New Year, New Tile Collections

The most exciting part about the new year is debuting all of our new tile collections. Let us tell you, we have plenty of beautiful ones that we are sure you’ll love. From dimensional zellige-inspired tiles to large format terrazzo porcelain tiles, there are so many additions for you to choose from. Let’s go over all of them below – prepare for inspiration overload!

Bring Ancient Art to Life with Alcazar Tiles

Ever loved the appeal of intricately designed tiles that artfully balance past traditions with modern aesthetics? Our Alcazar porcelain tile collection, inspired by the masterful zellige tilework seen in the Royal Alcazar in Seville, Spain, captivates just that feeling. 

Our Alcazar tiles might stray from those vibrant palettes you’ll see in the grand architecture of the palace, but their subtle, muted colorways have a charm of their own that’s equally hard to ignore and easy to embrace in any space.

Available in four transitional shades – white, aqua, terra, and cotton, these dimensional porcelain wall tiles infuse any home with just the right amount of personality. Plus, the collection’s true charm lies in its unique patterns – an 8-pointed star design deeply rooted in the craftsmanship of the original Alcazar zellige tilework. 

You’ll see that in this collection, each tile is imbued with a rich, 3-D, tactile texture that invites touch and a subtle shine that plays with light. It’s the kind of aesthetic that defines spaces, the minute detail that turns ‘just another room’ into your favorite spot.

Perfectly cut to a practical 12 x 22 tile, these porcelains are the ultimate fit for any space craving a New Year refresh, whether it’s sprucing up the kitchen backsplash, adding character to the living room’s fireplace, or turning your shower walls into a steamy retreat. 

When it comes to styling, the options are endless – they can serve as a statement piece against sleek, modern furniture or blend harmoniously with soft hues for those who favor understated elegance. You’ll enjoy their longevity, resistance to scratches, and ease of cleaning…A valuable asset for those who want to maintain a high-quality look in their space for years to come. 

Athabasca Tiles: The Great Canadian Escape

Canada’s majestic Athabasca region is no longer limited to postcards! Meet another of our new porcelain tile collections, a captivating homage to the Athabascan wilderness, designed to bring a slice of that natural grandeur to your design projects. Our Athabasca lineup offers a buffet of design options: two enticing porcelain tile varieties named Glacier and Rock, a choice between and a selection of four sizes, including a mosaic. 

The Athabasca Rock is your perfect match if you’re seeking a bold, electrifying design element. It carries an aura of intrigue, making it an outstanding choice for those aiming to shape an ultra-modern, raw, and industrial ambiance. Use as a floor tile in commercial spaces, like restaurants or hotels. The porcelain body can hold up!

A design tip: Consider using soft, ambient lighting to give this tile some extra jazz. Such lighting not only highlights the enigmatic charm of Athabasca Rock but also adds depth and interest to the look of your space. Topping it off with some edgy designer furniture could also serve up a stylish finish. 

White usually tops the list when we talk about sophistication and luxury. This is where our Athabasca Glacier porcelain tile steps up to the plate. Choosing this tile means you add a bit of visual flair to your space with durability we all love. The delicate fusion of gray and beige faux marble tile veining that runs through the tile brings a soft yet distinctive touch to your final design. 

Fresh Expressions of Calm in Our Zen Deco Collection

Perfect for those who appreciate the warmth of wood yet require the resilience of porcelain, these new tile additions in our Zen Deco Collection offer the best of both worlds. Their organic charm is a nod to the serene Scandi-Zen style, now available in contemporary black and white options. Sized at 24 x 28, they seamlessly adapt to any space, whether it’s gracing your patio floor or creating a statement wall in your living area. 

If your space calls for a touch of drama without losing its serene essence, the 24×48 Zen Deco Black tile might fit the bill. Its charcoal shade is a sophisticated twist on traditional dark brown wood-look tiles, injecting depth while staying true to Scandi-Zen decor principles. Picture it grounding your area rugs or anchoring your light-colored furniture – the contrast will captivate while still complimenting your natural-styled accents. Also, try mixing in textiles or plants that pop against the tile’s muted glamour for visual intrigue. 

