Stunning Fireplace Tiles Fit for the Holiday Season

Who needs sleigh bells and reindeer when your fireplace can set the holiday vibe? Deck the halls? More like deck the fireplace! We love the cozy atmosphere of this living room featuring our Fiore 11 floor tile!

The chilly weather is rolling in, and it’s time for your fireplace to step up its game. If your hearth is not exactly how you’d like it to be, perhaps it’s time to jazz it up with a dash of festive flair. After all, isn’t cozying up by the fire with a warm mug of cocoa even better with a fireplace boasting stunning fireplace tiles?

From the ever-so-classy marble tile facades to the extravagant gold mosaic tiles, we’ve got designs to suit every taste. Allow our team to guide you through some of our favorite fireplace tiles – trust us, you’ll be ready to cozy up to them in no time. 

The Different Types of Fireplace Tiles Available

Heat-resistant tiles are the star performers here and range from stone, ceramic, glass, to porcelain. These beauties can not only handle the heat but elevate the look of your fireplace. But which specific areas within the fireplace are tile-friendly to warm up your home safely? 

Introducing Espiga Gold—whеrе cozy mееts chic! This glass firеplacе tilе adds a subtlе but unmistakablе glam to your spacе,  striking that oh-so-pеrfеct balancе bеtwееn shinе and sophistication.  It’s thе ultimatе scеnе-stеalеr and cozy-up companion,  all wrappеd in onе! 

The firebox, as the heart of the fireplace where the actual burning happens, is typically too hot for tiles. The surround, on the other hand, is where tiles get their time in the spotlight. Subtly protecting your space from stray sparks and embers, tiles also find purpose and charm on the hearth, transforming it into a functional and stylish centerpiece for snug delight. 

Kasai porcelain tile fireplace living room

If drama is your middlе namе,  thеn this dashing patterned fireplace tile with stunning texture is for you.  With Kasai Notte Tile drеssing your firеplacе,  еvеn Santa and his reindeers would applaud thе finе artistry.  

Not sure which tile to pick? The trick to picking out the right tile lies in the distance between the fire and the tiles. Is it more than 8 inches? Feel free to play around with most tile options. However, if the flames come any closer, playing it safe (and chic) with stone or porcelain tiles is best. Fired at higher temperatures, porcelain gets an edge over other fireplace tile options. Plus, it also reigns supreme in making a glamorous home improvement this season, with porcelain slabs being an ongoing fireplace tile trend for sleek, seamless designs. 

Sleek design for a holiday party backdrop? Say no more. This wonderfully textured and subtly muted ceramic fireplace tile is your new festive best friend. 

Ceramic fireplace tiles are also a good choice for that timeless, classic fireplace look. It still holds the fort with its excellent heat resistance and durability. For added robustness, we recommend opting for thicker variants. 

Eco-conscious beauty, crafted from recycled glass, Madaket Herringbone fireplace tile proves that sustainable living can be oh-so-chic. Heat-resistant and eye-catching, this fireplace favorite is hotter than ever, all while saving the world one dazzling tile at a time. 

Fancy a modern fireplace? Glass tiles can make you fall in love as they reflect the firelight, enhancing its glow. On the other hand, metal tiles infuse a hint of rustic charm onto your fireplace surround, matching ceramic tiles in decorative appeal. 

From floor to firеplacе,  it’s a playful hopscotch bеtwееn еlеgancе and quaint charm! Dеckеd out in Impеrial Earth Natural,  wе’rе spinning a timеlеss Yulеtidе talе whеrе class mееts sass! 

If you crave an earthy touch around the fire, stone is your ally. It’s a commendable substitute for conventional brick hearths and surrounds, handling high-temperature like a champ while being incredibly sturdy. Can’t find the right stone? Stone-look porcelain tiles, like our Imperial Earth Natural Tile, are a fabulous alternative. They’re available in large sizes, adding a dash of modern elegance to your cozy fireplace. 

How To Choose Fireplace Tile

Choosing the right tile for your living room centerpiece may not be as challenging as walking on hot coals; however, it does require careful planning and consideration. Read on to know more about the do’s and don’ts for donning fireplace tiles. 

Restrictions when choosing fireplace tiles: 

Let’s not feel the burn of wrong choices. Before you start your hunt for the best fireplace tile ideas, ensure that your selections are rated to withstand high temperatures. Also, don’t forget to check if they’re compliant with local building codes. 

