Christmas Tile Designs We Can’t Stop Staring At

Christmas tile cheer to make your holiday weekend bright and merry!

It is the season for holiday festivities and traditions! Everyone loves holiday cheer- but a home’s interior is more than just greens and reds. Looking for a way to step up your game this Christmas for your next client project? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, we’ve got plenty of Christmas tile options to help you create Christmas tile designs that are sure to stand out.

Let guests feast their eyes on a perfect Christmas tile kitchen backsplash

Wet bar kitchen backsplash: Monaco Carlo Blanco 

We’re officially obsessed with this kitchen backsplash design that will make you look twice. This borderline fish scale and diamond-shaped backsplash tile design is both understated and striking. Taking the classic decorating choice of white tile color, this kitchen takes that idea to new heights by mixing in a metallic grout, bringing in a fantastic effect. 

Herringbone kitchen backsplash tile: Nordic Chevron Tile

Sleek and simple, these backsplash tiles for kitchen are the perfect accent for a clean, modern kitchen. It’s trendy, but also timeless- you could literally put this up for the holidays and leave it up for years! And the best part? This mix of gray- and white-colored Herringbone backsplash tile design is one of the most versatile options that can be customized to fit any style of kitchen. 

Diamond backsplash tile: Fokos 

The kitchen is the heart of the home but it can also be a hot spot of stress and frustration, especially during the holiday season. As we are trying to beat the clock in the kitchen, having a backsplash tile design that is as functional as it is beautiful is key. Opt for kitchen backsplash tile decor and pattern that is simple enough not to distract from the prep work at hand. 

Blue and white pattern backsplash tile: Raya Azul

When it comes to fresh Christmas kitchen backsplash design, blue and white is the new red and green. The muted color palette perfectly complements any holiday theme, from vintage snowmen to modern geometric motifs. With a beautiful finish, these stunning backsplash tiles for kitchen definitely give any kitchen a natural ambiance that is both soothing and stunning. 

Backsplash Tile: Elba Tile | Photo Credit:Brothers of Stonington 

There’s a lot of gray in this lineup, but there’s a reason for that: it works with any color or look you can dream up. This gorgeous kitchen backsplash design uses a combination of muted colors and geometric patterns that perfectly tie up the modern country style it’s going for. Working off the wood accents and white cabinetry, the result is truly a unique holiday kitchen design. 

Backsplash Tile: Pantheon Antico-White  | Photo Credit: David Tsay

Going deeper into the rustic and cozy aesthetic, a good combination of white and tan accent tile will surely make a kitchen stand out. Fusing together the warm with quirky, this kitchen backsplash tile design is sure to give everyone a good mood on Christmas Day as well as New Year’s Eve. 

Wavy ocean-inspired blue backsplash tile: Agios 

For those who are eyeing for a more luxurious look, using a subtle gradient wave-designed tile backsplash is a definite fit. A popular option for a unique kitchen backsplash design, these tiles allow you to create more visual interest in the kitchen. Mute tones don’t just look good in smaller kitchens, they can also create an element of luxury and glamor- a perfect way to leave guests in awe. 

Christmas decorated backsplash Tile: Fokos 

Bring to perfection any holiday decor using white kitchen backsplash tile as a backdrop, like the space above. The white backsplash tile adds a dash of freshness to the room and helps tie together all the other elements while seamlessly blending into the design storyline. 

Geo chic backsplash tile: Shape 6  | Photo Credit: Monica Vargas | Design Credit: Manderley Home Interiors

Lush design abounds in this kitchen. The fusion of white and gray colors with stylish patterns definitely completes the polished look of this design. Offering an elegant, classic, and timeless appeal, you really can’t go wrong with white and gray colors for a kitchen backsplash design. 

Modern bohemian backsplash tile: Coastal Amaris

Getting a home ready for the holiday season doesn’t have to mean overdoing it. Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you need to deck every square inch of a room with a display of red and green. In fact, a simple white marble tile kitchen backsplash in intricate shapes is an easy and foolproof way to get that holiday feels. They’re so versatile that you won’t even have to worry about having a “theme” when decorating for the holidays- just add some greenery and a splash of color like the design above and you’re good to go!

Chic and elegant marble backsplash tile: Coastal Flower

What’s the best way to spruce up a charcuterie board? A feature wall tile design that gives off a striking statement. By using exquisitely designed white marble tiles, you can create the ‘WOW’ factor your kitchen design needs. 

