2024 Tile Trends To Keep on Your Radar

Drawing insights directly from design experts, we present to you the 2024 tile trends marked as the new “it” things in this year’s tile scene. From audacious, graphic geometric patterns that steal the show to calming, serenity-infusing, nature-inspired accents – these trends are shaping up to be game-changers. Read on and get inspired for the year ahead with us!

2024 Tile Trend #1: Beautiful Pattern Tiles

Geometric Revival

Swirl into the irresistible charm of our White Sunburst Tile, an opulent masterpiece that pairs dramatic hues with dazzling golden lines, delivering an upscale, conversation-starting aesthetic perfect for hotel bathrooms. 

2024 is all about geometry! This year, expect to see playful shapes from hexagons to circles and squiggly lines adorning walls and floors. Abstract patterns are making a solid comeback, stepping away from the traditional and crafting a fresh narrative with complex murals that manipulate the perception of space. 

Make a splash with the Chorsu tile; handcrafted excellence that transforms your bathroom wall from “just another feature” to “the star attraction.”

Feeling bold? Don’t shy away from incorporating stunning Majolica tiles into your living spaces. These pattern porcelain tile designs aren’t just visually stunning – they bring a unique, personalized touch that other trends can’t compete with. Play with vibrant colors and avant-garde geometric designs to create an eye-catching feature. Your home could transform into a living gallery filled with hues and forms that reflect your personality and style.

Try a signature blend of our Moorish Grey Cross Deco and Moorish Grey Star for a stunningly chic yet timeless outdoor space. 

Geometric tiles shine brightest where they can command attention. Think about your kitchen backsplash as a canvas for an intricate mural or your bathroom floor dotted with lively patterns. Consider running with a monochromatic color scheme in an intimate space like a powder room for an unexpectedly chic twist. 

Here’s a compelling option for the aesthetes out there: Moroccan tiles. Teeming with personality and charm, these tiles make an excellent choice. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, tiles featuring cheeky emblems like starts, lines, circles, and abstract designs might just be the pizzazz your space needs.

Nature’s Canvas

Why settle for a houseplant when your walls can be the ultimate botanical flex, turning your place into a leafy paradise? A great choice that can help? The Eleanor tile is made from luxurious marble. 

Who needs a vacation when you can have stunning landscapes in your home? With biophilic tiles featuring everything from bright leaves, playful animals, or even breathtaking landscapes, your living spaces can transform into an expression of Mother Nature herself. To us, this is one of the top tile trends you should definitely take note of.

The Tomyris tile, with its peacock-like allure, is destined to turn heads. When framed with luscious gold decor and deep-colored furniture, the ‘wow’ factor simply goes off the chart!

The buzz surrounding these nature-inspired tiles isn’t random. We’re seeing a shift in interior design towards more organic and serene settings. By fusing the tranquility of nature with the comfort of home, these tiles quickly turn your space into an escapade, offering an immersive experience.

Another trend that entered with the new year? The wallpaper effect. Essentially, tiles making a nod to the less permanent counterpart. Using mosaic tiles, you can create tile murals that depict beautiful floral wallcoverings or romantic city scenes. The sky is the limit, and unlike real wallpaper, these waterjet mosaic murals can withstand time. 

Mosaic Tile Magic

Welcome 2024, the grand way, with the a-maze-ing charm of Takatik Tile gracing the porch. 

Timelessly stylish and consistently our top sellers, mosaics are still “in” this 2024 with even more fun and intricate patterns. Personality-packed, these mosaic tiles can turn plain vanilla walls and kitchen backsplashes into canvases bearing artful masterpieces. Beyond the kaleidoscope of design possibilities they present, these trendy tiles also win hearts with their ease of installation – even in challenging areas like columns and curves.

The richness of pearl meets the purity of white Thassos marble in this waterjet mosaic tile, Diana, casting a brilliant luster that pairs exquisitely with soothing pastel colors—wondering how to work this trend into your own home? We’ve got you covered! Turn up the heat on your kitchen backsplash, using the flash of metallic mosaic tiles to mirror the flames of culinary creativity. Square mosaic tiles can also color your home in calming hues and graceful patterns, gently complimenting your serenity.  Give vintage-inspired patterns a chance on your accent wall for a nostalgic touch. 


