6 Core Interior Design Styles and MIR Tiles To Achieve Them With

Seeking out a beautiful design but not sure what style to go with? Maybe you like neutrals or maybe you trend more towards bold looks. In either case, there is an easier way to navigate designing your next residential or commercial space–with interior design styles in mind.

Today, we’re going through the 6 core styles that are must-knows for any renovation project! 

interior design styles

Interior Design Styles:

Art Deco

If you find decadent and bold design to be the best, then Art Deco interior design styles will fit your fancy. 

This design style came about in the 1920s and was inspired by the technological advances of the period. With geometric shapes, and smooth lines, a sense of movement is prevalent in Art Deco rooms. 

Not known for its subtleties, this Jazz Age design incorporates high-shine chrome, silver, brass and gold accents throughout making it drip with luxury appeal. Mixed together with these fascinating and eye-catching colors are style-defining patterns; chevron prints, sunburst motifs, fan prints and trapezoids. The result? Envy invoking beauty that strays far from expectation.

In short, when it comes to designing with Art Deco in mind, the motto to have in mind is: Bold is better

Let’s now go through a few applications of Art Deco interior design styles below to give some visual inspiration:

Art Deco Interiors

Shown Above: Monaco Riviera Marine bathroom backsplash tile 

The first stop: A covetable Art Deco bathroom tile backsplash. As seen above, the use of our Monaco Riviera Marine glass tile creates a fundamental impact on this bathroom design. This hexagon tile has an abstract look, complete with an indigo blue and chrome color combination. With these deep contrasts and a 1920’s charm, this glass mosaic bathroom wall tile dazzles, creating a far-from forgettable style. Pulled together with a high-shine vanity chair with a complementary blue cushion, the result is a bold testament to the opulence of a monumental era.

Art Deco interiorsShown Above: Monaco Monte Carlo Gris feature wall tile in bathroom 

If you loved the setup of the bathroom above, we’re sure this one will tug at your heart strings, too. Using our Monaco collection, this bathroom feature wall tile has everything needed to create an Art Deco approved design. The gray and silver glass mosaic tile has a fan pattern that captures the eternal glamour linked to the time period. To tie things together, the space uses a refined soaking tub, which further accents the overall ambiance of the bathroom with its smooth lines. This space shows how statement tiles can truly churn out a charming design.

Asian Zen

For those that want to feel a connection to nature and have a free flowing space with minimal decor, Asian Zen is one of the top interior design styles for you. 

At its core, this interior style reflects the practice of Japanese meditation. In fact, “Zen” means “Meditation” so the parallel is obvious. The goal for any space to achieve Asian Zen is to have a sense of balance and tranquility. The home should be a place where you come to wash away the stressors of the day and as such, shouldn’t have too many distractions. 

Key components of Zen design are using the beauty of natural daylight or artificial light that mimics sunlight. The color palettes in this design are meant to be calming too, so use whites, beiges, sands, tans, warm browns, earthy greens, jades, cool blues, or soft pinks. Pairing a neutral marble tile with a dark wood piece of furniture, for instance, is a definite yes.

The overall motto here? Think less. Unwind more. 

Now, let’s explore some Zen spaces to influence your next design project:

Asian Zen Interiors Shown Above: Pietra Floreale marble mosaic floor tile in master bathroom

With its sun-soaked appearance, the space above encompasses the true beauty of Asian Zen interior design styles. Using a medley of earthy brown and gray hues, the result is a master bath ready to steal your day’s worries away. The focal point of the space is the bathroom floor tile. Featuring our Pietra Floreale marble mosaic tile, the bathroom is given a touch of understated beauty that doesn’t interfere with the inherent tranquility it has. A gorgeous Carrara and Thassos tile option, it complements the wooden vanity with ease to make a meditation-ready bathing experience.

Asian Zen interiors - floral tile bathroomShown Above: Kasai Carta Sakura floral bathroom floor tile

With a more whimsical take on the design style, this bathroom strays from the traditional neutrals and instead spotlights cloud whites and sky blues (which are also welcomed in Asian Zen.) Our Kasai Carta Sakura porcelain tile has a serene floral pattern on its body, creating a sanctuary of style and grace in the space. With its Japanese cherry blossoms blooming, the bathroom floor tile and feature wall tile fuse together effectively making a Zen garden. Perfectly balanced with the soaking tub front and center, this Zen oasis beckons for long, end-of-day solitude.


For those that want to be surrounded by elegance, femininity and divine beauty all day long, the Glam interior design style is for you. 

Glam, for those not in-the-know is short for glamorous. So, this style is decidedly chic and anything but dull. It melds together the old world luxuries of the Victorian era, and pairs it with the sophisticated opulence of old Hollywood charm. 

The main vision for a glam interior is excessive drama. It thrives on high-shine lacquered finishes, dazzling chandeliers, sophisticated marble tiles. There’s also a feel for more gray-and-white tones mixed with metallics. Polished marble floor tiles paired with silver claw foot tubs, or antique hardware paired with metallic penny round tiles. 

