How To Use Statement Tiles In A Design Project

Statement tiles. These gorgeous, conversation-starting tiles are the ultimate in creating a design that allows a space to speak for itself. First impressions do matter when it comes to the world of interior design and choosing a bold, strong tile is the best way to ensure that they’re always positive ones. Today we’re going to dive into all the ways you can style statement tiles in your next design project. So get ready to be inspired, and scroll through for some Insta-worthy eye candy.


Design Beautiful Bathroom Backsplashes With Statement Tiles


The first place to use statement tiles? The bathroom. There are so many ways to utilize these beauties in here. You can find statement bathroom floor tiles or backsplash tiles to create a truly one-of-a-kind design. Even for those that have budget restraints, a statement tile can still be used, albeit in moderation. Think penny round mosaic tiles on bathroom floors and then a gorgeous pattern tile backsplash. Instantly you have an astounding space without the same cost as a more luxurious full-on statement tiles bathroom. 


So, whether your budget is uncapped or capped, below you’ll be able to see how stunning backsplash tiles work in this room extremely well.



Statement Tiles Backsplash   Art Deco Statement Tiles Backsplash Bathroom

Shown Above: Rockefeller Nouveau black jade tile on bathroom backsplash | Rockefeller Sunburst grey backsplash tile 


Art Deco, anyone? For us, it’s a yes please and thank you.


Geometric backsplash tiles are as captivating as statement tiles can get! Fusing together the distinguished class appeal of the roaring twenties with the sophistication of modern design, Art Deco statement tiles are a go-to for eternally gorgeous bathroom backsplashes. Pair with a brass mirror and a midcentury lighting fixtures to give your project the ultimate nod to the wild years of a century past.


Our Rockefeller Collection can deliver on this look with its 1920’s inspired pattern stone tile body and brass inlay. Enjoy an abstract mosaic backsplash tile with the Rockefeller Nouveau black jade or indulge in a circular mosaic feature wall tile with the Rockefeller Grey Sunburst tile. While the latter will promote a moody, and swanky design; the former will intrigue with bursts of brass emulating sun rays for a timelessly chic appearance. 



Ceramic Statement Tiles Blue Backsplash

Shown Above: Satin Quetzal ceramic tile on bathroom wall 


Nothing stuns quite like a gem colored ceramic tile backsplash. There’s so many ways to design with this traditional and timeless choice. You can create a midcentury modern design (above) that transcends the time-space barrier with the ultimate in modern twist. Statement tiles don’t have to be overly lux to make an impact. Instead of using a black ceramic tile, you can use a bold blue backsplash tile instead. You still get the same depth, but without the same level of darkness. A win-win for statement-making designs.


As seen above, the Satin Quetzal bathroom wall tile is a prime option for those that want to add a level of quirk to their design. With a deep, blue-green aesthetic, this square ceramic tile is guaranteed to wow. It has a deep, gemstone hue that it’s instantly captivating and oh-so-yummy. It can be adorned with eclectic fixtures to heighten the space’s overall unique appearance or you can add more basic elements around it to make it the stand-out piece in the bathroom. The choice is yours.



Statement Tiles Backsplash

Shown Above: Esther marble tile adorns bathroom backsplash 


Want to explore statement tiles with a more organic feeling? Look no further than pattern natural stone tiles. These bathroom backsplash tiles are guaranteed to make a lasting impression. For starters, marble has intrinsic variables due to its veining which means that there are endless styles to create a design with natural hues. Take for instance, Calacatta gold marble tile, this gorgeous piece has golden caramel swirls against a white background, adding a decadent, statement tiles approved feel to any space. On the other hand, bardiglio marble tile has a stormy gray palette that adds a more rich, moody feeling to a design. 


The best part? When these natural stone tiles form pattern backsplash tiles as seen above with the Esther tile from our Majesty collection. This awe-inspiring stone waterjet tile melds together Calacata Gold, Bardiglio Nuvolato, and Gris Pulpis to produce a spectrum of color. The beige, white and gray tile is shaped into leaves and creates fluid movement on any bathroom wall. Ideal for a commercial cabin or residential space with a more traditional design angle with warming contrasts.



Statement Tiles Backsplash Powder Room

Shown Above: Cloud 9 blue glass mosaic tile on powder room wall 


Subway tile in a statement tiles blog post? Yep! Subway tiles have come a long way. You can enjoy the traditional beauty of subway tiles in bathroom backsplashes with an updated feeling. Such is the case with glass subway tiles. These shimmering, glimmering backsplash tiles not only create a more spacious feeling in smaller spaces but are total eye candy! They come in myriad colors, too, which makes the option to create a statement even easier. Not to mention, unlike ceramic subway tiles, glass subway wall tiles are durable and require less maintenance. 


