8 Bathroom Tile Trends For 2021 To Swoon Over Today

Looking for some inspiration for your bathroom this year? Wondering what bathroom tile trends are hot? Look no further. Today we’re uncovering the bathroom tile design ideas and tile trends that are total must-knows for 2021. From mosaics to porcelain subway tiles we list the colors, textures and sizes that you’ll want to bookmark to adorn your next bathroom project. We guarantee you that you’ll finish reading this utterly inspired and ready to start a new Pinterest board full of captivating designs.


Meet the Bathroom Tile Trends for 2021


      1. Art Deco Tiles 
      2. Talk About Textures
      3. Hello, Hexagons
      4. New Neutrals 
      5. Twists on Subway Tile 
      6. Bold + In Bloom
      7. Wood Looks 
      8. Pretty In Patterns


Art Deco Tiles


Even though the start of our century’s twenties  didn’t start off on the foot we’d hoped for…The nostalgia for beauty of yesteryear remains all the rage as we move into 2021. Enter: Art Deco. Chic. Fashionable. The epitome of over-the-top glamour. It’s here and it’s wanted. 


The focus is on exquisite detailing; from starburst brass inlays in marble waterjet mosaic tiles to simplified geometrics like diamonds, hexagons and squares. The overall impression should be gilded glamor; metallic meets luxurious materials.


Take a step into the twenties with our Rockefeller Collection. As auspicious as the family itself; Rockefeller exudes the timeless elegance derived from the 1920s with no limits on elemental intricacies. Like jewelry for your project’s bathroom walls, these tiles will sparkle and shine, day or night. Available in grey, white and black. 3 stunning and unique formats.


Talk About Textures


Textured tile bathroom tile trends

Shown Above: Indi Carrara Tile

Textures will be the talk of the town this year; from subway tiles to mosaics to waterjets. The key element in all will be tangibility. Creating a dimensionality and fluidity in bathroom tile design will be the ultimate goal in 2021 thanks to the rise of textured tiles. 

There’s myriad textures that can be used in your project’s design; 3-dimensional geometric, artistically linear, chic and circular…the list goes on.


Our Jumanji Collection offers a taste of texture with its Jumanji Pearl Textures porcelain tile and Jumanji Black Textures porcelain tile. Both of these have an almost leather-like appearance, mimicking the magnified skin of an elephant trundling through the jungle floors. Create a minimalistic bathroom tile floor or build depth on the bathroom wall with either style. A perfect match for this year’s tile trends.


As another option, you can dive into design with our Noor Tile from the Majesty Collection. This fascinating tile gives both texture and an element of surprise with its unique appearance. The tile looks like wild roses or rustic wood, depending on your point of view. Get on trend and bring inherent interest into a bathroom design with this tile.


Hello, Hexagons


Bold, contemporary and space-defining hexagon tiles will adorn floors, walls and backsplashes in residential as well as commercial spaces. These tiles will have a twist like the swirling blue gray color of the Saint Tropez Dusk hexagon mosaic tile.


The beauty of hexagon tiles is two-fold; they create a dimensional foundation to build up other decor aspects, and they give any bathroom an immediate contemporary feel. Push the limits of design and pair a hexagon white tile against colorful bursts throughout with cabinetry or shower curtains, or create a sense of stateliness and depth with a matte black hexagon tile paired with brass accents.


This trend can be achieved with our Terra Hexagon tiles. With a minimalistic, structural and refined look, the Terra Hexagon porcelain tiles are complete with a modern shape and matte finish to take any design to the next level. Their terrazzo look porcelain bodies instantly add a sense of depth wherever placed; be it floors or walls. Breathe contemporary cool into your next design with any of these bold, 8″ porcelain hexagon tiles.  Or you can also achieve it with a more traditional approach with the hexagons found in our Cloud 9 Collection. Made from glass, these hexagon tiles echo the sentiments of watercolor paintings with their swirling bold colors. With a gray, silver, amber or blue option each will transition your space, no matter the design style,  into a sky high aesthetic fit for the year ahead.


New Neutrals


Next up on the bathroom tile trends in 2021 list is neutrals. With the ability to be both dramatic and serene, there’s little wonder why this color palette landed itself  on trending tiles this year. Neutrals have the ability to create a soothing atmosphere and blends well in a myriad of design styles; from modern farmhouse to coastal chic. It’s an extremely versatile look. 

While there’s a scope of neutrals within this palette, more beige-and-sand tones prevail this year. When used in residential homes, neutral tiles are able to enhance the space, making it appear larger than it is. Plus, it can bounce off light more naturally, instantly brightening the room. 


If you want a more traditional neutral-tone tile, our Cloverdale tile from the Savannah Collection  is a great match. It’s made from wood beige marble with sandy grey tones and can be used on showers, floors and walls. Plus, its half sun geometric shape adds a welcomed twist. 


