A round-up of tile designs we’re grateful exist

It’s almost Thanksgiving! So to celebrate the festivities, we’re rounding up our most inspiring designs. (photo: Battaglia Stile)

With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the season of gratitude at its peak, we decided to round up our favorite tile designs of all time. These interiors inspire us and establish our love for tile. To share our gratitude for them, we’re sharing them with you. Scroll on and see why we’re swooning over them.

Sublime Sophistication With A Feature Wall Tile

The luxurious look of the marble feature wall tile (Tomyris Tile) lends sophistication and offers a charming appearance. Shiny metallic accents and bold blacks look beautiful with the elegance of navy blue velvet furniture in this commercial space.

The stunning beauty of feature wall tiles can make big differences even the small spaces, like this commercial design above. The black storage units are paired broken up with an intricate pattern of marble tile. Then, the usage of the blue marble tile hue is continued throughout the decor elements in the space. The use of navy blue and brass accents brings a vintage flair to the design while creating an ultimate in luxury and sophistication. Truly a design we’re grateful for this season!

Blooming Blues with Arabesque Backsplash Tiles

The arabesque blue backsplash tiles (custom color of our Stratus tiles) add cheerfulness to the otherwise white color scheme. The high gloss finish of the tiles contrasts with the matte finishes of the cabinets ad gives a fresh appeal. Color us obsessed. 

Custom beauty alert! This adoring kitchen project has left its mark on us so much so, it has to be in our list of designs we’re grateful for this year.

With their striking arabesque pattern, the multi-tonal blue backsplash tiles are the centerpiece of this transitional kitchen. The backsplash tiles and the stainless steel hood create a dramatic impact in this space, while the white cabinets and complementary white countertop tone things down, with a more classical appeal. The minimalist look of the cabinets allows the backsplash design to stand out. The countertop, paired with the contrasting darker blue stove adds a luxurious feel to the kitchen. 

Coastal Aesthetic Meets Texturized Hexagon Tiles

Multi-tonal glass hex tiles (Saint Tropez Twilight Tile) make this coastal chic space a stunning area for guests. Photo credit: Antico Stone

Clean, fresh, and minimal! This modern kitchen perfectly represents the effortless beauty of the minimalist approach while giving a timeless appeal with its dark blue and white color scheme. The white grout around the

emphasizes the pattern and creates a distinctive focal point between the white cabinets. Then, the gorgeous wooden accents work to add a bit of organic texture to the kitchen to tie everything together with a coastal chic beauty.

Neutral Interior Approved With Brick Look Tiles

A neutral brick mosaic tile (Alicante Tile) creates rustic charm and daring texture in this open, Japandi inspired kitchen design.

Different earthy elements beautifully come together in this modern rustic farmhouse kitchen and offer a welcoming space. The stone backsplash tile stands out between the timber frames and creates a characteristic backdrop while light wood insert cabinets create a modern look with their flat-panel door styles and white countertop. For the kitchen island, a waterfall marble kitchen island steps up the space into a more luxurious look. This interesting combination provides a unique design worthy of gathering during the Thanksgiving season.

Moves Made with Marble Tiles  

Marble moves elegantly in this boho chic, japandi inspired powder room with an elegant marble pattern backsplash (Picasso 9 Tile).

Talk about calm and relaxing! Each feature in this room is placed perfectly. The soft color palette of the marble wall tiles offers a serene and stylish atmosphere. Then, the statement sink creates a focal point that complements the beauty of the light tone wood bathroom vanity and unique lighting pendants above the head. Tying these elements together, the space has a spa-like feeling with its soft neutral color palette.  A truly eye-catching, and semi-symmetrical look that’s just beyond!

A Metallic Groove with Glass Tiles  

A reflective glass tile (Espiga Gold Tile) adorns the fireplace surround in this upscale, luxury abode perfect for unwinding during a chilly early winter day.

The modern gold mosaic tile fireplace, located against a white wall, has a beautiful contrast that gives us starry eyes. The color scheme of this modern minimalist living room is profound; with decadent touches of dark brown, black lacquer, and shimmering metallics. The result is this metallic fireplace contrasts perfectly and becomes a central focal point. We’re absolutely smitten by it and would definitely cozy up next to it with some marshmallows!

Luxe Deluxe with Marble Pattern Tiles

Proving the power of contrasts, this bathroom shows off white marble backsplash tiles complemented with dark tile flooring to create a dimensional appeal like no other. 

The elegance of marble embraces this chic, timeless master bathroom and creates a luxurious style. Marble tiles are used on the shower wall and extend behind the bathroom vanity while a dark floor tile is used underfoot to give the room dimension. The result is a totally luxurious look to give off a clean and fresh look primed for daylight soaks. To say we daydream of this design would be an understatement! It’s luxury at its finest. 

Transitional Chic with Crystal Sand Marble Tiles

Styled with cabinetry defined by a classic appeal, and symmetrical pendant lighting, the space by The Proposed Plan is proof that a luxurious waterjet (Hibis Tile) can fit into a more functional kitchen design, no questions asked. 

The simplicity in this traditional kitchen creates an elevated space for cooking! The crystal sand and Thassos marble backsplash tile brings a strong personality to the design and the color splash from the kitchen island is just adoring. We love how The Proposed Plan used a variety of calming hues to create a light, bright, and welcoming space. Each element naturally flows together giving the space harmony and making us, well, extremely grateful for its existence!  

Central Focal Point with Framed Backsplash Tile

The beauty of a marble backsplash design (Trellis 15 Tile) is on full display in this modern transitional kitchen by Julie Deuble and captured by Kim Smith. With its unique pattern, it’s definitely one for the books.