The inside of your fiery centerpiece, the firebox, is another no-go zone for tiles due to the extreme temperatures to which it is subjected. Tiles or tile alternatives made from sticker, vinyl materials, and plastic are flammable and should be excluded from consideration. 

Fireplaces are known to generate soot and ash. Therefore, considering tiles with a glazed or glossy surface to avoid potential stains and scratches caused by fireplace accessories. And when it’s time to make the tiles stick, be sure your adhesive and grout are all heat-resistant. 

Why fireplace tiles are convenient:

Resilience, style, and heat resistance tiles are an attractive choice. With a wealth of options in size, pattern, finish, color, and design, the best tile for your fireplace surround (that will match your interior design theme) is just a search away. 

A tiled fireplace can even transform your living space into a stunning and dramatic focal point. 

Feeling adventurous? Extend the tiling up to the ceiling across the chimney for a feature wall that adds character and style to your abode. 

Bonus? Most glass fireplace tile or mosaic fireplace tile spare you elbow grease when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Wipe them clean with ease, and fire-born debris can be ushered away effortlessly without needing added maintenance or any special sealant. 

MIR’s Most Popular Fireplace Tiles

Now lets uncover a few of our favorite holiday fireplace ideas, shall we?

Prepare for a wow moment with this flowing and fancy fireplace tile surround. Sporting soothing hues of grey, our Tomyris Tile comes with a playful mix of Bianca Carrara, Thassos and Bardiglio with a pink accent right at the heart of it. The brass adds a bit of Christmas sparkle without going overboard, keeping things sophisticated and primed for a polished holiday decor. 

Tired of the usual bright reds? The Oslo Tile is here to add a cheery twist to your holiday decor. This pink marble fireplace tile brings a unique pop of color, embracing a hint of jolly pink without overdosing on the classic Santa reds. Its simplicity and softly-hued palette perfectly capture the “less is more” vibe fitting for Scandinavian or Nordic design aesthetics. Drape twinkling fairy lights over the mantle – they’ll reflect beautifully off the norway rose and thassos fish scale tile , enhancing its pink glow. 

Symbolizing the frosty sparkle of a wintry night, the combination of Moorish Blue Star and Moorish White Cross Tile gives your fireplace facade a whimsical appeal. With its cement-look finish, this star and cross blue fireplace tile showcases an aesthetic reminiscent of the old Moorish style yet ties wonderfully into modern winter decor. Also a great outdoor fireplace tile idea — just think of the s’mores you could share under blankets!

Are you a minimalist who loves their white Christmas decor but is keen for something a tad different? The muted colors of our Cosmopolitan Deco Tile provide that much-needed contrast while maintaining your love for white. While it still moderately employs white tones, this art deco fireplace tile steps up the game with an artistic leaf pattern. With this art deco tile, your wreaths will finally meet their long-lost sibling, blending seamlessly and spreading a unity vibe right by your warm, welcoming fireplace. 

Trade the glitz for some rustic coziness with our Moncada Tile. With this tile, your dreams for an understated rustic fireplace are no longer mere musings. The charm of our Moncada TIle lies in its straightforward design that sets a cozy, inviting atmosphere around the fireplace. No fuss, no frills, just pure coziness as the fireplace transforms into the warm heart of your home. Every piece of this Crema Marfil and Eastern White mosaic fireplace tile is unique, with subtle variations making it a splendid work of nature. 

Christmas is about to get a zen makeover with Zen Concept Tiles. Made from porcelain, this wood-look tile combines the rustic appeal of natural wood with the heat-resistant features of porcelain.  The best part? It has a unique, woven pattern and large format size which excels at giving your fireplace a trendy floor-to-ceiling facelift. Just check out the captivating fireplace setting in the living room showcased above!

One look at Itchan Kala, and you’ll know why it’s a sought-after offering from our Markand collection. Equally stunning up close and from a distance, this tile serves as a show-stopping fireplace tile accent that seamlessly captures the festive spirit in its mesmerizing floral and geometric patterns. And for those who love to spice things up with modern bohemian holiday decor, congratulations, you’ve found the ideal addition. Itchan Kala embellishes your fireplace, blending magnificently with your curated boho-styled space. 