When designing, keep this motto in mind: Dazzle with drama, shine with sparkle.

Now that the bases are covered, let’s acquaint ourselves with some top-notch inspiration:

Glam Interior Design StylesShown Above: Coastal Surge marble feature wall tile in bathroom 

Showing signs of drama, sophistication and poise, this bathroom wall tile hits all the Glam interior stops. Our Coastal Surge marble and shell mosaic tile adds to the affluent atmosphere with it perfectly complementary the victorian-inspired claw foot tub. With a touch of shimmer thanks to the shell feature wall tile, the space is as stunning as you may expect a design of this caliber to be.

Shown Above: Diamante Gold mosaic wall tile in bathroom

Creating a splash with Glam interior design styles is an easy thing to do, since it all it requires is some bold decor accents and wall tiles that will gleam under light. Such is the case with the two designs above. 

On the left, our Diamante Gold tile creates a touch of enviable luxury with its mesmerizing hue. The diamond mosaic tile shape gives a jewelry aesthetic that completely captivates the eyes. Pairing this bathroom wall tile with a crystal chandelier wraps the space together for a truly uncanny masterpiece fit for glamorous soaks. 

Glam Bathroom Interior Design stylesShown Above: Saint Tropez Blush Pink glass bathroom wall tile

Our Saint Tropez Blush Pink mosaic tile adds a soft, feminine focal point to the bathroom. The soft pink glass tile with a chrome border gives the master bathroom wall a sense of movement and the right amount of drama Glam interiors crave. Paired with marble bathroom floor tiles, the result is a strikingly statement look.

Shown Above: Paros chain mosaic tile on bathroom floor 

The above bathroom showcases a more modernized version of Glam interiors thanks to its structural decor accents and patterned marble floor tile. Our Paros marble floor tile adds a heightened sense of sophistication to the room, and works in tandem with the high gloss white subway wall tile. To make the look seamless, a sleek vanity with thin silver legs is placed to give it a modern twist.

Industrial Chic

If you’re a fan of an urban, metropolitan aesthetic, then Industrial Chic will definitely be up your alley. 

This interior design style is characterized by an unfinished, raw, warehouse feeling. Industrial Chic prides itself in using natural materials like wood and cement to create a utilitarian ambiance in a space. Known for its more masculine appeal among other interior design styles, it has an overall cool, sleek appearance and is complete with minimal decor. 

Key components of an Industrial Chic interior are metals, exposed brick, aged wood and refined metal look tiles. The color palette thrives on a gray scale, gravitating towards hues reminiscent of city living. Think light grays, dark grays, muted blacks, navy blues and whites. It could be achieved with a cement look porcelain floor tile paired with an exposed brick wall, for instance. 

The main motto for this style is: Raw, refined renewal. 

Let’s explore some applications of Industrial Chic below:

Shown Above: Atlantis Smoke Deco gray ceramic tile backsplash in bathroom

Touches of cement gray aside a minimal design aesthetic in the above bathroom showcase the raw integrity that is Industrial Chic interiors. With a bold, cement look ceramic tile adorning the bathroom floors, matched with sleek wooden vanity, the overall feeling is both modern and urban. Using our Atlantis Smoke Deco ceramic backsplash tile, the bathroom is given a glimmer of style thanks to the sparkly facade. A testament to Industrial Chic as an evolving look.

Pantheon White+BlackShown Above: Pantheon Black + White stone tile  in industrial chic bathroom

The fusion of all the Industrial Chic elements can be seen in this gorgeous space:  Sleek sink setup, high gloss subway tiles, and a statement stone floor tile to tie thing together. With our Pantheon Black + White tile this almost monochromatic space nails the design style in an exceptional way.

Modern Farmhouse

Arguably one of the most popular interior design styles as of late, Modern Farmhouse is the ideal choice for those who seek cozy sophistication. 

The Modern Farmhouse look fuses together traditional country styles with more modern ones, to create a polished yet comfortable ambiance. These interiors bring out that “homey” feeling without sacrificing style. They are best known for their ability to make you want to snuggle up after a long day while still being practical for daily chores. 

The Modern Farmhouse interior design is achieved through using creative contrasts and a predominantly neutral color palette. Think whites, beiges, neutrals, or grays in different shades. For example, matte black fixtures against a white subway tile kitchen backsplash or light blue country style kitchen cabinetry with a marble pattern backsplash tile. 

When designing, keep this motto in mind: Country comfort. Modern practicality. 

Now that’s covered, let’s explore some ways to add Modern Farmhouse style into your next project:

 Shown Above: Elia marble kitchen backsplash tile 

If there’s one thing to keep in mind for Modern Farmhouse designs, it’s that a statement kitchen backsplash tile and light blue cabinetry is quintessential to the look. As seen in the two spaces above, using a bold pattern kitchen wall tile creates a sense of modern style while the cabinets evoke country style, which is key to achieving a balanced ambiance.

