Get Fall Ready With These Inspirational Fireplace Tile Designs

Sleek, contemporary living room with a stunning the pattern porcelain tile (Jumanji Pearl Tropic Deco) design.

With the summer coming to an end, and the nights bound to get a little bit colder as well as longer, it’s the perfect time to think about fireplace tile designs (or redesigns!) After all, what can complement cuddling by the fire with hot cocoa better than a pretty, stylish sight? Few things, in our opinion. That’s why today we’re uncovering several gorgeous fireplace designs with tile to inspire your next design project. From classic marble tile facades to decadent gold mosaic tiles…There’s bound to be something below to get your project started!

 Fireplace Tile For Cozy Consideration

A cozy living room in Maryland gets a fiery facelift thanks to the use of a Thassos white and Bianco Carrara marble tile (Georgetown) on the fireplace. This fireplace tile creates a sense of movement and transitional-approved beauty with its herringbone pattern.

What’s not to love about white marble tile? It’s a gorgeous material that’s essentially a design chameleon; there’s simple Thassos white marble subway tiles that blend in, or stunning statement white marble pattern tiles, like the above, that stand out. Plus, Thassos marble’s intrinsic ability to be paired with other types of materials, be it shell tile, metal tile or other marble tile, makes it a decadent option for fireplace tile. 

Case-in-point, the undeniably cozy result of this Thassos fireplace tile in a transitional interior. The herringbone pattern tile is made from a mix of Carrara marble and Thassos white marble to create a delightful sense of movement and style in the space. The designer played off the cool tones of the fireplace surround tile and paired it with white storage cabinets, exposed wood elements, and a wood floor. A design to last a lifetime!

Metropolitan Approved Metallic Fireplace

A metropolitan penthouse craved an urban edge which led to the use of a metallic tile for the fireplace (Stellar Steel Deco.) This shimmering, porcelain tile has a unique knot texture that adds visual interest and is a definite match for the skyscrapers peeking through the window in the living room.

Metallic tiles find a true home in a fireplace surround design.  After all, they emulate the traditional impression of real metal fireplace surrounds, but give the space a much more fashionable imprint. These metal look porcelain or ceramic tiles are the ultimate in creating an industrial chic design or modern minimalist design thanks to their bold, shimmering facades and deep, metropolitan hues. 

The edginess is defined well in the space above, where a designer crafted a metropolitan penthouse with metallic fireplace tiles to create a cool yet luxurious aesthetic. Fusing the decorative porcelain tile with sleek, wood display cases ties the design together to make inhabitants feel upscale, and modern. The perfect city retreat for dwellers.

Dazzling Feature Wall Fireplace 

A moroccan inspired living room inspires with a beautiful pattern feature wall tile (Trellis 10.) Using the diamond stone tile, the wall includes a modern electric fireplace design, and embedded bookshelf. A true testament to fireplace tile versatility!

Why stop at just a fireplace surround with tile? You can make an even bigger splash by taking tile floor to ceiling in a living room and make a stunning fireplace feature wall design. This not only creates a unique, individualistic design in the home, but it is a great way to heighten any space’s visual interest in a seemingly budget-friendly way.

Defying common fireplace tile use, the above living room creates a feature wall tile for its fireplace that is striking. The use of a pattern marble tile creates a wall that has scale, dimension and sophistication. The fireplace tile is now equally as impactful as the fireplace itself! An upscale fall inspired tile design that will move through the season effortlessly.

Bedroom Bliss With Fireplace Tile 

Luxury living doesn’t get much better than this swanky, Art Deco fireplace tile wall. By tiling to the ceiling in this bedroom, the fireplace design is given full attention with its bold, statement tile feature wall (Ritz Gold.)

Fireplaces find a natural home in bedrooms, where cold, fall nights call for cozying up and watching a new Netflix series in a binge-worthy manner. The best part? You can use a variety of tiles to create the bedroom fireplace tile design of your client’s dreams; for those seeking a more transitional design, subway tile fireplace surround works well, and for those that want a more statement touch, using a terrazzo look ceramic tile is a sure-fire way to get that. 

But our favorite way to use bedroom tile as of late? The gorgeous Art Deco inspired bedroom fireplace tile that exudes glam and romance. Using a marble and brass tile, the fireplace becomes the main attraction in the space. With the right amount of sophistication and style, it’s a definite hideaway from the dropping temperatures outside.

Neutral Fireplace Style 

Southwestern style family room is given an injection of sandy warmth with our Moncada mosaic tile as a fireplace surround. The Crema marfil and eastern white marble tile creates a warming atmosphere perfect for chilly desert nights.