Dial up your Yuletide cheer with our iridescent beauty – Alfama Pickets Silver Tile, the crowning gem of glamorous fireplaces. Imbued with a picket fence pattern and a nearly metallic sheen, this tile is more than just a looker. It doubles up as a functional art piece, casting a radiant glow that turns any room into a festive sanctuary. Seeking that statement piece that blends with your exquisite blue Christmas theme? This silver beauty  is a perfect fireplace tile for a modern home. . The metallic glow creates a stunning contrast with royal blue, ticking all the right boxes of a timeless, elegant style. 

Out with the ordinary, and in with this charmingly unexpected black fireplace tile. It’s classy and modern, and it’s sure to help you make a statement. Enveloped in a jet-black hue, the textured tile is the embodiment of bold, minimalist glamour. Its grooved surface also offers a cozy feel under your fingertips and adds a layer of intriguing depth. As a bonus, this tile offers the gift of being stylishly evergreen. Impressions Fluted Nero Tile adapts like a chameleon, complementing all decor types and styles.  

brick glass tiles white fireplace

Holiday decorating is a joyful and exhilarating experience. But at some point, it can leave you feeling stuck, especially when deciding on your fireplace’s festive look. If that’s the case for you, we recommend the charm of white fireplace tiles. While they may appear simple amidst the vibrant holiday cheer, white fireplace tiles like our Mirage White Brick Gloss Tile can promise you a seamless transition when the merry bells stop chiming, and it’s time to switch out your Christmas glam. Also, we can’t let the spotlight skip these splendid glass fireplace tiles. They shimmer and glisten, much like frosty ice, all thanks to the crystal-like clarity of glass. 

Explore Fireplace Tiles For the Holiday Season With Us!

Now that you’rе all cluеd up on thе various firеplacе tilеs you can pick for your nеxt dеsign projеct,  you must bе prеtty еxcitеd to gеt startеd,  right? At least,  that’s what wе’rе hoping for! Simply divе into our on-sitе tilе dеsign gallеry.  Trust us,  it’s a trеasurе trovе of idеas just waiting to stimulatе your crеativity.  And hеy,  if anything thеrе makеs you stop and think, “That’s thе onе!” – don’t bе shy! Drop us a line at or call us to find out more about purchasing.  Wе can’t wait to hеlp makе your dеsign drеams comе truе! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Tiles:

  1. What kind of tilе do you usе for a firеplacе?

Thе typеs of tilе that arе most suitablе for a firеplacе includе cеramic,  porcеlain,  stonе,  marblе,  or еvеn hеat-tolеrant glass.  Thеsе matеrials can handlе thе hеat of thе firе and arе еasy to maintain.  

  1. Should firеplacе tilе bе mattе or glossy? 

Whеthеr choosing a mattе or glossy finish for your firеplacе tilе should dеpеnd on both aеsthеtic and practical considеrations.  Whilе glossy tilеs can bе еasiеr to clеan,  making thеm practical around firеplacеs,  mattе tilеs can offеr a morе subtlе,  modеrn appеarancе. 

  1. Can you usе cеmеnt tilе on thе firеplacе?

Absolutеly,  cеmеnt tilе can bе a pеrfеct choicе for a firеplacе.  Long-lasting and adaptablе,  cеmеnt tilеs can withstand thе hеat,  and with thеir low upkееp nееds,  thеy’rе idеal for both indoor and outdoor firеplacеs. 

  1. What sizе of tilе is bеst for a firеplacе? 

Thе idеal tilе sizе for your firеplacе is not a onе-sizе-fits-all proposition – it largеly rеliеs on your pеrsonal stylе and dеsign vision.  If you’rе drawn towards a sеamlеss,  еxpansivе appеal,  largе format tilеs can visually еnlargе your spacе,  offеring a smooth and flowing aеsthеtic.  On thе othеr hand,  should you dеsirе morе intricatе dеtailing and variеty,  mosaic firеplacе tilеs will afford you grеatеr dеsign flеxibility.  Thеy add uniquе facеts,  complеxity,  and originality to your hеarth,  making it truly onе of a kind.  Thus,  thе sеlеction ultimatеly hingеs upon your stylе prеfеrеncеs and thе ambiancе you aim to crеatе.  

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