Modern Farmhouse Interior design stylesShown Above: Artemis geometric backsplash tile 

As seen in the two designs above, our Elia Thassos and Blue Celeste square mosaic tile adds charm to the backsplash; whereas the Artemis wave mosaic tile adds a sense of movement and sophistication to that kitchen’s interior.

Interior Design Styles - Modern FarmhouseShown Above: Tanglewood Mixed Planks wood look porcelain tiles in kitchen 

If there’s one thing that Modern Farmhouse interiors adore it’s rustic charm and this is shown in the above kitchen design. Honing in on a fusion of natural elements and a beautiful neutral color palette, this kitchen is a fair display of a modern farmhouse interior. Featuring our Tanglewood wood look porcelain tile with modern open shelving, the mix of light grays, beiges and whites come together to form a pulled-together-yet-casual ambiance.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Styles - BahthroomShown Above: Parma marble bathroom wall tile

Modern Farmhouse doesn’t solely have to rely on neutrals, as is shown in the bathroom above. It can incorporate more earthy hues like ocean blues and still hit the mark. Our Parma vine mosaic tile is an exceptional bathroom feature wall tile option that not only gives a sense of sophistication in the space, but lightens up the otherwise darker accents seen in the wood vanity and chrome lighting pendants. This bathroom backsplash tile still gives a modern farmhouse approved look while adding modern flavor to the space.

Farmhouse bakery interior design stylesShown Above: Epillet Gris glass tile in commercial bakery 

Not only applicable to the home, Modern Farmhouse design can be used in commercial spaces, like the barkery above. With a cozy atmosphere, it’s welcoming and kind for all who visit. The perfect type of charm you’d want in a space that serves food! Paired with a recycled glass mosaic tile, this counter creates a stand-out, focal point that works with the matte black and wooden accents.

Modern Minimalist

If your idea of a design trends towards more functional, then Modern Minimalist compared to the other interior design styles, will light you up.  

Defined by a more linear version of modern interior design, minimalist modern interiors have a stripped down, bare essentials ambiance to them. In this style, the key is to create a space that serves a specific function, and contains only the essential elements to create a livable design. 

Often Modern Minimalist interiors will have a more monochromatic color palette, featuring cooler tones of whites, greys, beiges and blacks. The overarching goal is to make a space clutter-free and simple with strong, clean lines and simplistic furniture or decor accents. It plays heavily on natural light and is usually found in open floor plans. 

The overall motto for this design style is: Simplicity reigns.

Since that’s covered, let’s move on to the inspiration piece for Modern Minimalist interiors:

 Shown Above: Cercle Gres penny round recycled glass wall tile 

Since Modern Minimalist interiors run the risk of looking too cold or soulless, using key elements to increase interest and warmth is ideal. This way, the space still feels welcoming and hits all the spots for a minimalist appearance. 

As seen above, this bathroom features the Cercle Gres recycled glass mosaic tile. With a medley of light and dark grays, it plays off the dark gray vanity extremely well. With a mix of clean lines and structure, along with the cooler color tones, this bathroom succeeds at achieving a Modern Minimalist interior that’s welcoming. 

minimalist modern bathroom interior design stylesShown Above: Tuckernuck Hexagon recycled glass tile

As seen here, this space brings in more warming elements to create a Modern Minimalist interior that has a more refined, yet natural ambiance. Using marble floor tiles and a wooden vanity paired with the Tuckerneck glass wall tile, the result is a sleek yet soulful space.

Monochrome Modern Minimalist InteriorsShown Above: Tuxedo Park Nero Square black mosaic tile on bathroom vanity wall

 Monochromatic and modern minimalist interiors go together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s just something about giving a space a singular color scheme that heightens intrigue and impact. 

Take for instance the bold black color story above; the space has depth, visual interest and makes a strong statement. These are critical elements in creating a Modern Minimalist space. Featuring the Tuxedo Park black stone mosaic, the bathroom tile is brought together with a futuristic, smooth look that screams modern sophistication.

Minimal interior design styles Shown Above: Silver Pine hexagon glass mosaic feature wall tile in a bathroom

With a little twist on modern minimalist interiors, this bathroom proves that it’s okay to bring in decor pieces that fit the space. Mixing together dark woods, whites, and blacks, every feature in the bathroom serves a visual purpose which is ideally what a minimalist design will achieve. 

Even the feature wall tile serves as a touchpoint to heighten the room’s aesthetic! Using our Silver Pine Hex wood look glass tile, there’s a sense of movement, and slight shimmer, which lightens the space up while still remaining true to the overall organic feel. 

There you have it; the most favorited interior design styles to date! We know that it could be hard to pin it down to just one, so feel free to get creative and mix elements together. There’s no wrong way to make a space that’s truly unique, after all. 

Ready to explore these interior design styles and find the perfect tile fit today? Explore all our tiles here.

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