15 Ways To Use Classic Penny Round Tiles In Your Next Design

Shown Above: Color Palette penny tiles in a contemporary bathroom design


In case you haven’t noticed in recent years, penny round tiles are back and better than ever. These round, tiny tiles are neck-to-neck with the popularity of subway tiles in the interior design world thanks to their versatility and ability to shape-shift in any space. That’s why today we’re bringing you all the ways to use the variety of styles of  the penny round tile for your next renovation or tile redesign project. Below you’ll find ways to use metal penny rounds, white penny rounds and so many more. Read on and get inspired.


Shimmer Your Way Into Style With Metal Penny Tiles

Silver Penny Round Tiles

Shown Above: Metal look glass penny round backsplash tile in kitchen 


Take it to the next level in a kitchen space with metal look glass penny tiles. These shimmering round mosaic tiles make an instant impact with their ability to reflect light naturally and create uncapped dimension on any wall. Plus, glass penny round tiles can hide stains exuberantly well thanks to their dark hue and polished surface. Goodbye, pasta sauce spills. 


Our Ronda Silver penny glass mosaic is proof of this with its gorgeous glass body and silver leaf foil backing. A high shine and gleaming option that’s a clear match for stylish kitchens. Just think about how an Asian Zen interior or contemporary minimalist space would look with these gray penny round tiles! Guaranteed to stun. 


metal penny round tiles in bathroom

Shown Above: Shaped Metal Penny Round tiles bathroom backsplash with sink


Looking for a bathroom backsplash tile with an inherent edginess? You’re bound to fall for metal penny bathroom tiles. With their intrinsic beauty, gray penny round mosaic tiles can stun in a simplistic way on any master bathroom backsplash. With a lustrous and instantaneously glam look, it doesn’t take much to make a statement with metal penny round tiles. 


This can be seen in the above design with our Shaped Metal penny rounds. Adding an instant upgrade to this small space bathroom, the penny round backsplash tile creates a sense of expansiveness. The perfect way to add a splendorous and industrial chic touch on a budget. 


gorgeous bathroom with gold penny round tiles feature wall

Shown Above: Gold penny tiles on a bathroom feature wall for a luxurious touch 


Leave a Midas approved touch on your next design project with lustrous gold penny round tiles. Infused with all the allure expected of a gold tile, the penny round shape adds an unexpected royal appeal that is swoon-worthy. There’s never been an easier way to add an upscale ambiance to a bathroom design than with a stunning metallic penny tile. A true design treasure for a bathroom feature tile. 


Our Ronda Gold penny tile is a prime example of the alluring nature that this color can provide. With a glass, polished body and gold leaf foil backing, it can add an instant shimmering and dazzling look. Use in a  residential design to create a glamour-driven bathroom wall tile or in a commercial hotel lobby to create a rich fireplace surround tile.



Achieve Coastal Calm With Shell Penny Round Mosaic Tiles

Beige Penny Round Tiles

Shown Above: Glass shell lookalike penny round shower niche tiles 


Take a cue from endless summers with glass penny round mosaic tiles that replicate the look of shell. These natural beauties have an ombre appearance that any space would love and a shimmer that puts the ocean to shame. They are truly gorgeous and holistic design accents that will awaken and lighten any design, especially true for showers and feature walls that crave something unconventional. 


This holds true in the above design where our Ronda Mink glass penny tiles showcase the way they work as a shower niche accent tile. With a sandy beige and brown facade, these penny mosaic tiles add a coastal touch against the otherwise traditional white subway tile design.


shell penny round tiles backsplash bathroom tile

Shown Above: Shell gold penny tiles bathroom backsplash 


Shell penny tile colors are always varied thanks to the organic nature of the material used. The iridescent shades create a timeless look that fits perfectly with myriad interior design styles from classic to contemporary. What’s more, the ethereal and exotic look of natural shell tiles add a defined richness to any space. A perfect option to create backsplash tile, accent tile or shower tile designs.