If you seek to add something a bit more statement-making, then our Silk Collection will do it! These decorative field tiles are complete with a lush palette of pastel colors; from creamy white to light grass green. With a painterly aesthetic, the shimmering surfaces catch light that will make any wall look like dazzling jewelry. Available in 5 colors and 2 formats.


Twists on Subway Tile


Oh, subway tiles. How we love their versatility and staple look in almost every space imaginable. It’s only natural that they made the cut this year for 2021 tile trends…Only they are coming with a new twist. 

While your classics remain, now subway tiles can be found with slightly more stylish touches. There will be a rise in subway tiles that have a textured body, crackled appearances, and unique finishes. Think slip cast ceramics with a more wavy appearance or an embedded design.

There will also be a movement towards large format subway tiles. No longer will this style fit in the box of 3×6, but you’ll see it expanded into 6×16, 9×12, and many others. In doing so, there’s more coverage with less grout lines…Seamless design at its finest.


Our Sierra Collection is a perfect example of subway tile with a twist. This silver and white glass mosaic has a unique fabric-look to it, which creates an intriguing textural experience whether placed on bathrooWm walls or shower walls. The reflection of water running will add an extra sense of movement to tie the beauty together. 


Bold + In Bloom


Let your walls bloom year-round in 2021 with the floral trend that’s growing. For bathroom’s that crave a delicate, feminine touch, the floral tile delivers. With an almost ethereal appearance about it, there’s no doubt this tile type stuns. 

For those with a penchant for nature and romance, floral bathroom tile decor will fill your fancy. With its whimsical and wild blooms, and variation in materials available, like flowers in a field; there’s no cap on what you can choose from. 


Mosaic waterjet tile accent wall bathroom

Shown Above: Ravenna Stone Tile

Our Seattle Collection contains various, eloquent floral patterned tiles made from coveted marbles. With natural contrast thanks to each stone’s veining, the result is a captivating, one-of-a-kind look for bathroom walls or floors. Available in 9 options, we guarantee you’ll find a piece to embellish your next project with.



Alternatively, our Dahlia Gold Tile is a match for those who want a little sparkle and lustrous hues. Composed of Ashen White Marble and engraved with rustic silver leaf, this tile is truly an artistic statement. With a touch of texture and a dream-like print, this golden tile will become the center of attention in the bathroom.




An eternal classic, wood look tile continues as one of the top tile trends in 2021. With its uncanny resemblance to the real thing sans the high maintenance, there’s little wonder why. While this may be an eye-roll moment to you, if you’ve been following bathroom tile trends for years, hear us out; this year wood look porcelain will reign with more unique textures and styles than before. 

From dual-tone hexagon tiles, to white-washed wood, there will be countless design options thanks to the advancements in porcelain printing. A far cry from the traditional staple we’ve all come to love.


Our Royal Wood Hexagon tiles from our Royal Wood collection is a prime example of the twists and turns that will be grazing the bodies of wood look porcelain. With two varying shades of wood; the result is a faux-border with eye candy level interest. Available in 3 color options. 


Pretty In Patterns


Is there anything that pattern porcelain or ceramic tiles can’t do? We say no. Especially when they are on the bathroom tile trends 2021 list. These tiles make the perfect bathroom decor statements with their bold, varied bodies. No matter if you like a trendy design, like a blue wood look tile above, or something more blended and timeless,  patterned tiles range from neutral palettes to explosively bright ones so you can find something that fits the bill. 


It’s no wonder that this tile style is on the rise in 2021. It’s the perfect one to bring a sense of enthusiasm to any residential space  and since bathrooms have offered a wellness escape for many homeowners through the pandemic, it instantly lifts the spirits. Just like the glamorous, gray and white floral pattern of the Aura White Stone Tile provides. 


Using a pattern tile on bathroom floors or bathroom walls is a sure-fire way to instantly improve the overall appearance of a space. These patterns add a sense of movement and excitement with their differentiated color story. Take for instance, a bold black and white pattern tile on a floor like in the space above. It simultaneously creates depth and movement. 


This is also seen with our Movement Collection. These patterned porcelain tiles offer a fabric-look body that comes in over a dozen varied faces, making it a distinct design easily achievable. What’s more, the more muted colors ensure the pattern isn’t too busy, which makes it the ideal tile for bathroom floors or walls that want a visually stunning centerpiece without the overwhelm. Available in 3 colors.


So there you have it, our round-up of the bathroom tile trends you need to have on hand in 2021. With so many amazing options, we know it can seem overwhelming to choose just one! Interested in any of the above listed? Reach out to us info@mir-mosaic.com and we can help you find the perfect fit.




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