How To Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles In A Kitchen Project

kitchen floor tiles


Do you have an upcoming kitchen renovation project? Need a little inspiration around kitchen floor tiles to use for it? You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to showcase stunning examples of floor tiles that are sure to make an impression and inspire your future design.


How To Choose Kitchen Floor Tiles? 


If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to decide on kitchen floor tiles in your design, we’d love to give you a quick breakdown on how to do this. 


Determine your project’s budget. 


Before anything else, you’ll want to solidify your design project. If you have a smaller budget, then you may opt for a less expensive ceramic floor tile, for instance. However, if budget restraints aren’t a consideration, then a lux marble floor tile can be up your alley. 


Consider your client’s lifestyle. 


Do your clients have kids? What about pets? Are they avid hosts for family gatherings? Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to decide what kitchen floor tiles material to choose in your project. For example, wood look porcelain tiles work well for homes with children and pets since they don’t scratch easily. 



interior designer planning kitchen floor tiles


Review the entire design of the space. 


Using the overall design plan can help you navigate the type of kitchen floor tile styles to use. If the space that you’re creating for is a commercial kitchen, those needs will be quite different than a lux, upscale residential home. 


Needless to say, you’ll never be stuck when choosing and we’ll provide the basis on how to choose kitchen floor tiles today with a bit of inspiration and discussion on each of them major tile styles.


From hexagon floor tiles to wood look porcelain floor tiles, there’s a world of design options awaiting you below. Let’s dive in!


Hexagon Kitchen Floor Tiles 


Hello, hexagons. Our first stop in our kitchen floor tiles journey is with the ever-chic hexagon tile. These five-sided beauties are practically design chameleons–You can make a modern kitchen design with bold pattern hexagon floor tiles, or you can make a decidedly sophisticated design with upscale marble hexagon floor tiles. 


With their unique and instantly eye-captivating appearance, you seriously can’t go wrong with mosaic hexagon tiles. The toughest part will truly just nailing down the style that works best in your design project! (And that’s just kind of fun, right?) 


Let’s explore the ways hexagon tiles on kitchen floors can work for you.


Hexagon wood look porcelain kitchen floor tiles

Shown Above: Largo hexagon marble kitchen floor tiles 


It comes with little surprise that marble hexagon tiles add a nice touch to any kitchen. After all, marble tiles are widely known for their natural beauty and intrinsic neutral color palettes. You can find gorgeous wood look marble kitchen floor tiles like our Largo mosaic tile that will have the beauty of traditional wood tiles without the upkeep.



Adorable cat laying on top of marble kitchen floor tiles

Shown Above:  Tacoma Park Thassos and Carrara Grey kitchen floor tiles 


Alternatively, you can find white and gray hexagon marble tiles that add a contemporary classic feeling to your kitchen design. We love how timeless Carrara marble hex is framed into beautiful white marble in our Tacoma Park hexagonal marble tile. The use of contrasting hexagon kitchen floor tiles will guarantee to make quite the impact in a residential or commercial kitchen project.



Terrazzo look porcelain kitchen floor tiles

Shown Above: Terra Multicolor Speckled terrazzo look porcelain floor tile 


More interested in making your next design a bit stylish and trendy? Terrazzo look hexagon porcelain tiles may be just what the designer ordered!Terrazzo tiles are popular like never before, and we understand why! These fun, colorful tiles can give any kitchen a facelift in no time. 


With a spectrum of options–think blue hexagon tiles, green hexagon tiles, white and pink hexagon tiles – and a speckled body, there’s no limits on the artistic imprint terrazzo tiles can have on your design. Take for instance the bold, multicolor hexagon kitchen floor tiles of our Terra Collection. These durable hexagon tiles create quite a splash with their unique color palettes.  



Multicolor wood look porcelain kitchen floor tiles

Shown Above: Royal Wood brown porcelain kitchen floor tiles 


Okay, so maybe you’re not craving a colorful splash, but want something a bit more warming instead. If that’s the case, wood look hexagons are the ideal kitchen floor tiles for you. Skip the durability and maintenance of real wood and embrace the minimal upkeep of these wood look porcelain floor tiles. The earthy browns will add a cozy ambiance while the texture will add a sense of depth. 