As seen here, the surface of our Moon Shell tile has an almost gold penny tile aesthetic that adds a sense of luxury and adornment. There’s no limit to the way you can imagine penny round tiles in a bathroom setting. The end result is always the same: glistening, gleaming beauties.


Go Bold With Black & White Penny Tiles 

Outside bar with black and white penny round tiles

Shown Above: Black and white penny tiles backyard bar


What can make entertaining outdoors even better? A pop of stylish penny round tiles on the bar! The beauty of black and white penny tiles is that they never go out of style. Like chameleons in any environment, your client can mix and match furniture for years to come without ever thinking to reinvent the wheel with a bar surround upgrade. 


Such is true with our Bianco Nero penny rounds which are made from recycled glass, as shown above. These eco-friendly tiles are a perfect addition to any space, be it a backsplash tile or patio tile. The contrasting combination of black and white circle tiles make a contemporary twist that goes extremely well with margarita moments.



backsplash penny round tiles black

Shown Above: Polished black penny round mosaic bathroom tiles 


For added depth and moodiness, nothing tops the entrancing nature of a black penny round tile. These mosaic tiles can really set the scene for a design and are extremely versatile to build off of. Black glass mosaics have the uncanny ability to emphasize the style of your space and bring an airy, spacious appeal to it. Plus, with their durable bodies, black penny round glass tiles add a bold appearance with the assurance of longevity. Brighten up your next project’s bathroom backsplash, kitchen or fireplace design with these penny tiles.


If you use a glossy black penny round tile, for instance, adding a touch of brass hardware can give a midcentury modern appeal; however, if a more transitional style is up your alley, pair a black penny tile with classic fixtures for a timeless look (as seen above with our Shadow penny round glass tile.) Needless to say, there’s little that a classic penny round tile in a bold black hue can’t do.



Stone Sophistication With Marble Penny Mosaics 

Calacatta gold marble penny round tiles on floor

Shown Above: Calacatta Gold penny tiles on shower floor 


Very few materials touch the simplistic elegance that marble has; So it’s with little wonder that pairing a classic style like the penny round tile with a beloved material like marble will provide a unique pattern that is chic and expressive. With its creamy white body and gold veining, these Calacatta Gold penny tiles are able to bridge the gap between new and old thanks to their polished surfaces and natural variations.


You can use these marble round tiles are shower floor tiles or as a penny tile in a kitchen backsplash. Thanks to their slip-resistance and durability, there are few places they can’t be placed. As seen above, using our charming Fiesole marble penny round mosaic tile in a shower creates a stunning look the exudes glamour.


shower penny round tiles

Shown Above: Carrara light gray marble honed penny tiles in walk-in shower 


Captivated by Calacatta Gold? Then you’ll be just as fond of Bianco Carrara marble penny tiles. These luscious stone mosaic tiles have a white body with varying gray veining that creates a luminous and timeless design. Carrara stone mosaic penny tiles allow for a subtle twist on tradition with their simple geometric appeal and unique character. A perfect fit to give any space visual depth and a classic yet magnetic touch. 


Such is the case with the design above featuring our Logan Circle Honed penny tile. This shower design is spellbinding with the use of stone penny round tiles that give it a seamless flow. A beautiful choice for a smooth finish in any shower tile, floor tile or outdoor patio tile project.


Kitchen penny round tiles

Shown Above: Marble penny round tiles in transitional kitchen 


Want to use a more polished version of a Bianco Carrara penny tile? Then our Logan Circle polished penny round is sure to please. Seen in the kitchen above, it works well in a space that craves a white marble penny tile that will blend in and be malleable in the space. Since it’s not overbearing, it adds just the right amount of interest.


gray marble penny round tiles in modern kitchen

Shown Above: Bardiglio Nuvolato and Carrara penny round backsplash tile


If you want to turn things up a notch and really make an elevated design, try using penny tiles with multiple marble types. Using a mixed marble penny tile will bring an elegant finish to any surface thanks to its chic contrast and sophisticated feeling. It’s an easy way to add a mix of natural colors and leave a unique touch to a backsplash or kitchen floor. 