Isn’t this kitchen by Julie Deible undeniably chic? We love the use of a sophisticated and stylish marble waterjet tile as a framed backsplash in the space. The natural variations of the marble and unique geometric tile pattern give the space a truly gorgeous statement. Not to mention, the pattern itself is a great complement to the 3×6 marble subway tiles that surround it. The way the tiles, white cabinetry, and gray kitchen island all work together to make this space a delight!

Spaciousness with a sprinkle of snowflake tiles

Like early snowfalls, the marble pattern flooring (Snowflake Tile) in this bathroom is captivating and works beautifully alongside the natural lighting within the home.

When cozy meets chic, you get a timelessly elegant interior that is bound to wow guests. Using a snowflake pattern floor tile in this master bathroom, the space is magnificently light and bright. Working in perfect contrast is the black freestanding tub and brass decor, bringing together a sense of metropolitan lux that adds a level of swankiness to the bathroom. Whether you’re having a spa day in or a weekly soak, this design definitely delivers a relaxing atmosphere. 

Glitz, Gold, Glam Tiles

Nothing says Thanksgiving than some turkey napkins, festive cookie shapes, and a glam backsplash like this one with our Ritz Gold Tile.

This kitchen design had to make the list for us since it is pure elegance and bliss! The use of a gold waterjet tile with an art deco fan pattern makes this backsplash design a true spectacle. While its beauty can be admired all year round, it has a special appeal during the holidays when friends and family gather together. 

Striking stripes with glass tiles 

Sleek and contemporary kitchen gets a hint of dramatic flair with a bold glass statement tile backsplash (Moneghetti Marine Tile).

Strike a pose! This gorgeous kitchen backsplash is a testament to the way glass tiles can create a captivating and intriguing design. With a striped tile pattern that’s inherently modern, the backsplash above is given depth, dimension, and a reflective surface that is guaranteed to make cooking fun.

Flower power with wall tiles 

Floral marble tiles (Fiore 2 Tile) create a mudroom floor that is equally beautiful and artistic. 

Thanks to the bold floral tile pattern, this entryway wall tile has a natural impact that is striking and makes a solid first impression. With gradient movement, courtesy of the hundreds of fresh blooms, visual interest is unwavering. Not to mention the more bespoke elements of the design; a wooden bench with a beautifully fresh plant aside it, and a round mirror promote a hard-to-be-forgotten design. We love the balance between biophilic approved decor and timeless marble chic that this space encompasses. A true testament to juxtaposition in the home and one we’re happy exists.

Floor tiles that make an instant impact

Pattern marble floor tiles create a dog-approved mudroom and laundry room in this residential home.

When it comes to doing chores, especially laundry, we know what a drag it could be! After all, there are countless other ways to spend your time more enjoyably. However, when your laundry room looks like this, is there really a complaint insight? We’re obsessed with the bold pattern tile flooring the designer used in this ever-chic room, and the snuggle cubby for a pup. If we lived here, we’d seriously never complain about laundry day again.

A timeless zen zone with subway tiles

A classically styled powder room has a dose of personality with linen look subway tiles (Snow Linen Tile) as the backsplash by Design West Fl and captured by Blaine John Photography.

Honing in on a fusion of eclectic elements and a beautiful neutral palette, this powder room is a fair display of using timeless decor properly to create design longevity. With its dark bathroom vanity and contrasting quartz countertop, the mix of light grays, beiges, and whites come together to form a pulled-together-yet-casual ambiance ideal for washing up after a Thanksgiving dinner.

Kitchen backsplash tiles that emulate spring

Sometimes a floral touch is all a space needs to be taken to the next level, as seen in this compact kitchen design (Pansy Tile).

Skip wallpaper and reach for a floral patterned stone mosaic backsplash tile instead! With its contemporary-meets-classic appeal thanks to its marble body and feminine shape, it makes for an exceptional backsplash tile in a kitchen Place behind the stove and instantly grab the attention of visitors. These floral mosaic tiles are a way to add a unique element to your design without risk.

Pizza with the golden tile touch

Real gold tiles create a custom design in Pizza Owens (Alma Collection).

What can make pizza even tastier? Gold tiles. As seen in the tasty kitchen of Pizza Owens, the use of glass tiles accounts for a truly wonderful commercial design that pleases both the palette and the place itself. A custom design that is one for the gratitude books! Seriously, if Midas touch capabilities were real, then the pizza from Pizza Owens would have it!  These ultra-reflective gold glass tiles result in a shimmering magnificence that draws the eyes in (while the mouths drool.)

Art deco meets aspirational designing 

You can bring a twist to commercial space (like above seen in the Creative Surfaces Showroom) and create a conversation-worthy art deco marble tile (White Sunburst Tile).  

With their versatility and downright artistic appeal, gold-inspired tiles will add stunning detail to your design. Whether you create a breath-taking commercial design or a residential kitchen backsplash design, there’s no stopping the impact these metallic mosaic tiles will have on your design. Plus, choosing a pattern will only further enhance your space, as seen above with the gold and Thassos tile on the reception area in none other than the ever-creative showroom of Creative Surfaces Long Beach. It had to be the final design on our list of ones we’re grateful for due to its sheer beauty and undeniable charm. 

There you have it; all the tile designs that we’re grateful for this holiday season and the designers/photographers behind their beauty. Did you see any you like? Feel free to sign up to be a dealer today and let us help you with your next tile project! Sign up here.

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