These hexagon mosaic tiles will make the perfect match for transitional designs, rustic designs and modern farmhouse designs due to their woody flair. Don’t mistake wood look hex tiles for dull, though, these babies are far from it! Like our Royal Wood collection proves, there’s a medley of colors to be had. You can enjoy a mix-and-match appeal with your kitchen floor tiles with these tiles thanks to their dual tone bodies. 



White wash porcelain kitchen floor tile

Shown Above: Retro Blanco Hex white porcelain wood look tile for floors 


Perhaps your design’s kitchen floors seek a more shabby chic or feminine rustic touch? That’s where the beauty of white wash wood hex tiles come in. Mimicking the appearance of well-worm floors, these porcelain tiles will trick the eyes into telling story of time passed even when they were just laid. Kitchen floor tiles that have the ability to alter time? Oh, yes. That’s exactly what our Retro hexagon tiles will do!


Bold Pattern Kitchen Floor Tiles 


Let’s turn up the heat a little, shall we? If you thought that hexagon kitchen floor tiles made for a bold statement, buckle up, because there’s lots more where they came from! There’s a motley of pattern floor tiles for kitchen designs that are stunning, and charming. 


You’ll find diamond pattern floor tiles, arrow floor tiles, leaf pattern floor tiles and even geometric pattern tiles on your hunt for the perfect kitchen tile. We’re not kidding when we say there are so many fun options for pattern kitchen tiles. Plus, if there’s one thing that kitchens need as a central area in a home it’s a fitting design style which is exactly what versatile tile patterns can offer. 


Here’s a few options that we think you’ll swoon over for your next residential or commercial kitchen floor tiles project:


Pattern Stone Kitchen Floor Tiles in Home

Shown Above: Darandelles diamond pattern floor tile in modern gray kitchen interior 


Want to make guests in your client’s home say “Wow!”, then bold marble pattern tiles for the kitchen is the way to go. There’s very little that stone pattern tile designs won’t add to a space; from their stunning shine to their lustrous and captivating veining, they have stylish written all over them. Plus, these kitchen floor tiles are able to add a touch of lux under the feet which naturally will make any cooking session far more enjoyable.


For example, diamond pattern mosaic tiles create a sense of intrigue and movement which is exactly the staple of stand-out, statement kitchen floor tiles. Our Darandelles diamond gray pattern tile is a prime example of this gorgeous choice. With a layered appearance, this equator marble and Thassos mosaic floor tile creates dimension in the classiest of ways.  



Kitchen Floor Tile With Puppy

Shown Above: Picasso 1 kitchen floor tiles with cute pup


Not one for a classic marble mosaic floor tile? Understandable. A slate pattern floor tile may be a match instead. Slate pattern mosaic tiles have a fusion of colors on the surface that make for a beguiling design experience. Unlike marble, these stone floor tiles have a more edgy, unrefined appearance that lets them instantly speak to any who enter a space. 


Like how our Picasso 1 slate mosaic tile has a medley of beiges and blues adorning its surface, it is far from dull. This warming arrangement works for kitchen floor tiles since it not only adds movement with its wave pattern, but welcomes an earthy touch that any rustic or traditional kitchen design will love.


kitchen floor tiles

Shown Above: Urbana Wood geometric wood look floor tiles in restaurant  


For those who like living on the edge, or don’t mind being a bit square (pun intended) then using geometric wood look tiles is a great idea. With the unique ability to blend into a myriad of interior design style; from contemporary to rustic chic, they make a fun alternative to real wood flooring.


The best example of a wood look that’s geo-chic and eye-catching? Our Urbana Wood porcelain tile. These kitchen floor tiles offer an earthy touch and modern twist.



Pattern Hexagon Kitchen Floor Tile Neutral

Shown Above: Movement Deco Ivory pattern hexagon kitchen floor tiles 


For those who enjoy a fabric feel in their designs, let us introduce you to pattern hexagon tiles with textured bodies. Fabric look porcelain tiles offer the same neutral and warming ambiance that wood look kitchen floor tiles do without the heaviness. Usually with a less dense appearance, these pattern hexagon floor tiles are able to play off space the same way linen does in a living room; easy, breezy, and stylishly. 


