bathroom design, a mix of fine-cut picket hexagon tiles create an intricate accent wall with their natural blue hues. The tile display serves as a bathroom focal point and a charming feature accent wall. 

The canary diamond of marble tiles

Gold and green marble tiles (Eleanor tile) create an all-consuming atmosphere built on luxury and beauty in this bathroom

What would become of us if we didn’t save the most captivating marble tile for bathrooms for last? We present to you the equivalent to a Canary Diamond, well, in our books. The kind of marble tile that will stop you in your tracks, and lure you in with its scintillating facade. Yes, we’re talking about green marble tiles. A different breed with a touch of luck (naturally.) Their beauty can be seen in this artistic, stately bathroom design; the impact and impression is immediate. For those with bolder tastes, this one’s for you.

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