What’s Trending in 2020?

Each new year means a chance to refresh and create exciting products for our customers.
Whether it is for a kitchen, bathroom or commercial remodel, Mir Mosaic aspires to create each and every product to make your living spaces more appealing and livable while keeping it up to date reflecting the trends of the year. So what happened in the first half of 2019 and what tile trends have entered our decors? Let’s have a look at some of the tile trends that made a mark on interior designs this year.

More Patterns

This year we see a lot of patterned tiles having a serious moment in decor – florals and
leaf prints being particularly prominent. Tiles with nature inspired patterns are incorporated more into our designs being alternative to wallpapers and other wall coverings, bringing a warm feeling to our decor.

    Epillet Bleue

Geometric tiles are still trending in home decor with intricate patterns and striking, clean lines. From playful shapes to ever-popular hexagons, we will keep using these patterns again and again in our designs with some updated twists for a more contemporary look. Get ready to be blown away with these eye-catching patterns not only on the floors but also on statement walls and backsplashes!

    Riviera Blanc

Bolder Colors

This year we are all growing more adventurous in our color choices. 2019 will be a year where bolder colors are preferred. Don’t be afraid to use darker tiles in your kitchens and bathrooms since they are a great way to add personality and luxurious look – especially when combined correctly with the light tones to give a dramatic effect. These days it’s all about bold and daring designs especially for bathrooms to evoke an artsy, high-end experience.

                                                                                                                                 Black Diamond & Mondrian Ash

Urbana wood blue
   Riviera Marine

Gold Tones

Quality, luxury and elegance. If you want to have these elements in your decor, gold is the way to go. This year gold accents are in high demand for home decor – replacing last year’s copper and rose golds and looks like this trend is still here to stay for a while. Tile with gold accents is a wise choice for adding some gilt and luxury to a space without overwhelming the decor. You can easily infuse your home with shine by using gold accented marble tiles for a backsplash bringing together the classic with just a hint of luxe.


   Angolo 3

Going “Greener”

Recycled glass tiles are one of the most important elements in environmentally consciuos
projects. The increasing awareness of environmentally friendly lifestyle have boosted the popularity of recycled glass tiles resulting in more customers searching for recycled materials. Beautiful, affordable and sustainable, recycled glass tiles are not only long lasting but also easy to clean and install for the walls and floors.

We will see more recycled tiles in world of tiles while customers are moving to a greener direction in their projects. As Mir Mosaic, we are also proud to have such a contribution to the environment and make a point of adding eco-friendly materials into our collections. If you are interested in using environmentally friendly materials in your next project, why dont you check our Nantucket Collection – a truly green recycled tile collection in herringbone, hexagon and subway styles comprised of three different colors.

  Madaket Hexagon

Sankaty Herringbone
Wood Look
Wood -looking tiles are are so warm and welcoming that it is hard not to love them. Considering the advantages over hardwood, wood-look tiles have taken the stage in the last few years drawing incredible attention for residential and commercial projects. This year wood-look tiles continue to be a solution for the ones that crave for the hardwood look – now with even more unexpected design options.

While planks may be the most common style, get ready to see the wood-look in different shapes and patterns such as hexagons, chevrons and oversized format tiles that push the boundaries to customize your decor.

          Acadia Spiga Gris

          Royal Wood Bianco Hex

Wood-look tile will also be an option for beautiful kitchen and bathroom backsplash designs, creating uniqe statement pieces making wood-look tile a truly desirable design element for the walls.

Oregon Rustic Bianco Hex

2019 is definitely the year of pattern, color and texture coming back to our decor after years of contemporary grays and cool tones. We will see the movement from cold to bolder and stronger choices while fun patterned tiles and updated geometric shapes take the stage in our decor. Check out our gallery to see more of our latest tile collections and find the favorite style for your next remodeling project!

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