The proof can be seen with the Cloud 9 Blue 3×9 glass tile above. Our glass tile has natural swirls in its body, giving way to a marbling of color that is far from dull. Plus, the natural variations in each of the tiles creates a sense of dimensionality when placed on a bathroom wall. Dress up with a wooden vanity to create a contrast in textures. 


Cook-Worthy Kitchen Backsplash Statement Tiles 


What can make cooking less of a bore, you wonder? Statement tiles! Adding an intricate kitchen backsplash tile to this space can make all the difference. For example, if you have an otherwise neutral kitchen design, you can add some “wow” factor to it with a sophisticated marble backsplash tile. This will heighten the sense of luxury while not disturbing the overall ambiance. Alternatively, statement tiles can be used to create a focal point in the kitchen. Adding a bold backsplash tile that contrasts the rest of the space will steal the show, taking any design from “meh” to “whoa!”


Brass Inlay Statement Tiles Backsplash Kitchen

Shown Above: Euphoria waterjet stone tile on a kitchen backsplash 


A little bit of  brass. A whole lot of bold. If there’s one way to cook up a statement with kitchen backsplash tiles it’s with a metal accent! Brass and stone tiles are bound to make heads turn. This tile type melds together luxury and edge to produce a truly stunning result. It’s like the cooler older sister of natural stone tile. 


For example, our Euphoria waterjet tile is made with Calacatta Gold and features brass accents. Not only does the geometric tile give a sense of movement with its diamond shapes, it also heightens the design instantly. Pair with wooden accents to create a contrast or add more brass accents to carry home that contemporary edge.


Statement Tiles Kitchen Backsplash

Shown Above: Alcamo circular pattern backsplash tile in kitchen 


Make an infinitely good-looking design with circular waterjet tiles. Fusing together a classic, traditional look with a slight edge thanks to the interwoven circles, this kitchen backsplash tile offers endless drama that draws the eyes in. Stone waterjet tiles are truly a craft and will seamlessly work in any statement tiles design.


Our Alcamo waterjet tile is a great vision of this (above.) With a bold, circular pattern, it creates a backsplash tile focal point in the kitchen; whereas, its Bianco Carrara body promises a more subtle, classy appeal. The combination together is a luxurious and harmonious statement.



Blue Statement Tiles Backsplash

Shown Above: Blue mosaic tiles on kitchen backsplash 


The only blues we accept are blue statement tiles. Nothing is as attention-grabbing as a bold, blue tile is, especially when it’s used in an otherwise monochromatic space like the one seen above. Creating contrasts with blue glass mosaic tiles is a key way to bring a bold focal point into a commercial or residential design project to wow guests. It’s no wonder this colorful tile is a classic!


Here at MIR we love a good blue tile. That’s why our Alma Collection has a huge variety of glass mosaic tiles that range from dark blue tiles to light blue tiles. With such a span of the color, you can find the perfect blue glass tile to fit into your design. These statement tiles won’t disappoint and can be used for backsplash tiles in a coastal bathroom design or kitchen backsplash tile in a modern transitional home. 


Captivating Statement Tiles In Commercial Spaces


If there’s one area that statement tiles naturally inhabit, it’s commercial spaces. Primed for first impression importance, commercial projects need an edge that guests can talk about and take photos of. Dreaming up a new design? Then you should consider the wide options available. For instance, statement porcelain tiles on commercial bars will withstand wear and tear so their beauty carries on for years; Alternatively, a marble floor tile in a hotel may require more maintenance but it will instill a luxury not to be forgotten. 


Statement Tiles Commercial Space

Shown Above: Gold glass mosaic tile on commercial bar


We’ve found your design a golden ticket…Sort of. Gold tiles are a brilliant way to create a stunning, statement-making space. Plus, there are so many forms of gold tile styles to choose from. Gold glass mosaic tiles are shimmering and have actual gold leaf to create a truly luxurious, attention-stealing design. There’s also brass inlay porcelain tiles that have a bit of glamour to make any space sold on appeal.


Take for instance, the gold glass mosaic tile from our Alma Glamour collection above. This gold mosaic tile makes quite the statement in the commercial bar it is pictured in. With a hexagon mosaic shape, this gold feature wall tile is far from dull. The glossy body bounces light off naturally, creating an exquisite look.



Blue Wood Look Statement Tiles Feature Wall

Shown Above: Urbana blue wood look tile feature wall commercial restaurant 


Dine with delight with geometric, wood look statement tiles. Gone are the days of wood flooring or wood look tiles being dull. Thanks to advancements in manufacturing, wood look stone tiles and wood look porcelain tiles can have unmistakable pattern bodies that thrill guests in a commercial setting. From floral pattern tiles made from marble or a multi-tonal hexagonal tile, there’s nothing that wood looks can’t achieve these days. 


As seen with the Urbana Blue wood look porcelain tile above. This ombre restaurant wall tile creates a sense of dimension and depth in this restaurant. Made from a medley of blues; dark and light blue porcelain tiles with a patterned body, the result is endless intrigue.


