10 Gorgeous Modern Farmhouse Designs That Are Must-Sees

Modern farmhouse interiors. If there’s a design that continues to trend year after year, it’s this one. While it may seem like a strange term, with the two words juxtaposing one another; it’s pretty much known that opposites attract and such is the case with this interior design style! Combining the form and function wanted of a modern space with the cozy, home vibes of a traditional farmhouse design, you truly get the best of both worlds. If this is a style on your radar for a design project, scroll through and get inspired by 10 designs below.


Shape It Up With Textures.

Modern Farmhouse Floor Tile

Shown Above: Largo Floor Tiles in modern farmhouse kitchen with neutral colors


When it comes to modern farmhouse, there’s one thing that you should never shy away from and that’s textures. In this kitchen that holds especially true with the variety of wood look floor tiles and chevron wall tiles used. There’s a cozy meets clean aesthetic that makes this a charming example of farmhouse decor done right. As you see, farmhouse design isn’t just white-washed tile, or exposed wooden beams, but uses a melding of elements to create a fresh modern-meets-country appeal.



Neutral About Laundry Day? No Longer.

Modern Farmhouse laundry room floor tile

Shown Above: Hexagon stone floor tiles in a laundry room with modern farmhouse interior style


Is your client tired of laundry day? You’re in luck. Modern farmhouse styles can extend to your laundry room design project. This means you can give your client the cleaning room of their dreams with a trend that is as timeless as it is fresh.


Plus, if there’s one thing that a farmhouse look offers its a neutral-loving palette. Such is the case in this design where light brown cabinetry matches a texture stone floor tile. The hexagon tile on floors breaks up the monotony of the color scheme with a two-tone body that ties the whole space together easily. This keeps the overall look light, airy and intriguing. 


Earth Colors For Carefree Living.

Modern farmhouse shower

Shown Above: Modern farmhouse bathroom with Plume ceramic shower tiles 


One of the most endearing aspects of farmhouse modern decor is making an environment that is perfectly imperfect. After all, it is a nod to traditional country design with its use of textures, mixed materials and worn-in look. That’s why when it comes to color scheme, this design is not limited to solely neutrals or pure whites, but can do well with a splash of earth tone hues, too.


While modern style craves monochromatic styles and clean cut lines; modern farmhouse craves the intentionality of modern design but without the coldness. This is why using a handmade look ceramic tile can go a long way such as in this shower design. Between the clean white ceramic wall tile and the border tile around the shower niche, you can see a fusion of colors does well in moderation for a cozy look.



Comfort Food Meets Comfort Style.

modern farmhouse backsplash kitchen tile

Shown Above: Green modern farmhouse decor kitchen backsplash tile 


Sun-soaked spaces do well with modern farmhouse style. As can be seen in this kitchen with its warming green cabinetry and framed backsplash tile. With the intrinsically country style it has, it provides clean lines that create a cohesiveness. The stylish decor adds inviting farmhouse decor approved warmth to this space, too.


The way that our plume vine ceramic backsplash tile and the crackled subway tile work together in this space is a testament to the beauty of mixed materials for modern farmhouse wall decor.  



A Little Country. A Little Romance. 

Modern farmhouse bathroom floor tile

Shown Above: Pattern floor tile in farmhouse look bathroom with soaking tub


When it comes to modern country decorating, don’t be scared to mix and match new with old. At the heart of this design style is a want for vintage or well-worn pieces. The goal is to shape a space that tells a story and has character, which is exactly what using a myriad of materials will do! 


Just as seen in this design, a bold patterned marble floor tile can create a farmhouse approved statement while the beautiful, more time-tested brass hardware elevates it for years to come. Throwing in a a vintage-inspired frame mirror and wicker basket top the design off to really seal the deal for this modern farmhouse bathroom.


Modern Farmhouse Meets Stone Sophistication.

Modern farmhouse bathroom floor tile

Shown Above: Savannah Plantation stone mosaic bathroom floor tiles in farmhouse approved room


Remember when we said texture and natural materials are a go-to for farmhouse chic designs? Well, that’s seen here with the crisp, fresh take on modern farmhouse bathroom floor and decor. Using a tumbled stone mosaic tile on bathroom floors makes for a unique focal point in this space. It has natural variation that creates dimension and a understated highlight.


Topping off and tying together the whole design is the heavily grained vanity matching the wicker basket and storage units on the bathroom shelving. There’s a cozy, home vibe that melds together with the function needed of a more modern bathroom.


Patterns and Chandeliers? Yes, Please. 

Modern farmhouse backsplash tile

Shown Above: Pantheon stone backsplash tiles in a modern farmhouse kitchen


Think you’re stuck with using just wood, wicker and marble? Think again. In a farmhouse kitchen the sky’s the limit with the materials that you can use. As seen in this space, you can bring in a unique main color like the sage green cabinetry and matching kitchen island bar stools and use a pattern backsplash tile to add a pop of intrigue. 


Also, you’re in no way limited to sticking into the traditional confines of this style. Adding a modern farmhouse chandelier will give you a bit of that Old Hollywood glam style, adding a little eye-candy to the otherwise livable space. 




Modern Farmhouse Approved: Bright, White and Fresh.

kitchen floor tiles

Shown Above: Marble hexagon kitchen floor tiles with farmhouse decor


If there’s one style of modern farmhouse kitchens that gets the most noticed on social media, it’s a white farmhouse kitchen. There’s little wonder why; there’s a bright, airy and light intrigue that instantly catches the eye and draws you in. Plus, the crisp balance of all white cabinetry with a sense of depth through marble tiles on floor or walls is enough to make classically chic design for ages.


That’s quite visualized in the space above. With its sleek cabinetry that trends towards modern, the hexagon floor tiles, and the use of wood decor to warm it up, this white and gray modern farmhouse kitchen proves the beauty of the style in one snap.


Shiplap? Perhaps.

Interior Design Styles - Modern Farmhouse

Shown Above: Tanglewood Mixed Planks wood look floor tiles in kitchen 


With modern farmhouse kitchen interiors, shiplap can do wonders. This wall treatment has become synonymous with the design trend as of late and it makes sense; it has covetable texture and a unique visual wherever it’s placed.


As seen in the kitchen design above, the wood look plank tiles add a rustic feeling with their mixed sizes and unpolished finishes. The result is a space that truly embraces the timeless aesthetic wood look porcelain tiles offer matched with country-approved countertops and a kitchen island.


Modern Farmhouse + Wood Look Tiles = Happiness

Shown Above: Oregon Fume wood look wall tiles with modern farmhouse shelving


The darker side of modern farmhouse decor is just as appealing as the lighter forms. With depth, dimension and intrinsic movement, using dark brown wood look tiles that have multi-tonal bodies is a sure-fire way to make an impact in this design type. In place of traditional wood, you can still give your design project that stamp of farmhouse approval with its realistic wood graining and knotting. Plus, thanks to printing advancements, many wood look tiles offer a worn-in appearance that tricks the eyes into thinking that they’ve been a part of a home for longer than they have been. All green lights for a chic modern farmhouse design! 


As you see, modern farmhouse includes a wide spectrum of design details. You’re never cornered into a traditional definition of it, which is why it continues to be a favorite among designers. You can create a more glam version of the style or pull back on decor items to make it more sleek and modern.


Since you’ve reached the end, we bet you’re full of inspiration and ready to find the perfect tile for your design, aren’t you? If this sounds right, click here to explore all the tile options you can use for your design today!

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