Most of our stone mosaics are available in honed and polished surfaces. Stone is a natural product and may have variation ranging from color, size, thickness, blemishes and chipped edges. Polished surfaces may scratch.

Stone mosaic may be used on interior residential or commercial walls and on exterior walls in frost free areas. They can be used in wet areas, including submerged areas, as well as steam rooms.

We do not recommend using slate mosaic in showers or submerged areas as due to the nature of this stone it can transfer a rust brown/orange color when exposed to moisture. Delamination of stone can exist in slate products this will result in a portion of the stone thickness separating and dislodging itself from the rest of the stone, and this is not an adhesive failure but a natural characteristic of slate.

Due to the natural characteristics of stone products it is very important that the proper installation methods are used according to the relevant industry standards. For specific questions or accepted industry standards, refer to the Marble Institute of America (www.marble-institute.com) or the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). The use of natural stones in environments where acid exposure is likely to happen requires proper stone selection to avoid dulling or etching.

Please always use a licensed contractor to install our mosaics. We recommend installing stones over a clean, sound, and flat concrete or mortar. The surface should be free of contaminates or any condition that could compromise the bond of the tile.

We strongly recommend sealing as an essential step in protecting the beauty and ensuring longevity of stone mosaic. In addition, we recommend sealing all porous, non-polished stones prior to grouting. This prevents grout from staining or affecting the color of the stone as pigments in the grout may be trapped in the microscopic pores and appear as stains. Many marbles may have pinholes, this is not considered a defect, but actually seen as a natural characteristic of the material. It is further recommended that stone products be resealed as part of normal maintenance procedures. We recommend use of the DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Sealer.

Grout joint should be packed full and free of all voids and pits. Excess grout should be cleaned from the stone surface as the work progresses, before the grout hardens. Cure grout per grout manufacturer’s instructions.

Clean stone surface with mild, pH-neutral detergent cleaner and damp sponge or rag. We recommend the use of the DuPont™ StoneTech® Professional Stone & Tile Cleaner for maintenance cleaning of the surface. Use a clean mop on floors and soft clean cloth for other surfaces for best results. Rinse the surface thoroughly after washing with the soap solution and dry with a soft cloth. Change the rinse water frequently. Care should be taken to protect tiles from harsh abrasive cleaners and abrasive cleaning tools.

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