Draw the best out of minimalist Scandi-Zen design with the Zen Deco White 24×48  tile, a subtle yet eye-catching addition to your designs. It’s neither too plain nor overly complex, honing in on a well-defined, textured surface to keep things interesting. You might consider playing up its quiet, textured surface by pairing it with similarly subdued hues – think soft whites, cool grays, and natural wood tones. Additionally, using brushed steel fittings can match its cool tones, giving your space a unified, nice look. 

Encadre Collection: Six Sides of Style

Hexagons, but make it extra! The Encandre Porcelain Tile Collection is here to take your love for geometric shapes to a whole new level. Forget flat and boring, these tiles boast rich textures that mimic the natural look of wood and the nuances of marble. And they come in 7 swoon-worthy colorways: Day, Night, Cotto, Ceniza, Gris Ebano, Grafito, and Haya. 

From kitchen backsplashes to bustling restaurants, Encadre tiles are built to last. Made from porcelain, these tiles can easily face daily wear and tear, making them perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways and commercial spaces. Even splashes in bathrooms and spills in mudrooms are no match for their water-resistant surface!

Soft colorways like the Encadre Ceniza and Encadre Haya Gris create a calming, airy atmosphere perfect for unwinding or a baby’s nursery. Love a minimalist vibe? Let the clean lines and geometric shape of these hex tiles shine through a monochromatic palette and sleek furniture. Feeling more bohemian? Layer textures with woven textiles and natural wood accents. 

For a bold statement in modern residential or commercial spaces, let the deep hues of Encadre Night and Encadre Grafito take center stage. Opt for a dramatic backsplash in Encadre Day for a kitchen with personality. In living rooms, create striking flooring with Encadre Cotto or Encadre Gris Ebano for a conversation-starting design underfoot. Don’t shy away from mixing bold colors with sleek furniture and minimalist decor for a truly modern masterpiece. No matter your style, these versatile tiles can be styled to seamlessly blend with your existing decor or be the foundation for a whole new design adventure. 

Your Favorite Tiles in a New Size: Terra Speckled 24 x 24

We’re so excited about this one, and we know you’ll be, too! Known for its exquisite terrazzo-look porcelain tiles, the Terra Speckled collection has become a crowd favorite, mainly due to its winning combo of class and endurance. We’re ecstatic to introduce it once again in a snazzy new size – a beautiful 24 x 24 porcelain tile format! Magic up any corner – indoors or outdoors – with an extra scoop of versatility and charm, all decked out in four jaw-dropping color palettes. We say it’s time to tickle your spaces with a dash of Terra! 

Here’s the real deal, though: the large format tile size creates a seamless, flowing look that makes spaces appear wider and more open, thanks to fewer grout lines. It’s a simple trick of the eye that can transform your area from snug to spacious, making these large-format tiles a smart choice for anyone after that ‘endless room’ feel. Plus, they’re a cinch to maintain. Just a quick sweep or mop, and they’re back to their speckled splendor, demanding very little for the beauty they return. Use on outdoor or indoor fireplace surrounds, like above, for year-round compliments!

Where do these terrazzo tiles work best, you might ask? Anywhere you want a sprinkle of style without the worry of wear and tear. Just dream up the vision for your commercial or residential interior, and let the Terra Speckled 24×24 tiles do the heavy lifting. Their union of elegance, endurance, and ease of maintenance makes them a go-to for the space-savvy and the style-conscious – exactly the kind of multitasking marvel we’ve all been seeking. Want to explore more of the Terra Speckled Collection? You can view all the tiles in one space here.

Wrapping Up Our New Tile Arrivals for 2024

There you have it: our new tile collections for this new year. We hope you had fun looking at the variety of fresh lines we have in store and that you can use them to create the perfect space that reflects your awesome self. 

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