Focal Point Statement Tiles Feature Walls


Statement tiles can really pull a room together when used on feature walls. After all, feature wall tiles are a seriously fun way to grab attention and make for a memorable design. The best part? It doesn’t have to set you back too much money to invest in! Choosing, for instance, a lower cost ceramic feature wall tile and using on an entryway wall in a residential or commercial space will give a definite “wow factor.” 


Blue Statement Tiles Commercial Space

Shown Above: Saint Tropez blue glass mosaic tile on feature wall in lobby 


Lobbies worth lurking in. If there’s one thing feature wall tiles can do, they keep interest. This is perfect for any space that requires waiting, like a hotel lobby or restaurant lobby. Using any statement tiles will create an undeniably beautiful result for all who are visiting. Think a mirror mosaic tile adorning the wall or a bold marble look porcelain tile to create an upscale scenery. 


Our Saint Tropez Cadet glass tile is a prime example of how completely transformative statement tiles can be in a space. Used as feature wall tile in the above commercial project, it elegantly shines and steals the show. With a geometric tile pattern that’s hard to not see, it’s a mash-up of modern appeal and classy Art Deco inspiration all in one. 



Metallic Statement Tiles Bathroom Feature Wall

Shown Above: Stellar copper porcelain tile bathroom wall 


Splash and splash in style with statement bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles. Statement tiles can decorate and transform a bathroom space instantly with a bold, satisfying appearance. Such is the case with industrial look porcelain or ceramic tiles that can create an urban oasis that stuns. 


Take for instance our Stellar CollectionWith a powerful allure, the Stellar Copper Tiles (above) bring a shimmery touch to any design with its metal-look, industrial chic porcelain bodies. With a slightly worn-in facade, which gives off the look that it’s been exposed to the elements, it stuns. These copper-tone porcelain tiles can be used to create an upscale contemporary look, and is perfect If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your bathroom floors or walls. 



Statement Tiles Wine Rack

Shown Above: Kasai Notte Kintsu black porcelain tile wine bar rack wall (Photo credit: Kristianne Watts, KW Designs


Cheers to a statement worthy look! Want to really outdo your design? Add a touch of unique appeal to a home bar! This is the perfect way to use statement tiles to create a focal point and gathering spot that people will love. 


For any space that is seeking a more traditional, rustic look, the Kasai Notte porcelain tile delivers. With its bold black and gold  color and worn-in wood look porcelain body, it instantly creates a storyline in any design. No one will be able to tell whether the wood has hidden secrets from times past, thanks to its realistic graining. This 10×60 wood look porcelain tile can be used on walls or floors, residential or commercial.


Fiery Design: Fireplaces With Statement Tiles


Turn up the heat with fireplace statement tiles! If there’s one way to create even more interest around a central design point like a living room or patio fireplace, it’s with a stand-out tile. That’s exactly why we added a few options below for your eyes delight!


Statement Tiles Fireplace

Shown Above: Esther Tile from Majesty Collection on fireplace


Stone for fireplaces? You’re probably thinking “Riveting.” with an eye-roll. But yes! Not just any stone tile, we’re speaking about statement tiles that have an unforgettable edge. While there’s always go-to stone for your fireplace, the movement away from dull to bold is a simple one. Add some pattern marble tiles, for instance, or grab attention by using a fireplace tile that has character and charm like a hexagon porcelain tile. 


For instance, take the fireplace above that features our Majesty Collection. This stone tile is far from ordinary. Made with Calacatta Gold, Bardiglio Nuvolato, and Gris Pulpis this fireplace tile instantly enhances a design. With moody grays and golden whites swirling together in a leaf pattern, the result is a naturally chic look ready to fire up any interior.



Art Deco Fireplace Statement Tiles

Shown Above: Rockefeller Collection fireplace tile 


Ooh la la! If there was ever a way to add decadence and sheer style to a space it is with an Art Deco approved fireplace tile. Made with metallic accents and the ritzy, sunburst motifs, these inspirational statement tiles will turn up the heat in any design. With glamour and eternal beauty, they’ll last for years to come. 


Case-in-point the stunning Rockefeller Black Crown marble and brass tile. This luxury waterjet is made with Black Jade and and Brass to give it the utmost in luxury appeal. It instantly makes for an amazing focal point and its marble tile body is the perfect complement to a fireplace. 


Statement Tiles In Flooring


Statement Tiles on Floor

Shown Above: Pantheon Black and White floor tiles 

This is exactly what our Pantheon black and white waterjet tile can do for any space. With its star and cross body, made with black and white stone, it’s far from dull. It can make any space a true masterpiece thanks to its subtle patterns on the surface of the stone floor tiles, too. The perfect addition for a Morrocan inspired tile design. 

Aren’t statement tiles wonderful? Go on, explore all options today and find the right fit for your next project!

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