Neutral interiors are the perfect balance of earthy and relaxed. Creating a laid back atmosphere with neutral fireplace tiles is an easily achievable feat; All that has to be done is deciding on the predominant color scheme for the space, be it beige tiles, wood gray marble tiles or sand tiles and dressing up around that. 

This hold especially true with Southwestern interiors, like the design above, which features a gorgeous crema marvel mosaic on the fireplace surround. The beige stone tile creates a desert approved ambiance that works in tandem with the matching crema marfil hearth and wooden mantel.

Pattern Floors Meet Pattern Fireplace

Quirk found easily in this Portland-based living room. With a chevron fireplace tile (Embassy Row) creating a fun splash of pattern, and playing off the triangular accent rug, this space is the ultimate respite for sipping on Pacific Northwest coffee and reading.

Wondering how to make a fireplace fun? Patterns on patterns! Even though fireplace tile is a small area to cover, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a major impact. Using pattern tiles and pattern accents is a creative way to make a bold statement in your design. While some may think it can overwhelm such a small space, that’s not the case at all! It gives creative direction, depth and dimension. 

The above pattern fireplace tile is a great example of this sentiment. Using a chevron marble tile, the fireplace is given a unique style. The designer built off this tile pattern with an equally bold geometric area rug. The result? A fusion of fun that’s ready for fall activities like watching Charlie Brown’s Halloween with candy corn at your side.

Rustic Style With Marble Subway Fireplace  

Rustic farmhouse feels are overly evident in this basement entertainment area featuring a timeless Carrara honed 4×12 subway tile on the fireplace surround. A perfect gathering spot for fall days and pumpkin lattes.

There’s little interior design styles more reminiscent of the fall than rustic farmhouse. This style exudes coziness, which is perfect when it comes time for longer nights and chillier weather. So, it makes sense when it comes to designing a rustic chic fireplace tile, it’s relatively easy to do! The markings of a good rustic design with fireplace comes down to the tone, texture and style of the tile. Subway tiles are a prime choice since they are traditional, timeless and can meld with the space itself; Alternatively, a gorgeous wood look porcelain tile can work as a fireplace surround, too. 

The proof in the design above shows how a Carrara marble subway tile works in favor of the overall rustic farmhouse fireplace with its honed texture. It adds a neutral and natural contrast to the otherwise dark space, resulting in a gorgeous balance that is warming.

Fireplace Tile With A Golden Touch

This elegant living room design showcases the way a gold glass mosaic tile (Espiga Gold) can instantly captivate a room. Using this gold fireplace tile, the room has a decadent design that works in favor of the porcelain marble floors and navy blue storage console.

Gold tiles are the epitome of luxury. After all, these tiles glisten with the sun, and dance with the reflection of the fire. That’s one reason they make such a sound choice in fireplace design. Using gold mosaics as a fireplace tile, is a great way to add a posh touch to any family living space. 

Take for example the impactful fireplace design above. Using contrasting, rich colors, this gold fireplace tile works well against the navy blue bookshelf. Gold glass tiles are one of the best options to infuse a warm atmosphere and modern look at the same time.

Sustainable, Coastal Chic Fireplace

Coastal chic style flows from this living room, complete with a sustainable edge thanks to the recycled glass fireplace tile! (Nantucket Surfside Herringbone tile.)

For cottages or beach bungalows, the contrast of coastal chic against a fireplace is something intrinsically unique. Bringing a sense of bonfires inside, a coastal fireplace design stuns. One of the best tile options is recycled glass tiles, to bring in a sense of organic ambiance to a space and allow the home to be more sustainably chic. 

The chic, ombre glass mosaic tile on the fireplace above showcases this ideal pairing in a beach house. Using the herringbone recycled glass tile on the fireplace surround, the place is given a natural aesthetic that carries through to the other elements in the room; from the marble tile on the fireplace hearth to the wood flooring throughout the living room.

Bold, Black Wood Look Fireplace Tile 

Adding a textural element to this Japanese inspired living room, the black wood look tile (Kasai Notte Kintsu) is both captivating and demanding, a splendid style.

Black wood look tiles are a bold addition that can prevent plain and dull interiors, instantly. They act as the driving force in any design, and while some may feel black tiles can be overwhelming, when used as a fireplace tile design, it’s the exact right amount to add depth and dimension to any space. Moreover, the textured black wood fireplace tile can create an artistic appearance worth applying. 