Make each moment (and step!) count with floor tiles

Gold and white floor tile: Euphoria 

A great way to cohesively combine any Christmas decor is to install statement floor tiles. If you’re looking to add something more of an edge to your next design project, this gold and white marble tile will do the trick. It doesn’t look like anything else we’ve seen, making it great for anyone who wants to step up their game. 

Blue and White Moroccan Tile: Pantheon Blue White

Do you want to create a living room that looks like it’s straight from the North Pole? Then these Christmas-y blue patterned tiles are what you need! Bring the entire outside right inside with you with this snowflake look-a-like statement floor tiles that mimic the feeling of winter. Pro tip: You can place this tile right in front of a fireplace with some fluffy and cozy pillows laid on the floor for an extra blue Christmas effect. 

Patterned living room floor tile: Palikir 

Nothing beats a skillful combination of simple geometric shapes that makes these hexagon floor tiles look like a masterpiece built with a great deal of artistic taste. The mosaics absolutely bring a mellow atmosphere to your holiday decors and transform a living room into an enchanted winter wonderland. 

Elegant dining room marble floor tile: Fiore 15

Christmas is all about festivity, making it relatively easy to go overboard with your tile designs. We’ve had a fair share of crazy tile designs, but this one takes the cake. This nordic kitchen tile flooring exemplifies a nice balance of warm and minimalist holiday design guaranteed to bring in some depth and continuity in your next client project. 

Bold blue marble floor tile in home: Carnaby Blue

Who knew that tile could be this beautiful? More than the Christmas tree, this Scandinavian-inspired tile design is unquestionably an eye-catching holiday decor. The intricate patterns and the way each piece is unique make for stunning floor tiles in the home. 

Modern mudroom wood look floor tiles: Urbana Wood Blue

Snow is falling and it’s getting cold outside, but that doesn’t mean that your interior has to be left cold and dull. Give any space the pop of color it needs for the holiday by adding blue patterned residential floor tiles. These stylish mudroom floor tiles do not simply make this hallway pretty, but they certainly opened up the space more. So what else is not to love about these awesome tiles? 

Neutral floor tiles in family room: Fiore 11

Decorating for the holidays can be fun and exciting. But at some point, you might find yourself in a bit of a rut. If you’re still not sure what you want to do with a room, consider going with neutral floor tiles. It may seem boring right now, especially with the holiday festive spirit, but it will save you and your client a lot of headaches when they decide to switch out their Christmas decors in January. 

Circular floor tiles in family room: Snowflake 

Our favorite new trend is the use of round tile designs in muted colors. The effect is not only breathtaking but also offers a huge design advantage especially if you’re using the fireplace as a focal point in a living room. 

And while we’re at it, let’s take a look at cozy fireplace tiles that can warm your Christmas blues. 

Warm hearts with cozy fireplace tiles 

Bold, Art Deco fireplace tile: Black Crown

Here’s a Christmas tile design we can’t stop staring at- a stunning black fireplace tile design with some gold accent. Get excited for the holidays in style with this stylish design that adds personality to a fireplace area. 

Multicolored marble fireplace tile: Eleanor

Wondering how to make a fireplace more elegant than it already is? Patterns on patterns! And no, you don’t have to worry about overwhelming such a small space. Leave a lasting impression by using exquisitely designed pattern fireplace tiles. 

Marble fireplace tile: Pisa

Going for a white Christmas theme? If you’re someone who has a fascination for sophisticated, sleek appeal,  these white marble tiles are bound to fit the bill for your fireplace holiday revamps.   

Smoky gray metallic fireplace tile: Atlantis Smoke Deco

Wrap a fireplace in a statement this holiday season with this minimalist yet sumptuous decorative tile that combines classic design with modern sophistication. As seen in the stylish, contemporary-driven space above, fireplace tiles that are rich with texture and design can surely make everyone you know go nuts for them. 

Boost holiday cheer during chores with laundry room tiles 

Laundry room wall tile: Oval Office 

Who says laundry rooms can’t be posh and luxurious as the rest of the house?  Light up a laundry room with these dashing laundry room tiles that goes well with pastel blue colors and gold hardware. 

Pattern laundry room floor tile: Trellis 19

Washing the clothes is a chore that most of us would rather avoid, especially during the snuggly winter season. One of the easiest ways to make such a task a little less painful is to use colorful, patterned laundry room tiles that will make a laundry room feel more like a room and less like a closet. Just look at how peaceful this adorable furbaby looks while taking a nap in this eye-candy laundry room. 

Creating the perfect Christmas tile design takes a great deal of thought, skill, and patience. Ultimately, it’s not just about incorporating Christmas elements into these designs, but rather playing with the possibilities of tile to create stunning visuals that are sure to wow your client. Have fun!

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