Spotlight on Large Format Tiles: Styles, Benefits and Uses

The world of tile is ever-expanding and such holds true for covetable large format tiles. Once used solely in commercial design, now these tile formats are being used widely in residential applications too! This is a win-win for everyone since large format tiles have countless benefits. Today we uncover everything around these large scale tiles; from their benefits to their installation right down to the styles of tiles available. Get ready to make a bigger impact on your designs (pun intended.)  

Shown Above: Stellar Deco Copper porcelain tiles on bathroom feature wall 


Benefits of Large Format Tiles 


Seamless appearance 

If there’s one thing that large format tiles can do for a space it’s create clean lines and a seamless design. Thanks to their large size, these tiles require less grout lines which results in a sleek look. What’s more, the grout color can be used to match the porcelain or ceramic large format tile itself to create an effect of one long, continuous floor or wall tile. 


Variety of Styles & Uses 

If there’s one thing that large format tiles have going for them it’s the sheer variety of styles and sizes available. For those that seek a stone look porcelain tile for a contemporary living space, these tiles can deliver; Alternatively, if a more classic, warming wood look tile is in store, you can find that too. What’s more, placement options have no limit.


The other major perk of these tiles? The countless size options. You can find 12×24 porcelain tiles, 24×24 porcelain tiles and even 24×48 porcelain tiles which means you’ll never be left without a size that matches a space. In sum, you can use these larger tiles practically everywhere; bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and patios for a consistent and beautiful design.



Easy Maintenance 

When it comes down to it, large format tiles are extremely manageable thanks to the aforementioned fewer grout lines. If you have tile, then you know, these lines mandate weekly cleaning to ensure that the areas between the tile are kept crisp and clean. This is a time-consuming chore that has to be kept up with or you risk seeing the dirt, stains or your spilled cup of coffee from the morning. Fewer grout lines means less cleaning so you can reduce the time you spend scrubbing and replace it with admiring. 


Sense of Spaciousness 

Smaller space? One thing that large format floor tiles can do is add the effect of more room. With their expansive, continuous bodies, it makes it hard to see when the tile stops which elevates the aesthetic in a smaller bathroom or kitchen. If you want to step things up a bit use a black large format floor tile to add even more depth to a bathroom floor design or use a marble look large format tile on a kitchen backsplash to add the illusion of more space.


Reduces Install Time 

If saving time is something that you like to do (and who doesn’t?!) then large format tiles fit the bill. When used in a design, their ability to cover more square footage, lay time is not as intensive as other floor tiles or wall tiles. Thanks to the large format of tiles, less can do more when it comes to installation.


As mentioned above, one of the reasons to love large scale porcelain tiles is the variety of formats and styles that they come in. Thanks to the advancements in printing, large format porcelain tiles can be made to look like wood, stone, or marble. Below we go over the various tile styles you can choose from.


Marble Look Large Format Tiles


Love the look and feel of marble tile? Allow yourself to indulge in the large format porcelain tile version of this classic beauty. With all the stone sophistication and timeless beauty that traditional marble contains, sans the upkeep, these marble large format floor and wall tiles will be a home-run in your next design project.


Commercial large format tiles

 Shown Above: Imperial marble look porcelain wall and floor tiles in restaurant 


Shower a space with the attractiveness of natural stone paired with the high performance of porcelain tile. Marble large format porcelain tiles will enhance a space with the color variations expected of the real thing without having to constantly seal and reseal it for longevity. Your renovation or design project can enjoy a seamless, luxury look even on a tighter budget thanks to the marble look tile.


Large format marble tiles look good in a commercial space, just as shown above in this modern bohemian restaurant. With a mix of natural materials; rattan chairs, marble look porcelain wall and floor tiles, and a cement bar, the continuity of a large format stone tile truly captivates.


Residential marble large format tiles

 Shown Above: Imperial marble look porcelain wall and floor tiles in bathroom


Unlike traditional marble, large format marble porcelain tiles can create great bathroom floor tiles thanks to their water resistant bodies. Also, unlike stone, these large scale porcelains won’t be as cold underfoot comes the winter months, which is perfect for those clients that live in the Northeast or Midwest climates and want to end a nice, long soak in a less shocking way.