2024 Tile Trend #2: Exotic Stone-Look Tiles

The seamless flowing look of a floor-to-wall design with the Imperial Arabescato Green tile is sure to drop jaws! 

Exotic stone-look tiles bridge the gap between luxury and cost-effectiveness in a stunning display of craftsmanship. These special large-format tiles convincingly mimic the exotic look of more expensive stone materials like marble and granite. They’re a fantastic choice for those who are into high-end design but also value budget-conscious picks.

The Athabasca Rock Tile certainly lives up to its name, rocking this restaurant space with its novel blend of chic sophistication and rugged flair for a dining experience unlike any other. 

What’s even better about these tiles is their impressive quality. Thanks to porcelain, they offer terrific sturdiness and easy-care features. This means these tiles aren’t just a trendy design choice, but a smart investment for homeowners or business owners who care about style and sensible living. They push the boundaries of ordinary design, bringing a fresh, unconventional character to any room and letting your style shine for years to come.

One style we love here at MIR? The oceanic beauty of Imperial Onyx Blue tiles, generously sized at 24×48 inches. These large tiles serve dual purposes: they captivate with eye-catching visuals while protecting walls and floors against moisture. The design prowess of this stone-look tile is so captivating that it single-handedly gives any room a stylish, lavish feel. It reduces the need for additional decor, making the room shine with just this tile. 


2024 Tile Trend #3: Texture Tiles Take Center Stage

Touchable Terrain

Who said the call of the wild couldn’t be answered from the comfort of home? Transform your everyday routine into an exotic jungle adventure with the combination of  Jumanji Black Textures Deco Tile and Jumanji Black Tropic Deco on your bathroom walls. 

Dynamic spaces call for dynamic textures, and 2024 is ringing in the era of textured tiles. This tile must-have – with a line-up including fluted tiles, slate, mosaics, and wood-look effects – introduces dimension and depth that adds the much-desired handcrafted element and elusive contrast into your darling spaces. And if you’re the type to add a little spice to your space but color isn’t really your cup of tea, textured tile is the way to go. They hit just the right spot – adding excitement without strong colors.

With lots of options to choose from, you can go as maximalist or minimalist as you please. So whether you’re in the ‘less-is-more’ camp or a firm believer in “more-is-never-enough,” these textured tiles offer a way to demonstrate your distinct style. Just take a peek at this stunning Japandi bedroom. Mirroring the pragmatic charm of natural wood, the Zen Deco Natural Tile elevates the ordinary to extraordinary with an unmistakable touch of luxe, all thanks to their crisp-cut lines. Nothing says hygge like a wood look porcelain tile!

3D Delights

One look and you can almost feel the texture of these 3D tiles. It’s indeed the immersive sensory appeal that truly sets these tiles apart.  

Push boundaries of design with 3D tiles, the breakout trend for 2024. No longer confined to two dimensions, these tiles take your space to a whole new level with their elevated geometric patterns and organic ripples. They add movement and depth, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow that echoes life’s rhythmic ebb and flow. 

For bathrooms, dimensional tilеs with intеrеsting pattеrns and tеxturеs can give it a standout look, making thе room sееm morе alivе and inviting. By using bold and fun 3D tilеs with uniquе patterns, you can crеatе a transformative mood welcoming guests with a playful touch. A great choice for 3D tilеs in the bathroom is our Movement Gray Deco Ceramic Tile with its calming wavе dеsigns and soothing colors it can conjurе a rеlaxing ambiancе, еxcеllеnt for winding aftеr a long day. 


2024 Tile Trend #4: Terrazzo Is Still Hot

Remember terrazzo and how it grew big again in 2020? Well, these tiles are still hot and are set to make another major comeback this 2024 – reintroduced, reimagined, and absolutely resplendent! From being a go-to choice for commercial high-traffic areas, terrazzo is now finding its way into the most stylish homes, lending a wasn’t-expecting that, retro-inspo charm. 