Take for instance the way our Kerry Park Tile works in the kitchen backsplash above. Made from Bardiglio Nuvolato and Carrara, this gray and white penny tile adds variable interest and a magnetic focal point. Yet, since it’s made with timeless materials, it’ll be a mainstay for years to come. See, versatile and beautiful, as promised.


Crisp, and Clean Design With White Circle Tiles  

white penny round tiles backsplash

Shown Above: Cercle de Perle white penny round mosaic tiles in crisp kitchen design 


Using white penny rounds in any space will instantly brighten and refresh it in a playful yet time-defying way. These white mosaics can play off the natural light, adding a sense of spaciousness to smaller spaces, which is perfect for apartments or condos with limited budgets. What’s more, white glass penny tiles have a crisp and clean aesthetic which is a must for beloved all-white kitchens and bathrooms that our Instagram feeds love the most!


The beauty of white penny mosaics isn’t limited to just stark white, no. You can find a variety of shades which makes it easy to design your client’s space in a custom way. For example, take our Cercle de Perle white penny used in the backsplash above. This penny round mosaic tile is inspired by the ocean, with a glimmering surface likened to that of a Mother of Pearl tile. With its elegant facade, it can easily make for a glamorous kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom floor tile or shower tile. Far off from the feeling a white matte penny tile would give.



white and gray penny round tiles in bathroom

Shown Above: Cercle Gris gray penny tiles on a custom bathroom backsplash 


Who said that white penny tiles had to be all white to fit a space just right? This is so not the case anymore. With modern design capabilities, multi-tonal penny tiles make it easy to get a distinctive color scheme. For example, using a mixed white and gray penny tile, you can still bring your client the fresh vibe that a white tile delivers while adding some depth thanks to the contrasting gray chips in the mosaic sheet. 


Such an example is shown above, where this modern bathroom is given a bold, multidimensional look with our Cercle Gris recycled glass tile. With a dual tone facade, these circle tiles stun. Not only does the space look more open, fresh and modern, it also has more visual interest than a traditional penny tile design would. Win-win.


backsplash white penny round tiles

Shown Above: Cynthus white marble penny round tile in modern minimalist kitchen backsplash 


If there’s one design type that white penny mosaics shine in, it’s modern minimalist. With the need to be refined and functional with clear definition and taste, penny tiles fit right in. To them, this design is a happy place. Not only do they get to enhance the cleanliness of the space, they’re easy to build on with other colors. 


This modern minimalist kitchen consists of three prominent colors; green, gray and white. The Cynthus white mosaic wall tile adds a bit of character to the space and helps tie together all the other elements without taking anything away from the design. In this kitchen, thassos mosaic tiles seamlessly blend into the design story line, rather than stand out.


Something Old, Something Blue With Penny Rounds 

gray penny round tiles

Shown Above: Blue penny tiles in kitchen design 


Adding a sense of serenity and tranquility comes easily with blue penny mosaic tiles. With their eye-catching appearance, they not only add dynamic movement, but are ripe with understated beauty. They are a great design option for spaces that want a pop of color without the drama. A perfect replacement for bolder black tiles or green tiles, they add a sense of airiness and liveliness while making a focal point. 


Such is the case with our Ronda Denim blue penny tile. This gorgeous glass penny round has a spectrum of hues that resonate spectacularly in the transitional coastal kitchen design above. As a backsplash tile it has a mix of light blues, beiges and dark blues that combine to add dimensional movement. 


gray penny round tiles

Shown Above: Navy blue penny tile backsplash in modern home 


Seeing the Ronda Denim blue penny tile up close proves just how spectacular blue mosaics can really be. With a shimmering facade thanks to the glass body and varying hues, it’s as timeless as penny tile can be with a modern color upgrade. 


As you can see, there are so many uses for penny round tiles in a design; from kitchen backsplash tiles to bathroom feature wall tiles, the options are limitless. Thanks to the vast array of color penny tiles, there’s something for every space. Here’s to designing with a modern twist on a timeless tile!


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