The above black tile on fireplace wall has a deep, charcoal black color with erratic wood exposed lines. The style is reflective of the Japanese art of Kintsugi-repairing broken things with gold to make them valuable. This space gets a stunning design element with the wood look porcelain tile. This statement fireplace pairs together an organic feeling with modern minimalist furniture to make a tied-together living room design that wows.

Modern Meets Minimal Fireplace Tile

A modern minimalist residential home embraces a fashionable touch with a shimmering, smoky gray decorative fireplace ceramic tile (Atlantis Smoke Deco.) Paired with the floating console and wood look flooring, this space is truly a revel.

Decorative porcelain tile is now the go-to product for fireplaces, and it’s with little wonder why. First off, it is very versatile, and  porcelain tiles have wide availability. Plus, offerings come in a fresh range of colors, tile shapes and finishes; from metal look tiles, linen look tiles, and leather look tiles. If your client’s home has contemporary look, consider covering the entire wall behind the fireplace with porcelain fire tiles in large format, executing one of the timeless fireplace tile surrounds ideas.

As seen in the stylish, contemporary-driven space above, the decorative porcelain tile creates a glorious accent in the home. With a minimalist chic stamp of approval, the wooden console complements the smokey gray porcelain wall tile. Plus, the texture gives an added sense of fashion that creates a gorgeous result.

Marble Movement Fireplace 

With movement replicating rivers, the fireplace arabascato marble tile (Samira) in this contemporary coastal home has an ethereal quality about it that brightens the space and gives an artistic imprint.

Give your fireplace an elegant, timeless, luxurious charm by using gray and white pattern marble tiles. With a lot of styles to select from, you will appreciate the usefulness and exclusivity of this marble for fireplaces. For instance, gray and white marble tiles can add a moody aesthetic to any interior with its soothing, serene feeling. While it’s still upscale, it’s dimensional, which can breathe new life into any fireplace tile design.

For example, the neutral-toned gray marble tiles in the above fireplace design has a chic, sophisiticated feeling to them while also providing an artistic edge to the space. The designers were able to keep the elegance alive with use of a marble tile in the space. It’s a wonderful, transitional design that adds life to the room.

Classic White Fireplace Tile

A brick style white mosaic tile (Mirage White Gloss 1×3 brick tile) creates a clean, fresh aesthetic in this spacious living room. Using the white mosaic fireplace tile uplifted the other elements in the room; notably, the light wood border and wood floors.

Oh, white tile. The classic and beloved addition to any home; be it modern or timeless traditional. White tiles work well in a variety of places from kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls to, yes, fireplace designs. They add a clear aesthetic that creates a fresh, light appeal to any space and is sure to work with any redesigns in the living space through the years. 

Take the gorgeous brick pattern mosaic tile on the fireplace surround above. With its mini subway tile pattern, this white wall tile creates a modern twist on traditional brick style tile. The result is a space that’s both airy and coastal chic. 

Herringbone Fireplace Tile

A centerpiece design by all standards, this herringbone glass fireplace tile (Madaket Herringbone) stuns in the North Carolina residential home paired with rustic wood look chevron floor tiles.

One of the best ways to infuse an elegant and classy vibe into any fireplace tile design is by adding a luminous herringbone glass tile to the mix. The use of glass tiles help to brighten the space itself, while the pattern of tile creates a unique mark on the overall design. These glass fireplace tiles on the wall undeniably stand out in any living room or family room placed.

The above living room hones in on the natural beauty of glass tiles with its elegant look. Complemented by natural lighting, the fireplace dazzles and highlights its naturally glossy facade. Not to mention the color ombre on the tile itself makes for a feature wall tile design that stuns.

Pup Approved Fireplace Design

This cute puppy knows style! Relaxing near a fireplace made from gorgeous zellige tiles (Satin Collection) and moroccan inspired mosaic tiles (Festival 2), she adds to the overall aesthetic of the room! Photo credit: Cherry City Interiors & Design

Mixing and matching fireplace tiles is a great way to make a covetable design. Whether you choose to use a black tile with a white tile for a classic contrast or choose a pattern tile with a solid color tile, it’s hard to get it wrong! Just like this gorgeous fireplace showcases, tile combinations create a truly unique atmosphere. 

Now that you’re acclimated with the various fireplace tiles to use in your next design, we bet you feel ready for design, don’t you? That’s our hope, at least! If you want even more options, be sure to check out our on-site tile design gallery to keep getting more inspired. If you see something you love, be sure to email: info(at)mir-mosaic(dot)com for more information on purchasing!

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