Tickle your taste for the classics with our Terra Multicolor Speckled Tile. This powerhouse of color and traditional speckled design allows you to bring artistic splash into every square foot. 

Try out a more modern iteration of this beloved tile by choosing one with a sleek, white color with added sprinkles of color throughout. It’s sleek and statement worthy all at once.


2024 Tile Trend #5: Rich, Jewel-Toned Treasures

Expеrts arе sееing a rеsurgеncе of vibrant huеs this 2024, drawing inspiration from thе dazzling colors of gеmstonеs such as еmеralds, rubiеs, and sapphirеs. Ovеr thе last fеw months of 2023, wе’vе witnеssеd a gradual shift from thе minimalistic and monochromatic phasе in intеrior dеsign. Thе world is hungry for somеthing that would challеngе thе usual and brеak away from thе norm, creating beautiful moments in regular daily activities. This acknowledgement is what led us to launch an extension of our gemstone tile-inspired collection, Glamour, this past year, too!

It’s clear then why jewel-toned tiles are the hot trend for 2024. They’re the perfect answer to the minimalist past, offering a vibrant and spirited atmosphere that’s equally cozy and luxurious. See the bathroom featured above? Here, the gleaming Allure Grey Diamond tile, plays the perfect role by adding a mesmerizing accent. This simple addition transforms the bathroom into a lively and lavish sanctuary, sparkles included. 

Looking to ramp up the drama? Consider the allure of deep, provocative ruby-toned tiles. This rich, seductive color can redefine your space, offering an interior draped in an intense, passionate hue that captures attention and sparks intrigue. 

A pro tip from our design experts: try merging jewel-toned tiles with marble. There’s something truly magical about the polished grandeur of marble meeting the energetic pop of jewel tones. Wood’s natural warmth and texture can also work well with these gems. 

Metal-Look Tiles

In the forecast for 2024’s tile trends is shining bright with the elegant glow of metal-look tiles. Gone are the days when metal-like finishes meant tacky designs. The 2024 tile scene champions warmer metallic tones like gold, bronze, soft silver, and copper, infusing your space with a dash of glitz and glam. 

A perfect depiction of the sparkling charm of metal-look tiles is the wet bar above, featuring our Picket Gold Mosaic Tile on the backsplash. Together with the modern black cabinetry and crisp white countertops, it creates an elegant ensemble that’s anything but tasteless.  

You can also embrace this beautiful trend with Silver picket tiles. We love how these tiles dress up the fireplace in the space above. Their true beauty shines when hit by light; they sparkle, they dazzle, and they interact with light in an enchanting way. With such appeal, it’s no surprise that these silver picket tiles are a must-have for any trendy interior design this 2024, especially for ultra-modern designs. 

If you’re drawn to the metallic decor but hesitant about going all-in with the trend, consider the sublime option of the Cosmopolitan Melody Deco Tile. This tile incorporates metallic inlays, subtly marrying the trendy metallic vibe with a more understated aesthetic. It’s a tastefully arranged solution for those who like a hint of trendiness without compromising their preference for a more understated style.  


2024 Tile Trend #6: Soothing, Serene Tile Colors

Peach Fuzz

The beauty of peach fuzz + some tactile sensation = Moda Deco Pink Tile. This tile perks up this bathroom space with its soft charm, and pairs so well with crisp white decor and organic accents. 

When it comes to capturing the warm radiance of pink through design, there’s no contender for the Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz.  Perfectly suited for bringing a sense of tranquility and endearing intimacy into your bathroom or bedroom, peach fuzz-colored tiles are making a mark in the world of tiles this year.

With a soft peach fuzz hue that speaks volumes, these rectangular tiles from our Moda collection can turn your bathroom walls into a domain of contemporary style and comfort. 

To make the most out of these tiles, consider pairing them with calming neutral colors or create harmony using other shades of peach. Another option is to use them as accent pieces or combine them with contrasting wood finishes and metallic accents for added depth. 