These marble look tiles also create a sophisticated and seamless design in residential space, as seen above. With a more modern effect thanks to the unified appearance of the tiles and their evident flow in design. You can use a 12×24 tile and pair it with a matching 24×24 large format floor tile to create a monochromatic retreat that is effortlessly luxurious and head-turning.


Cement Look Large Format Tiles


Want to go more industrial chic than classically chic with your design? Cement look porcelain tiles are an option. These large scale porcelain tiles have durability than cement but carry all the texture, and movement of the real thing. Meant to add a slightly distressed style to any space, these cement large tiles will equip your design with the perfect metropolitan edge it craves.


glam bathroom with large format tiles, white

Shown above: Stargaze collection in modern bathroom 


Unlike the material itself, cement look large tiles can come in a myriad of neutral colors, not just a standard, dark gray. You can find light gray, white, beige and black large format cement look tiles. There’s no reason to be limited to tradition; you can decide what fits the bill for your design and decorate accordingly! Most of these concrete lookalike tiles have shading and a rough appearance, plus, unlike cement flooring which can’t retain heat, these porcelain floor tiles can be installed to be heated all year long. Hello, cozy!


If you want the allure of hundred stars with a modern, urban application, then cement look format tiles with a glam twist like our Stargaze collection will do the trick. The Stargaze White tile has a cement look facade that creates a modern aesthetic. With a gray-and-white body, this 10×30 floor tile is the perfect complement to any space that craves a sleek, modern touch. Imagine it as tile floors or feature tile walls of a bathroom, kitchen or living room. The silverish highlights heightens the realistic feel of cement while the neutral palette allows it to blend well with almost any decor of your choosing.


Limestone Look Large Format Tiles 


Limestone has long been cherished in designs; these stone tiles are an abundance of warmth and organic beauty. There’s little question then as to why a stone lookalike tile would be a covetable alternative in both outdoor and indoor designs. With a neutral color, they blend in well and make a lovely decor option for your project.


Beige large format outdoor tiles
Shown Above: Envogue beige outdoor floor tiles on patio with furniture 


With rich and earthy colors, limestone large format tiles can bring a unique personality and character to a project. These stone porcelain tiles make a great pairing for outdoor commercial or residential spaces thanks to their water-resistant bodies and stain resistance. Plus, unlike traditional limestone, these large scale tiles won’t be worn away by the outdoor elements.


What’s more, the natural shading that. can be found in these outdoor tiles, like our Envogue collection, makes a dimensional look that’s far from boring. It’ll trick guests into thinking the real thing lays underfoot, leaving a sense of luxurious beauty in mind.


large format tiles living room

 Shown Above: Envogue  porcelain floor tiles in living room


Stone look tiles are also more affordable than their traditional counterparts, which makes them a great replacement for residential home projects on a budget. While many worry that these large format tiles lack the variety and subtle nuances of the real stone tile, thanks to inkjet printing, that’s no longer a concern. Every tile embodies a special look that creates a realistic appearance, guaranteed.


The other perk of using large format stone look tiles indoors? There’s no need to be nervous that pets and children will damage them! These stone look floor tiles can handle the family (and fur family) tracking in range, snow, and mud because of their durable surfaces.  


Slate Look Large Format Tiles  


Homeowners love the natural look and feel of slate. Deliver on this same aesthetic without the upkeep with slate large format porcelain tiles. These beauties have the same textural obscurities and natural shading wanted of the real thing.


Nothing charms in an outdoor space quite like slate tile does, which is why getting that natural slate look for floor tiles and wall tiles in bedrooms, showers, bathrooms and feature walls with large format tiles is a definite win.


white large format tiles, bedroom

 Shown Above: Jumanji Pearl porcelain floor and wall tiles in commercial hotel room 


Slate is one of the most covetable design materials; with little wonder why, each piece has its own unique identity and personality. These stone tiles create a welcoming presence in any space they are laid. While pretty, natural stone does have its limitations; whereas, slate stone look tiles don’t. In time, slate tiles need sealing while their large format counterparts do not. 


