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Below please see GEMS Mosaic Maintenance and Installation Guide

Glass mosaic tiles may be susceptible to scratching in handling, installation and use. Expect a slight color variation from production run to production run.

Always inspect your tiles before they are installed, as installation of material constitutes acceptance. Any questions as to acceptability must be resolved before installation. Mir Mosaic is in no way responsible for the installation of our tiles or thereafter. The responsibility for correct installation rests with the end user.

Installing GEM Mosaics involves some basic procedures that differ from installing ceramic tile or stone tile. Use a high quality wet saw with a diamond blade for glass tiles to cut the mosaic.

Make sure that mosaic is installed over the proper substrate. This is one of the most important factors in ensuring a good installation. The surface you are tiling must be clean, sound surface and free of dirt, oils, including curing compounds, and sealers. Substrate should be free of cracks and if in water should be waterproof. If necessary, use the installation material manufacturer’s membrane for cracks and water protection.

Particular care should be taken to use the correct adhesive, grout and sealants. Using wrong setting material can cause damage to the color and beauty of glass mosaic. The installer is responsible for choosing and using the correct installation practices to achieve an acceptable finished product. Mir Group, Inc. is in no way responsible for the damages caused to glass mosaic by wrong setting material or grout.

We recommend using a white thin-set mortar or setting material for glass materials to keep color consistent with the samples. Do not spread the adhesive over large surfaces; otherwise it will dry before laying the mosaics.

To initiate the bond coat, use the flat side of a trowel and firmly apply glass tile approved thin-set to the substrate.

To establish the proper depth of the setting bed, use a 3/16” x 1/4” v-notch trowel to apply additional thin-set and comb full notches in one direction.

Use the flat side of the trowel to flatten the notches and achieve a smooth, consistent thin-set setting bed.

Apply mosaic sheets to the thin-set setting bed, with light, even pressure. When joining the sheets, be certain to pick out a select group of glass pieces and use extra pieces (provided in plastic bag) be sure to adjust sheets so that grout lines are not uniform. Use the loose pieces provided to give a seamless appearance by bridging them between two sheets. Push together as tight as possible to reduce the appearance of any large openings. Periodically, check thinset for skinning (slight drying). If skinning occurs, remove thin-set and reapply.

To achieve the flattest possible surface, lightly tap the sheets using light pressure with a grout float or a wooden beating block and a finish hammer. To unify sheet transitions, tap from one sheet to the next. Be sure to check that no clear seams are present, adjust pieces if needed.

Suggested setting materials include but are not limited to:

· Laticrete unsanded grout #1600 or similar
· Stainmaster Stain Proof Grout (Litokol Starlike) grouts
· Laticrete Bright White Glass tile adhesive Mortar.

Grout joints should be packed full and free of all voids and pits. Excess grout should be cleaned from the surface as the work progresses, while grout is fresh and before it hardens. Prior to grouting, test in a small area to make sure that the right color grout is chosen and confirm the final appearance. Grouting may be done after tile is firmly set – approximately 24 hours after installation.

Grout application and cleaning process will vary based on the type and brand of grout. Refer to grout manufacturer’s instructions for details.

Glass mosaics may be installed in residential wet or dry vertical areas. We do not recommend using glass mosaics on countertops and floors in heavy traffic areas. Slip resistance with glass tiles may not be adequate for use in wet conditions when placed on floors.

MIR Mosaic makes no warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Purchaser’s remedy is limited to replacement or refunding the cost of defective material which has not been installed or altered in any way, and under no circumstances shall MIR Mosaic be liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase, use, or inability to use this product, or for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. No installer, dealer, agent, or employee of MIR Mosaic has the authority to modify the obligations or limitations of this warranty.

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