Earthy Palette

As the standout hue in the earthy palette, it’s no wonder why the terracotta-inspired tile looks stellar in this bathroom vanity. 

Here’s a tile color for those who want to relax at home – earth tones. We’re talking about deep blues, purples, greens, and warm desert neutrals. Among all these earthy colors, terracotta is leading the charge. Popular for its warm, natural hue, it adds an inviting, rustic charm to any room. Terracotta is a great place to start if you want to join the trend. 

Ready to redecorate your space with a refreshing touch of earthy elegance? Let’s talk about our favorite earthy-toned tile – Moda Deco Blue. It’s got a deep blue shade that brings to mind the peacefulness of a calm ocean, coupled with a sleek modern touch, thanks to the beveled surface. See it for yourself in the bathroom above. The tiles transform the walls, bringing them to life with color. Paired with wood and greenery, the room obtains a balanced, soothing vibe. 

Minimalist Marble

We’ve been saying 2024 is all about breaking away from the minimalist style. Yet, here we are, still singing praise for minimalist marble tiles. Sounds a bit confusing, right? Not at all! This year is all about adding a fresh breath of life to minimalism with the use of marble. 

Marble floor tiles in kitchen

Escape the constraints of traditional marble slabs and embark on a journey of geometric interest with this hexagon marble tile, like Tacoma Park. Set in a room blessed with abundant natural light, the beauty of marble becomes a truly exceptional spectacle.

Minimalist marble is perfect for those who still have a soft spot in their hearts for minimalism yet are eager to stay on the design trend curve. And yes, they are predominantly white, but that’s where the minimalism ends. Each piece promises an individual character defined by its distinct veining. After all, the charm of marble lies in its unique patterns, and no two are the same. Residential marble large format tiles

We’re also expecting to see a change in marble trends, moving away from the standard slabs to more creative and stylish tile formats. Think hexagon marble tiles, mosaics, and other inventive patterns that’ll add a unique touch to your space. And if real marble is a bit heavy on the pocket, large format marble-look porcelain tiles are a great way to hop on this trend without breaking the bank. 


2024 Tile Trend #7: Terracotta Tiles  

The Alcazar Cotto backsplash tiles are a must-try terracotta tile you wouldn’t want to miss. 

For those not familiar with the Cersaie Trade Show and Exhibition, it’s a revered event in the tile industry where we get to drool over the latest and greatest tile designs for the upcoming year. It’s here that we noticed another dashing return of an old classic: terracotta tiles. They may have an old charm, but their adaptability in the modern design world is commendable. 

Typical becomes a thing of the past with this unconventional terracotta tile design. 

Featuring a warming color palette of soothing browns, soft tans, and warm reds, they excel in the “natural home” style of decor that we’re anticipating more of this coming 2024. To achieve this look, integrate your terracotta flooring with complementary materials such as bricks, light fabrics, and biophilia. While at it, don’t forget to explore the many innovative shapes beyond the standard squares and rectangles. Make room for terracotta hexagon tiles, picket tiles and chevron tiles  to embrace the natural beauty of earthenware decor. 


Final Thoughts on 2024 Tile Trends

As each new year swings around, it brings along a thrilling opportunity for us to dream, design, and deliver amazing products to you. Whether you’re plotting a chic kitchen redo, an oasis-like bathroom update, or a snazzy overhaul for your commercial space, we at MiR Mosaic are pumped to partner with you. Inspired by the designs shown above and ready to bring them to life? Get in touch with us today!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I incorporate these trends into my home?

A: Start small! Add a patterned backsplash in your kitchen or a textured accent wall in your living room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match trends to create a unique look that reflects your personality.

Q: What are the budget-friendly options?

A: Not all trends have to break the bank! Geometric patterns can be created with affordable ceramic tiles, and mosaic accents can be made with recycled materials. Explore different sizes and finishes to find budget-friendly ways to incorporate the look you love.

Q: Where can I find inspiration for my tile project?

A: Look online for design blogs and magazines, visit tile showrooms, and browse social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for even more tile inspiration!

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