Envision natural slate look tiles in a commercial resort hotel room, like the above. Pairing a textural large format wall tile like the Jumanji Pearl Deco Textures with a smooth, slate look floor tile like Jumanji Pearl 24×48 porcelain and you have a seamless, modern space that stuns.


black slate large format tiles, floor

  Shown Above: Jumanji Black porcelain floor tiles in urban dwelling 


These versatile large format tiles have a variety of color options, much like slate itself. While the white slate tile shown above adds lightness to a space, traditional black slate tiles can bring a sense of depth and industrial utility to a design. This makes porcelain tile that looks like slate a great choice for open living floor plans since they create a coherent flow in a design that can minimize the transition from one space to another. 


The other perk? Traditional slate, much like the other stones mentioned above, are prone to chipping and scratching. This is obviously problematic for any high traffic area or pet-friendly homes. Yet, with slate look porcelain floor tile, that’s no longer an issue.


Metal Look Large Scale Tiles 


 Prove that all that glitters is gold with metal look tiles. These shimmering, light reflective tiles make the ultimate statement in any room that they are placed. Metal effect tiles combine tailored elegance with dramatic dynamics that make them a truly desirable material for most any space. A large format metal tile can work as a living room floor tile, or fireplace tile that instantly heightens a room’s appearance.


gray large format tiles

  Shown Above: Stellar steel porcelain tiles decorating industrial chic bathroom 


Which brings us to the next reason that large format tiles with metal effects are a better option than the real thing: Metal tiles are notoriously thin, which makes them a softer material that requires more sealing and upkeep to ensure that they don’t oxidize. 


However, with a metal look large format tile, this is never an issue. You can find the perfect bathroom tile, shower tile or kitchen tile and never worry about it fading post-install.


large format tiles, beige, bathroom

  Shown Above: Stellar sand porcelain tiles on wall and floors of bathroom


With seemingly endless options, these large format tiles are made with cutting edge technology that allows them to shape-shift into stunning wall or floor tiles that resemble steel, copper or bronze surfaces. The result is a metal effect tile that dances under natural or artificial lighting and leaves a dazzling design in its wake.  


Plus, metal look porcelain tiles make a design evermore beautiful thanks to the inherent seamlessness. A truly perfect match for interiors that crave the look and feel of precious metals without the upkeep.


Wood Look Large Tiles 


A sweet twist on tradition, wood look tiles will give the same exuberant warmth of the beloved material without the upkeep. These large format tiles also give a more contemporary and even movement than standard wood planks which make them a hit. 


With so many options to choose from, there’s bound to be a match for any design; rustic floor tiles, shabby chic wall tiles or chevron shower wall tiles.

 Shown Above: Acadia Spiga chevron wood look tiles in contemporary design


If you’re wondering if wood look large format tiles will be one-dimensional and dull, let us be the first to assure you; it is not. These large format tiles have all the beauty of natural wood. Yes, that means realistic graining and knots that recreate the look and feel of  the real stuff. 


Yet, unlike traditional wood, these lookalike tiles have major style. You can find chevron wood look tiles which are perfect for a contemporary loft, or a white wash floor tile that creates a rustic cottage ideal for a country hotel.


Interior Design Styles - Modern Farmhouse

 Shown Above: Tanglewood Planks tiles in a shabby chic cottage home


We’d be remiss not to mention that large format wood tiles are also mama earth approved. Without the need for chopping down trees, these large format tiles help save the forests. This is an ultimate bonus for those that live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Also, on the same note, wood itself can be quite costly; whereas, wood look tiles can be more affordable. This makes these wall and floor tiles that looks like wood a winning choice for budget designs.


With tiles that look like wood, you can also get variety that can’t be found in nature. Due to inkjet printing, the large format tiles can be made to have colorful bodies that make a true statement in a space, much like the Tanglewood Mixed Plank tiles shown above. Diversity in design at its finest.


As you can see, large format tiles have a slew of benefits and styles that make them a prized choice in most any design.


Whether you need floor tiles that have a seamless appearance or backsplash tiles that don’t distract with heavy grout lines, these tiles will deliver. In the end, the only choice you have to make is deciding which is the best fit for your client’s project!

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