Take for example our Movement Hexagon Ivory porcelain tile–It’s a far cry from a traditional pattern tile. With a stippled appearance likened to that of linen, this off white hexagon porcelain floor tile will give any kitchen design a soothing touch with its varied tribal patterns. A perfect fit for coastal cottages, beach-side hotels, or modern rustic homes craving a neutral touch with a twist for kitchen floor tiles.


 moroccan stone kitchen floor tiles blue

Shown Above: Pantheon Blue-White moroccan kitchen floor tiles 


Blue and white pattern tiles are a great way to add a color pop into a kitchen design project. After all, this duo combines two of the top favorites in the design community! Bold kitchen floor tiles are a great way to add a lively twist, especially in otherwise mundane spaces. 


For example, our Pantheon Blue-White stone waterjet floor tiles provide something visually satisfying about the repetitive, continuous star and cross tile pattern, so effectively done that it’s hard not to be entranced with their beauty.



Traditional Wood Look Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tiles 


Where are all our traditionalists out there? Yep, we’re here for you too with twists on tradition by way of wood look porcelain kitchen floor tiles. These standard plank porcelain tiles will give any space that captivating classic, feel good look you all know and love minus the upkeep or chance at rot. 


Wood look porcelain tiles come in myriad formats from 12×48 porcelain tiles to 6×48 porcelain tiles, making it unbelievably easy to choose them over traditional wood flooring. Thanks to advances in porcelain tile printing, these floor tiles even look like the real thing; knots and graining included. The only thing that they don’t have? A need to deep clean or inspect for scratches all the time.  


All right, here’s some inspirational looks just for you, our tradition-lovers!:



light wood look porcelain kitchen floor tiles with small round table

Shown Above: Oregon Rustic Bianco Deco floor tiles in rustic chic kitchen interior  


We’ll start things off the right way; with a beloved rustic kitchen floor tile option. When it comes to the world of wood look porcelain tiles, there are seemingly endless versions to chose from. The best part? These kitchen floor tiles are pet-and-kids-approved. Thanks to their high durability, they’re far harder to scratch up like traditional wood, which allows for peace of mind in the long term.


For those that enjoy cozy, chic interiors, the Oregon Rustic Bianco Deco kitchen floor tiles will make a satisfying fit for you! This perfectly imperfect beige wood porcelain tile can fit these spaces perfectly. Charming and rustic, the 8×48 porcelain floor tile brings all the beauty wanted of a timeless wood piece and empowers it with the longevity of porcelain. Thanks to its matte finish, it has the uncanny resemblance to aged wood, complete with knots an a distressed, layered appearance. 



Medium gray wood look porcelain kitchen floor tiles with side table

Shown Above: Kasai Fumo gray wood look porcelain tile on floors 


For those clients that don’t want to steer too far of from tradition, there is a solution; more streamlined, expectation-filling wood look kitchen floor tiles. While these beauties may not have that “wow” factor about them, they still stun in a classical way. They’re the perfect solution to transitional, Asian Zen or traditional homes that crave floor longevity. 


One prime example of such a tile is our Kasai Fumo dark wood look tile. With a deep grey body, this porcelain tile adds a subtle statement while keeping traditional tastes in mind. No one will be able to tell whether the wood has hidden secrets from times past, thanks to its realistic graining. This 10×60 wood look porcelain tile will heighten any kitchen floor instantly. Pair with a classic white subway tile kitchen backsplash and you have a chic, timeless look.



Shown Above: Woven wood look tiles on wall paired with wood chevron kitchen floor tiles 


Twists on tradition are fun and zigzag wood look kitchen floor tiles prove just that with their movement and enchanting designs. A chevron porcelain tile is a contemporary staple for interiors that crave a slight edge and wood look tiles in this tile lay pattern do just that with a more warming, cozy-instilling effect. 


For instance, using a chevron wood look floor tile in kitchens will add a sense of depth and will create a cozy atmosphere. Subtly placed overhead lighting enhances the gorgeous, daring lines running through the walnut-colored tiles.



multicolor wood look porcelain outdoor kitchen floor tiles

Shown Above: Tanglewood Mixed Planks porcelain outdoor kitchen floor tiles 


Commercial and residential outdoor spaces can definitely embrace the benefits of wood look porcelain tiles. Outdoor kitchen floor tiles need to be waterproof, durable, and stylish. This style of tile checks all the boxes to ensure an exquisite end result.


Such is the case with our charismatic Tanglewood Mixed Planks porcelain tiles. With a medley of beige tiles, white tiles and grey tiles mingling together, the result is a multi-color wood look porcelain tile that works well in outdoor arrangements. With a bohemian chic appeal, you can dress these wood look tiles up with neutral outdoor furniture and some bold decor accents for a noteworthy time.






Remember when we said that wood look tiles, unlike wood flooring, is a kid approved? We weren’t kidding! Kids and parents alike love wood look porcelain kitchen tiles for two reasons: 1) Messes are easy to clean without worry of stains and 2) They clearly make for a very comfortable surface to play (or nap) on 😉 


Chevron Pattern Kitchen Floor Tiles


Zigzag your way into your client’s heart with chevron kitchen tiles. These inviting tiles are a great way to add subtle movement in a kitchen project. They are able to add a touch of excitement without being too busy which is always a design A+.


There’s also so many ways to embrace the style; marble chevron tiles, porcelain chevron tiles, wood chevron tiles, and classic white marble chevron kitchen tiles. The versatility makes it so easy to find a fit. 


Scroll through and see some striped tile lay patterns that may strike your fancy:



Gorgeous chevron kitchen floor tiles with ladies feet

Shown Above: Arta zigzag pattern floor tiles under feet in a chic modern classic kitchen  


Feetfie, anyone? Oh, yes. Chevron floor tiles in the kitchen make for a major Insta-worthy moment. With their mesmerizing zigzag tile pattern, they quickly capture attention and hold it. What’s more, marble chevron kitchen floor tiles make for a more luxurious version of this gorgeous and favorited design pattern. With their bold statement and classic appeal, you can’t go wrong!


For example, our Arta chevron marble floor tile above showcases how truly wonderful this style really is. Made from a lush trio of Thassos, Bianco Carrara, and Bardiglio marbles, it stuns. These white and grey chevron kitchen tiles make for a playful yet mature touch in any project.



Modern chevron porcelain kitchen floor tiles

Shown Above: Acadia Spiga Bianco chevron kitchen floor tiles in modern transitional interior 


Light, bright and clean. That’s what you get when you use a light chevron porcelain kitchen floor tile in your design. With clean lines and a smooth appearance, these kitchen floor tiles flow effortlessly in any interior design style of choice; be it a traditional home or contemporary living space. 


Our gorgeous Acadia Spiga Bianco porcelain tile shows this case-in-point above. With pressed edges and authentic worn-in feeling, this grey chevron kitchen tile creates a coveted focal point. What’s more, the porcelain tile texture will trick guests into thinking the real thing lies underfoot with its wood grain appeal. 


Floral Pattern Kitchen Floor Tiles 


Why wait for warmer weather to capture that springtime feeling? With floral tiles, your project can bloom year-round. Floral tiles for kitchen projects is a seamless way to promote a burst of freshness and feminine feeling in a truly spectacular way. 


The best part? No two floral tiles look the same, just like wild blooms in nature. You can find decorative floral ceramic tiles, white floral floor tiles, and floral mosaic tiles that will add a certain one-of-a-kind mystique to your next design. 


 Let’s take a trip to the virtual design florist and get some inspiration below:


Floral kitchen floor tiles with smiling white dog

Shown Above: Fiore 2 gray and white floral tiles 


Explore a more upscale, luxurious version of floral kitchen floor tiles. Floral marble tiles are a class of their own with the outstanding polished, chic appearance stone floor tiles give melding together with the beauty of repetitive floral blooms.


Our Fiore-2 marble floral tiles are a great example of this. They have a stunning Carrara and White Thassos body with a swirling floral repeat pattern tile that makes the ultimate in glamorous interiors. 


If you’re here you’ve reached the end. Don’t despair! We have even more kitchen floor tiles for you to explore and be inspired by. Feel free to take a look at our online gallery for more looks and see what catches your eye for a truly beautiful and unique kitchen floor tiles project! We know that the right tile is within reach and wish you luck on your design journey!



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